Tablet for Screen Mirroring for Sports Event <$200

I'm hoping to find an Android 1080p tablet for under $200 that I can use with chromecast or miracast dongle to screen mirror to a TV and as a digital scoreboard.

  • Must be android 5+, the higher version the better.
  • Probably something 8" plus
  • 1920x1080 native resolution would be great
  • 1gb ram at absolute minimum as it'll just be doing a single app, but 2gb+ preferred.
  • battery life not really a concern as it'll probably be plugged in
  • Not against refurb as I may well be using for a short time and then selling on, not keen on second hand.

Most cheaper tablets still seem to have crappy resolutions, the best I've found today is this Lenovo refurb for $167.20. But it's definitely a bit older and not a great price considering its age etc

I'm very much not a tablet person so finding it a bit confusing going through each generation of device when they all seem to have very similar names.



    you can probably negotiate to less than $200


    To be honest, if you can find a Nexus 10 that still holds battery you would be good to go with that. I have one and the screen res is 4k and can easily mirror stuff to the TV. But it might depend on the app. NBA Gametime App mirrors fine but that might be because NBA is only broadcast in 720p.

    A lot of Nexus 10's go for $90-$150 on eBay.


      Nexus 10 screen res 4k?

      Are you sure about that because I would have jumped on it if that were the case.

      Pretty sure it is full HD 1080p not 4k unless you mean when you cast it to a TV it becomes 4k?

      I am so confused.


        Actually yeah, only 2560×1600 WQXGA display resolution


          still better than some tablets today it held its own value well