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Zzz Atelier Black Label Queen Mattress $215.20 + Delivery (Free in Some Areas) + Other Sizes @ Zzz Atelier eBay


Greetings everyone, this price drop is back again on this Mattress to a great price!

20% off for all members once again to some great prices.

King $255.20
Queen $215.20
Double $196
Single $123.20

Free delivery is available in certain areas (seems to be NSW / Victoria), or + delivery to other areas (~$9.80 - $15.05)

The Super Firm Mattress w/ Extra Firm Pocket Spring + Ultra HD Foam is also available for the same price, thanks to Wilburre.



  • 15-Year manufacturer limited warranty. *Please read manufacturer warranty information (available on Zzz Atelier website) for terms and conditions of warranty.


  • Turkish organic cotton knitted fabric. *Fine yarn, softer and more lustrous than regular cotton. More porous then regular cotton, superior moisture absorbency.
  • Breathable Airmesh side fabric
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. Tested free of harmful substance.
  • Hypo-allergenic materials.
  • 99% dust mite resistant.


  • 100% natural latex.
  • Soft conforming foam.
  • High density foam.


  • Innovative ZzzCoil pocket spring system. Triple tempered alloy coil, better elasticity then many of its counterparts, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and extremely durable.
  • Independent pocket spring which follows the contour of your body, maintaining spine in its natural posture, * providing the deep down correct support.
  • Motion isolation minimising partner disturbance.
  • No flip technology, designed to eliminate the need to flip your mattress.
  • Chiropractic 5 zone system. Zzz Atelier's Chiropedic range mattresses are chiropractor endorsed.

Edge Support

  • Zzz Atelier EdgePlus System. To overcome traditional edge weakness of rolled mattresses, a zone of stronger spring is built to surround the mattress to allow full use of total mattress surface and for sleepers to lie up to the edge of mattress without roll-off.


  • Rating: 6.5 out of 10
  • Medium-firm design (firmer coils with softer upholstery).

Mattress Height

  • 34cm.

Size & Weight

  • 183cm x 203cm 52.0kg (King)
    153cm x 203cm 42.0kg (Queen)
    138cm x 188cm 39.0kg (Double)
    107cm x 203cm 32.0kg (King Single)
    92cm x 188cm 28.0kg (Single)

Packaging & Unpacking

  • High tech vacuum rolled packaging technology for easy handling and transport. Mattress will expand in minutes after unpacking and will be usable within 1 day. Please allow the mattress to expand for at least 24 hours before you sleep on it. Mattress may take up to 7 days to fully restore. Due to compressed packaging, the final 5% of manufactured height may take longer time in some cases.

Original 20% off at 51 Selected Home Sellers (Maximum Discount $200) @ eBay

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +8

    Highly recommend. I never get any sleep on these, but that’s because the ladies like them so much.

    • +13

      I'm picturing many women using the bed, while there is no space for you. If this is the case, how can you highly recommend if you personally never get to use it? Are you getting abused? Do we need to call for help?

      • +5

        I get to use 1/8th of it. But different sextions each time, so I got to experience it all in order to recommend.

  • Also consider the special buy pocket spring mattresses from last week at ALDI. There is stock in stores. No delivery fees.

    • +2

      Ended up getting an Aldi single one for my 2yo as I didn't want the really heavy thick one from zzz. But for teens and adults I'd pick zzz

      • How high is the Aldi one? i got this for my 8yr old and it sits quite high on the bed..

        • +1

          Aldi is 24cm (still thick), Zzz is 34cm

          • @kcbworth: Thanks i'll check it out tomorrow :)

            • @scud70: I don't think there'll be much stock left of Aldi ones.

              May have to enquire for availability

              As an aside if you do see a single and it has price dropped could you share a photo for price protection. Ta

              • @kcbworth: will do … just trying out my luck since i'll be at aldi tomorrow anyway.

    • +3

      No delivery fees.

      That's because you need to haul those heavy bastard from the store back to home by yourself.

    • ALDI ones are a bit more expensive
      do you know how they compare? firmness, materials?

  • +3

    Mine sinks in the middle a bit versus the edges and with the wife taking up 3/4 of the bed all the time it's (profanity) my back.

  • +1

    Got a queen one during the last sale. The mattress itself is definitely on the firm side, with a small amount of give in the euro top. That being said I find it pretty comfortable and am happy with it.

    Delivery wasn't the best experience - I had to go home from work halfway through the day to receive it, as hunter express texted me at about 9:45 to let me know the delivery window was 12 - 3.

  • +5

    If you like a firm mattress their firm one is also $215.20 for queen. It is not as tall but i've had it almost a year with no sag so far. I sleep in the middle and weigh ~120kg so its held up pretty well i reckon. I've got it on a solid slat frame with no centre support (which voids the warranty but stuff it it was the only thing I could find that met their crazy slat requirements and it's solid as a rock). I'd never pay the shipping to return a ~$215 mattress from canberra anyway so eh.

    Doweyy you could add the firm to the deal post as well?

    • +1.

      Bought the firm one in the last round and I'm 70kg and it's been great so far. It's not as hard as sleeping on the floor but it's just the right amount of firmness with a layer of softness on top.

      Would buy again if I needed another.

    • +2

      Thanks for that, have put it in the post now!

    • How are the edges on the firm one? We have a queen with the euro top, but find the edges too soft when you sit on the edge, etc.

      • +1

        edge support leaves something to be desired however no issues to report sleeping closer to the edge when lady friend is over. Can't comment on whether it is better than the euro but i do get significant sag when sitting on the edge.

        • Thanks, appreciate the response.

    • Any chance you have a link to the frame you got?

      • Unfortunately no I bought it second hand it was a handmade hardwood frame with structural pine slats. It's so solid though as it is held together at each corner with inset metal threads and allen bolts and the slats are 35mm thick structural pine. If you ever get a bad slat or one starts to flex you can get one cut at Bunnings for like $3 which is great.

        • Great thanks. Was planning to try second hand anyway.

        • You can probably add a center beam to all that pretty easily if you want. Don't forget to add one or two legs to the centre beam if you do. Thanks for the mattress tips, I too had big guy concerns, but it sounds good.

          • @CptAwesome: yeah i was thinking of doing that if it became an issue but has been no worries so far

    • How firm is it? Is it firm like coconut fiber mattress? I meed a very firm one for my pregnant wife. Also a thinner mattress as the current one (34cm) is uncomfortable enough for her to fet on and off.

      • +1

        no idea how firm coconut fibre matresses are, this has firm coils with no sag for my weight and only 2-3cm of padding on top - enough that you can't feel the springs but no more. i hate sinking into the matress and i don't with this one. thats all i can really say about its firmness.

  • +4

    Mattress, like many things in life can't be liked by all as it is matter of personal preference. For the price/quality of product, which is in nutshell stands for value for money I highly doubt there would be many (if any) better options.
    We have 5 different mattresses at home. All of them different brands. Price range was from $500 to $1750. The latest edition was Zzz Atelier King mattress that we bought during pre-christmas sales for $269. Maybe it is not perfect… But it is most comfortable one to sleep on by far compare to other mattresses we have.
    For what it worth I'd highly recommend it!

    • +1

      Yea this is highly subjective. I slept a night on the ZZZ Atelier (2 months old guest bed) and straight away I could tell it pulled you into the middle of the bed more than others, and compared to my $700 mattress, the ZZZ Atelier did not have as good of partner disturbance or edge support. I have spent a few nights in a koala, and a month in a Tempur. The Tempur is the best mattress I have ever slept on. Some don't like the way it encases you, and I personally would never pay that much for a mattress. I think the bed in the box industry is a good middle ground, and I would rather support the companies that offer free returns as it's pro consumer - and focusing on the ones that donate their beds rather than dispose of them.

      • +1

        Mattress are certainly subjective, but having said that, I have never felt my ZZZ Black pulling me to the middle at all, was it on a normal base? Edge support it certainly not as strong as normal mattresses, I don't notice it when sleeping, only when sitting on the edge where you can't sit right on the edge and need to sit back a little on it.

        So far I highly rate ours, will have to wait and see about longevity though as that is one of the main criticisms I have read from some who purchased a couple of years back will have to wait and see for that though.

  • +1

    Getting "This code can't be applied to your order" on two accounts. Can anyone give me a sanity check?

    • +1

      Same it said "This code can't be applied to your order."

    • +2

      Must be issues with the code, doesn't seem to be working on any sellers.

  • +1

    When I purchased one of these mattress (single bed), I was surprise it came in a small rectangular box!

  • +1

    Purchased one of these and whilst I have not used it but my house guests are very complimentary. Also bought one of their bases and as they say in their ad, they use more slats than many of the others.

    Currently no regrets. No idea on useful life span but ts this price I would be expecting 10 plus years.

  • Fek! I just bought one with 10% off on Wednesday

    • How much was that?

      • +1

        Approx $267 including the delivery fee. Still extremely good value.

  • How does this compare with other eBay brands like Giselle, etc? I am looking at buying one but the shipping cost is making it a bit less tempting compared to others with free shipping. If it is of a better quality, I may consider this though.

  • Ouch! Just went to buy one and it was $43 postage… think I might pass on this occasion…

    • +1

      Nearly 70 to TAS. That being said, consider how much more you'd be sending going into a brick and mortar store and it really isn't bad given the size.

      • Yea saving roughly 3-400ish compared to buying from a bed in box delivered with 100+ days trial period.

  • I just saw the code onsite when I sdded a king size mattress was PRINCE10, I didn't enter it though

  • not shipping to NT Bruh…

  • +1

    I bought this from the last sale and the mattress is firm enough for me. Will be buying another one during this sale. Hunter Express just left the box at the front door, was happy with that.

  • PROJECTS code isnt working, any one else having issues.

    • +1

      I'd like to know if anyone isn't having issues. I've been trying since it went active and keep getting "This code can't be applied to your order".
      Apparently it's the same for all sellers in the deal but I haven't personally tested that.

      • Not working for me either

        • Working now

  • Was considering ordering a Queen, tried to apply code… not working for me either :O(

  • +2

    code working now

    • Working for me as well :)

      • confimed working ! just ordered one.

  • +1

    I got a King mattress last time (the ultra firm kind). I like it, it is not ultra firm, I had firmer, but sleeping is fine on it.

    • +3

      Thats what she said….

  • +1

    I bought a single from the last deal and it is really comfortable, would recommend.

  • +2

    Worth every penny and the wait delivery to WA.

  • +1

    bought the bed in the firm type, very good. I get some solid deep sleep hours on it!

  • +1

    How long can you keep these boxed mattresses in the box? I am moving into my house later this year so was wondering if they need to be opened after a particular date? Cheers!

    • +2

      I had mine in the box for 2-3 months and it seemed fine when I unpacked it.

      Its on the floor in my spare room and my house guests have given it the thumbs up.

      edit: keep in mind the warranty is ticking away from date of purchase. Also, this special comes up often enough that I would wait.

      • Thanks Brad! You're probably right, I'll hold out until another sale pops up closer to my move in date :)

  • $69 Delivery to Perth. Bummer!

  • In my experience delivery is quick.

  • Looks like prices are bumped up since last 20% off.

    Also, double out of stock now.

  • I purchased this one in King 12 months ago. My husband and I love it. It replaced a $2000 mattress and much better.

  • Queen super firm is out of stock now

  • I felt this mattress too firm and woke up with back soreness/body-aching. anyone else feeling the same or it's just me? will putting a mattress topper on, helps? any advice guys?

    • i felt like that the first few weeks or so but my body has adjusted to it and now have a great nights sleep.

  • +1

    So after about 2-3 months of use, I'd say these are not too firm. Probably about 6.5 - 7 in firmness. This is comparing it to an Ecosa. The Ecosa is super firm even on their medium sided. These do get warm and hot compare to Ecosa nice and cool.

    Great value as a spare mattress for a guest bedroom, it's got good support if you like a soft mattress.

    I do prefer my Ecosa over this, though that is 5 tiles the price.

  • Been waiting for this.
    It's it ok to keep this in the box for a while? I don't move into my house for a short time and honestly don't want to move the matress outside the box

    • buy at later date then. this deal comes up so often

      • I'm thinking that, but if it's literally sitting in a warehouse in a box for a period of time I'd rather get it now since I'm hoping to be in the new house within 30 days. These deals are frequent, but not monthly

        • They're usually twice per month. Last one was 5th march

        • +2

          Buy it now. When I was moving house in October, they didn't have a deal for about 4 months.

          • @MagicMushroom: You just made that up. Search the deals by post date and there was heaps of these ZZz deals mid and tail end of last year.

      • They play with the price to f**k with your head. Like melbourne petrol. Why not find a median and stick to it. In the end they would still make the same profit without f.ing with the customers

  • From the last deal people were saying these may not be lasting much longer than 18 months as they started sagging on the edges.

    Can anybody vouch for more than 2 years?

    • I had similar concerns before purchasing but have only had for a few months. Time will tell but those who purchased but they may have also made improvements over that time as well.

  • How do these compare to the Aldi Box Mattress?

  • So these are a bit thicker than 'normal' mattresses? I gather you can still use standard-sized fitted sheets, mattress protectors etc?

    • Yeh how does fitted sheets work?

  • Why is the code doesn't work? when i check out, queen size mattress is 269$

  • My 'Tommy Swiss' pillow-top mattress from years ago (around the same price) is still going strong.

  • -2

    Had one of these for 6 months once. It was utter shite. Budget for a thick topper if you get one.

    • Think you might be thinking of a different model, this one comes with a soft pillow top.

      • +1

        I'm not. You could still clearly feel the coils after a week or two. Worst nights sleep of my life. Was very happy to get rid of it.

        That said I haven't compared budget options. But I am spoiled by my ladies all latex beast.

        • Fair enough, I find all latex way to hot to sleep on so each to their own.

      • My husband and I find it very comfortable.