PLE Void Prebuilt Gaming PC (Ryzen 5, GTX1060, 256SSD, 8GB RAM, WINDOWS 10 - $1249 Free Metro Delivery or Pickup @ PLE Computers


PLE sent me this email with their pre-built PC's.

Thought this was a good price for pre-built including windows 10 and 24 months warranty.


AMD Ryzen 5 2400G 3.6GHz 4 Core 8 Thread AM4 APU Retail Box - With Wraith Stealth Cooler
Gigabyte B450M-S2H AM4 mATX Desktop Motherboard
GeIL 8GB Single DDR4 Pristine C16 2400MHz
Kingston SSDNow A400 240GB 2.5" SSD
WD Blue WD10EZEX 3.5" 1TB 64MB 7200RPM Desktop HDD
eVGA GeForce GTX1060 SC Gaming 3GB GDDR5
Corsair Carbide 275R Black Mid Tower Case w/Side Panel Window
eVGA GD Series 450W 80PLUS Gold Power Supply
Bykski Lighting
ASUS PCE-N15 300Mbps Wireless-N PCIe Adapter
Microsoft Windows 10 Home OEM 64-Bit DVD
PLE Office Mousemat Standard v2
Power Shield ZapGuard 6 Way Surge Board Black

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    Quality motherboard, quality power supply and don't have to wait a month or 2 for assembly. Perfect system!

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      I think your comparing to the Techfast eBay deals-

      That’s a hard one for example this PC has issues:
      1) 3GB is very low video RAM
      2) 450 watt limits expansion options
      3) 2400G should be a 2600 as it’s 20% faster for like $15
      4) graphics card is last gen

      Tech fast you can get a RTX2070, 2600 and a 27” inch monitor for the same price with the coupon - though the compromise is a bad power supply , not as decent mainboard, no Windows 10 and likely a lower warranty)

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        Yeah, the specs also feel wrong. I'd just drop an entire performance level of CPU for what is firmly a 1080p gaming pc. The ratio of CPU/GPU price is off.

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        No point in having a slower computer so you can overclock it a little bit more because of the PSU …


      You're looking at something equivalent to a 570 and a 4 core 8 thread CPU. For $1,300 you'd be looking at least for a 580/1060 6gb and an r5 2600.

      Just speced it out in PC part picker, would be cheaper/equal to get a 580 from Sapphire, about $20 more to get a 2600, and the RAM is absolutely awful for a ryzen pc (2400mhz *and CL16?)

      Pure price wise it'd be $950~ for the PC alone. So that's $300 for the building and 24 months warranty. Hell of a premium for a poorly specced build IMO.

      *If you feel like counting windows 10 on, $150 premium. I won't unless it's a retail copy, not OEM.

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    $1200 on a 1060 3gb?


      That specific GPU is about as expensive as an 8gb 580 as well.

      2400g makes no sense, it's something like $20 more for a 2600.

      RAM is absolutely awful for a ryzen build (2400mhz and CL16…)

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    3gb 1060, a tad lame.

    Without checking the individual components, $1300 just feels expensive for a 3gb 1060.

    • +3 votes

      I quickly priced up the components down to the PSU on MSY and that's already $946.

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        Well then even if you paid full retail for Windows, then you're paying around $150 for labour and delivery.

        Keep in mind that the video card is EoL, and about to be completely superseded by the 1650 in a matter of days. This isn't fair pricing, let alone a deal.


          It's beaten by the 570 price wise while matching performance, beaten by the 580 price wise.

          Hell, it's beaten by some lower tier 1060 6gb models. Terrible choice, especially with the 1650 coming (based on previous pricing likely to be the same price as the 1060, so $330/$320~ for what'll likely be 580 performance with a nice power draw).


    I feel like this would be a deal if it was an RTX 2060 or a GTX 1660/Ti, and the Ryzen 5 was a 1600 or 2600… this is budget parts thrown in a nice case for a terrible price.

    A turd rolled in glitter, if you will.

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      "A turd rolled in glitter, if you will."



      Eh, it'd be a deal if it had:

      A 580/1060 6gb

      Better ram (this ram is awful)

      A ryzen 2600/1600 (it's a whopping $20 - $30 more for 2 extra cores and 4 extra threads)

      The w10 copy is retail (OEMs don't hold any value to me)

      As is, it's poor value and thus not a deal.


    Costing this on PLE webiste: $1317 for the parts.

    Pricing this on PCpartpicker, around $1226, not including delivery

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      Both of those sources are not reliable for anything remotely approaching the best price.

      There have been RTX 2070 systems with similar quality specs away from the case and PSU going on sale for this price, linked on this website.

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        Agree with jaswolf this is way over priced for what it is, if it was an rx580 with the free amd games then it would be pretty good but with just a 3gb 1060 it's not worth it at all


      Value wise it's poor thanks to alternatives. Ram is bad, swap it for something a bit better for a bit more. 2600/1600 for what'd be $20/$30 more. 580 for better performance for equal price, or 570 for equal performance for better price.

      If the w10 copy is OEM it's worth $10, no point paying $120-$150 for it, as it can't he transferred. If it's retail it's a lot better value, but still not good thanks to alternatives (the 570 swap would allow better ram and a better cpu for equal gpu power).

      Shouldn't just look at pure cost for deals, gotta look at alternatives and value/price - performance. Best performance for the best price.

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    If intrested a quick search finds a similar system at mwave with a 1060 6GB & larger SSD for just $1199:


    Intel Core i5 9400F 6 Core
    ASUS B360
    8GB (1x 8GB) DDR4 2400MHz
    ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 6GB OC
    480GB M.2 SSD
    550w PSU
    Windows 10 Home
    2 Years Warranty

    No HDD but another quick search finds a cheap 1TB 7200RPM @ $59
    For a total of $1258 Click & collect - an extra $9 for a 6gb card makes a hell of a difference.

    Mwave F20I Gaming PC
    WD10EZEX 1TB Blue 3.5" 7200RPM

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      That's a better deal tbh. It can play 1440p 60fps high.


      That's a much better system. i5 will be better then a 2400g, 1060 6gb will be much better then a 3gb (thanks to RAM and the cards performance). Also not ryzen, so ram has less of a performance loss.

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    MSY has this ryzen5 2600 build for 899 so this isnt much of a bargain

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