Adidas or Nike for Supination (underpronation) ?

I'm reasonably tall and stocky, 6 foot, 100KGs. It's time for me to get out and do some light jogging for my health.
I'm a supinator (more wear on outside of heal than anywhere else) but not a bad one. After a quick read it seems that Adidas Ultraboost and Nike React might be best suited to me.

I know I can go to Footlocker etc. and get "tested" but then they pile on the pressure to buy their overpriced shoes. Years ago they recommended Mizuno Waves that were too expensive at $240.

I just want to take it easy and do a few K's of jogging a day, I have no desire to break any land speed records.
I had some Adidas Boost about 5 years ago and I really liked the feel but rolled my ankle in them all the time. I also bought some Nike Free 5.0 TR (not for jogging) years ago and HATED them.

If I'm an 11 in Nike, does that mean I'm a 10.5 in Adidas? I can't remember what size the Boosts were…
Any other supinators out there with recommendations?



    According to a few podiatrist I have seen, both Nike and Adidas in general are trash for feet. 3 of them recommended the asics gel kayano ones


      I've read Asics are designed to be good for your feet. Did you buy the Asics yourself?


        Yep, I've been using it when I go jogging or go on holidays. I think the main point is something about it being stiffer and more supportive?


    Wouldn't recommend either for actual jogging/running, they're a bit too soft and have very little support which makes them great to walk in.


    Mizuno, Brooks, and ASICs are key in terms of “proper shoes”.

    I’d highly recommend seeing an actual podiatrist for footwear recommendations; sure, it can be a relatively expensive appointment, but ensures you’re not buying the wrong thing semi-blindly. ~$220 on shoes + $80 for the podiatrist is better than buying a ~$220 pair of shoes two or three (or even more) times over because they’re not right.

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    I'm also a supinator!

    Asic Nimbus is what was recommended by my podiatrist many years ago.


    Looks like Podiatrists are hot for Asics :)
    I'm seeing a foot specialist in 4 days because of some pain I'm having, I'll hang out for his advice then and not get seduced by the sales.
    Asics, Mizuno and Brooks are still doing that whole neon explosion thing by the look of it. Oh well you can't have everything.


    I know I can go to Footlocker etc. and get "tested" but then they pile on the pressure to buy their overpriced shoes.

    Do they still test you when you're walking? That's pretty pointless for a running shoe. You really want to be running - some specialist stores will do this, with a camera and a treadmill.

    Podiatrists advice may be swayed slightly by the pitches they get from the shoe companies. AFAIK they don't get any kickbacks so there's no incentive to upsell you a more expensive or unsuitable model, but the fact is that some brands run seminars with a free feed (and some CPD points), whereas other brands don't… Might be worth asking them for tips on how to evaluate a shoe, rather than specific shoes.

    Now, some unsolicited running advice. If you're new to running, don't go straight to a few km every day! You will almost certainly get injuries. Build up slowly, maybe start with every second day. Your skeletal system takes quite a while to adapt (slower even than the cardio system, from memory), and if you get 'shin splints' it will really put you off running. I can personally vouch for the c25k program.


      Sounds good, on both Wednesday and today I pretty much did Week 1, Workout 1 (just on treadmill at the moment) but for 30 minutes instead of 20, so I might follow that program thanks.

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    Another supinator here. Regarding to the comments so far:

    • Nike React and adidas Boost are definitely not trash and some of the best running shoes out there for neutral runners wanting a cushioned ride (i.e. most supinators). Kayano on the other hand, are heavy and over-engineered stability shoes designed for over-pronators. You'll likely hurt your ankle if you run in one.

    • Supinators do not really need shoes with support as you landed on the lateral side of your foot, pushed off before rolling inwards. However as pronation is our feet's mechanism for cushioning, supination means you might want shoes with more cushioning. For a 5km run though — probably not that important.

    • Asics Gel-Nimbus would be a good max-cushioning choice for neutral runners. However IMHO it's a bit over-engineered. Some people might like two types of FlyteFoam + Gel stacked under their heels. Might be a good idea as you are heavier than me.

    Do you also have high arch? Maybe also looking at these shoes

    • Brooks Glycerin or Ghost
    • Mizuno Wave Rider
    • New Balance 880 or FreshFoam 1080

      Yeah high arch, but as I have some pain along the lateral side I'll be after a fair bit of cushioning as you say, I don't want to pad out my arch and force my weight onto the outside of my foot and make it worse.


      Use to work selling running shoes, I support these comments. Adidas and Nike do make some decent shoes for non pronators, there's just so much crap from them to sift through.

      Go and try on some of those suggestions and see what feels best for you. You can always search online after. Also they update the models at least every year, it's mostly just cosmetic. Try finding an older version of the best shoe for you. You may save $100 just because they are a different colour.


    Physio my son sees says to get only Asics or New Balance. I buy New Balance as they work better for my feet than Asics, so that means everyone in my family gets New Balance LOL.

    Really need to try various shoes on and see how they feel.


    I'm opposite, I roll in, which yay has got me some nice plantar fasciitis problems for me. But I just got some Brooks Transcend 6, and I slipped my orthotics in them. But the shoe very nice stability all around, and feels so soft and cushioned.


    I am a supinator and used to run around 40km a week. The only shoe that I could wear were Asics Nimbus due to the cushioning. I think you could wear Cumulus too.
    I tried free runners and basically couldn't run!
    Oh and I think maybe some Nike Air Max's are okay.

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