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Qantas Save 30% on Economy Classic Flight Rewards - 5 Day Sale


5 Day Qantas Classic Rewards Sale. Starting at 11am today. If you can find flights that suit, have a great trip!

Update: Some savvy people are cancelling an existing QF points booking, then re-booking with this 30% off offer to save overall. There will be a 6k points cancel fee to make up though for existing bookings.

Take 30% off the Qantas Points required for Economy Classic Flight Rewards on eligible Qantas, Jetstar, Jetstar Asia and Emirates operated flights.

*30% discount will be automatically applied to the Qantas points required for Eligible Classic Flight Rewards Flights booked between 11am (AEDT) 21 March and 11:59pm (AEDT) 25 March 2019, for travel 1 May 2019 – 29 Feb 2020 on Qantas (QF), 1 May 2019 – 23 Feb 2020 on Emirates (EK) and 1 May – 11 Dec 2019 on Jetstar (JQ/3K).

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      • You're giving a very specific example which is probably not of particular relevance to large proportions of people lol.

        Probably good for domestic flights more so than international.

        Generally agree - however I've found some pretty decent examples of uses internationally, but more so for sectors that were completely overseas.

        • +1

          haha yes I realised it was specific to what I was researching so without thinking about the general population I just gave this example. I'll be more mindful to post something more useful in the future :)

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    Come on Velocity, do something like this!!

  • +2

    I couldn't get my daughters from Melbourne to Helsinki in July, but I got me from Melbourne to Hong Kong in November. $345 in fees, direct flights. So happy

    • +6

      Have you looked at how much the tickets are (MEL HKG MEL)? Normally they go for less than $500 all in…

      • Depends very much on travel period. For example, imagine trying to find that during school holidays.

      • +1

        I find most folks prefer to be duped, than have someone educate them on how to avoid being duped.

  • Not happy that I booked last week… but happy that I got a small refund changing the flights today

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    OP - fact check - it's a 5-day sale and I'm pretty sure the cancellation fee for an existing points booking is 6000 points; not 5000.

  • is this only on economy classic flight rewards? no Business?

    • some comments above mentioned that business rewards actually is more value-for-points. valid question gets negged..

          • +1

            @marquise: Shit. I'm talking shit. Whoops. My bad LOL.

            In any case, the title was clear which I assume was why you got the negs @RichDad PoorSon

            Neg away at my comment above for misinformation…

    • I was able to make a business booking by calling the frequent flyer line. A lot more value for points!

      • with 30% saving?

        • I don't know what it is normally, so I can't guarantee it, but I believe so.

          It was an extra 62k miles to get business class LAX to CBR. The flight back to LAX stayed economy.

          • @Laurana: Nah, that's just normal full price

            • @tunzafun001: Thanks for letting me know. That's lame, but at least I was happy with the price :P

              • @Laurana: Who cares, it's a business class leg for far less than a cash price. Enjoy!

  • Some comments on if FF points really worth in every case.
    so question - Suppose i am traveling on emirates - i can get either qantas points or emirates sky reward point (most likely different amount of points).
    So when it comes to point redemption (for international flights only) which FF program has better value?

    Has anyone done any calculation?

    same scenario apply for eithad/ singapore airlines and virgin australia points (or even many more).

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    Can these be upgraded to Business after purchase?

    • That's an interesting question.

      • Yep… you can book with points then request an upgrade to business - but the points value to upgrade is through you have the base fare thats upgradeable (meaning you spend more points), but still worth it as you only paid economy taxes as opposed to business taxes.

        • Really? Economy taxes are less than business class taxes???

  • Are there ever business class FF point sales?

    • Yes, singapore did it for all classes at 50%. Hopefully qantas can up their game and do the same at 50% considering their tax at a higher range

      • That was specifically for travel in the following month though. They do it monthly and it was only 50% that one time. But yes Business is still discounted monthly.

  • +1

    This deal highlights how worthless qantas points are to me. Even with a 30% off sale on points redemptioms im still better of selling my points then using them.

    Disclaimer: my only interest in using them for travel would be to the US which they are entirely worthless given the absurd taxes and charges which come to about 60% as much as a discount fare would cost.

    • +2

      Selling them has a risk of getting banned and losing it all.

      • plenty ppl sell them in forum

        • Doesn't invalidate what JetBombat's said.

    • Do what many do and save it up for business class trips. Until recently I had only ever flown business class via points.

  • +1

    Thanks, OP!

    I just booked a LAX to CBR return flight for $700aud + 127.5k miles. Even at 1c/mile, that's still $2,000 for return flights with half the leg on business. Pretty happy :D

  • How frequent do these deals pop up? Is it just once a year?

    • Certainly at least once in a year. I think last 3 years there has been a sale like this in March.

      • There was also a 25% off rewards sale in September 2018.

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    For a total of 222k points, I scored flights for 2 as below, which also covers other expenses (taxes, etc.).

    Melbourne to Los Angeles (may upgrade to business class for an additional 100k each)
    Honolulu to Sydney (may upgrade to business class for an additional 64k each)
    Sydney to Melbourne (may upgrade to business class for an additional 12k each)

    Economy cabin also came with 46kg checked luggage for each individual on all flights.

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    Wow the taxes are insane. Have to pay more than the current cost of a full priced ticket additional in taxes to go to JNB.

  • I had a look at booking return flights from Sydney to Jakarta. It was very difficult to find economy seats on direct flights.

    Before the sale, it would have cost 45,000 QFF points + $267.00.

    During the sale, it costs 31,500 QFF points + $267.00.

  • +2

    I grabbed an Economy return flights Sydney to bangkok direct with Qantas in July and August for $315 plus 39K points.
    I'm happy with that as Ill never get my points to a level of business class as im not one to chase points like a true ozbargainer.

  • Hi Guys,

    How do I know that points are 30% less? Do I need to enter any discount code?

    • No it is calculated automatically.

      • Thanks. But how do I know the difference of points? Actual vs reduced.

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