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Exetel 4G 250GB Home Wireless Broadband (12/1 B40 or 5/1) for $39.99/Mth Modem Inc. over 12 Months @ Exetel


Exetel are offering two 250GB Home Wireless Broadband plans on the Optus 4G Plus Network.

Great for people who are renting or sharing accomodation or you just can't get a reasonable ADSL service.


  • 250GB anytime data usage (uploads and downloads counted)
  • Plug and play. Just insert SIM Card and power on
  • Get online faster. Connect as soon as you power-up the modem
  • Choice of great value plans - including month-to-month and 12-month terms
  • Speeds up to 12/1 download/upload in areas where you connect to 2300MHz spectrum
  • Powerful Huawei 4G Router B525 - FREE on 12-month plan
  • Discounted modem on month-to-month plan
  • Modem supports 64 simultaneous connection. 4 x Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Free modem shipping
  • Order by credit card for quick delivery

12-month contract:

  • $39.99 per month
  • 250GB Anytime Data
  • Speed up to 12/1
  • FREE Huawei B525 WiFi modem
  • Free shipping
  • Total minimum cost $479.88

No lock-in plan:

  • $39.99 per month
  • 250GB Anytime Data
  • Speed up to 12/1
  • $99 Huawei B525 WiFi modem
  • Free shipping
  • Total minimum cost $138.99

Additional Details:

  • Data cost per GB $0.16
  • Uploads and downloads counted in usage
  • Excess data charge is $10 per 10GB block
 (limit of 5 blocks for total 50GB)
  • Speed shaping to 256Kbs after 250GB usage
  • The Exetel Home Wireless Home Broadband service is available in selected homes in selected areas

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  • @Glenn Ward, just placed an order, how long approximately before I get modem/router to setup and get connected? Thanks.

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      Depending on where you are located, 2-5 days.

      • still not received modem yet :( I’m in Padstow NSW. Fingers’ crossed it’ll be delivered tomorrow.

        • no modem yet :( getting anxious, fired a request for follow up to Exetel provision team.

  • I'm just putting this out there - but I don't know if it's still the case, or if it even applies to this type of service, but… I was with Exetel several years ago. They would advertise a plan for $abc and xyzGB. Then 1, 2, 3, 6, etc. months later they'd decide to 'upgrade' it, and do things like charge you an upgrade fee, or even charge you more to stay on the plan you were on, etc.

    So a plan may for example cost $1000 over 12 months. But with upgrades every couple/few months that you had to pay for (or pay NOT to upgrade), that cost over a year might be closer to $1400. People would say, 'you're getting a better deal/more uploads though'… But in addition, anyone actually USING their download quota (or often just a large portion of it) - often found themselves 'uninvited' to continue as a customer when their contract ended - or even 'released' early from their contract (no argument entered into) if they downloaded a heavy or the full quota regularly. And what was 'heavy' - no-one ever knew for certain. Some got kicked to the curb like garbage after using 60% 3 months in a row, others for using 75% one month after a year of using nearly nothing.

    Only the constant 'upgrading' or 'remaining on current plan' fees ever applied to me. But the way they treated other customers in these various ways left a bad taste in my mouth so I was glad to leave - get less service or pay slightly more - but know what I would paying next 1, 3, 6 months and that it wouldn't turn into a LOT more over a year. It was unsettling - annoying - to never know where you stood with them… Will I have to pay more next month? Will I be kicked off and have to find another ISP with a week notice?

    But as I said, maybe that doesn't apply to them now, or to this type of plan. All I know is it was tiring. So maybe ask other people that have been customers for a while if these antics still occur.

    • Not in the last 10 years; nope.
      Only torrent users were ever 'targeted' when they (Exetel) were new.
      And illegal activity was always against policy.

      • +2

        What I'm speaking of wasn't about torrenting. Some assumed it was, but many of the people kicked off didn't torrent at all - and I remember others laughing they torrent 24/7 but never got kicked. As I said, there seemed to be no pattern to being kicked. Heck, we certainly LOOKED for a pattern and many people even ASKED them, to try and get some guideline to stay within. But they flat refused to give any.

        (It was like they were thinking if they said, "You won't get kicked for downloading 10GB…" that every customer would now download 10GB. Which of course gave the firm indication their business model was unsustainable - or at the very least bordering on bait and switch.

        i.e. They would offer plans as being X GB, but then culled people regularly using more than a few % of it. And while CUSTOMERS couldn't break the contract for ANY reason - they would randomly kick people for any and all unrelated reasons - as if it was because they wore the wrong deodorant. In fact, Exetel's readiness to kick people off was so well-known, that a few customers who had asked to leave due to poor speeds, connection, etc. but were refused - deliberately downloaded heaps so they'd get kicked without paying out the contract, LOL.

        Sure, MORE people who downloaded say 60-70% of their quota 4 out of the last 6 months were 'asked' to leave. But I specifically remember other people who had been there for 1, 2, 4 YEARS with very low downloads who got kicked after one 'heavier' month (but still not near their full quota). Meanwhile, others said they torrent 24/7 with heavy quota use who were never kicked. I remember one guy saying he been there several years (maybe even from the start), sighing, scratching his head over why he was being kicked after ONE 'high' quota month.

        People hoped the antics would cease or at least calm a bit after John Linton died. But the same things (being kicked AND constant paid 'upgrades' AND other invented 'processing' fees to increase revenue) continued and seemed to increase in frequency.

        I couldn't take the uncertainty any longer, always worried if I'd have to find another ISP in one week (it was extremely hard to research back then because ISPs would hide all sorts of information) - so I took less quota (which meant I actually got more because I wouldn't be kicked for using some of it) and, paid a little more - just to lift the weight of it off my mind.

        If they've finally matured a little in the head, now provide what they claim without punishing you for using it, and other random KYC destroying antics - that's great. (I remember the immature clown once saying something in his blog like, anyone downloading… 20GB a month I think it was… is a waste of space. LOL!)

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          Those were the 'olden days'.

          Now we are governed by things like ACL, ACCC, ACMA, TCP and the TIO. We are 100% compliant and deliver what we promise.

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      I joined Exetel when the Lintons were running the business. They used to list and kick the top downloaders. Man I miss the Whirlpool debates, those were fun times. Eventually I was kicked by Exetel along with other users on Optus ADSL plans without explanation, my adsl speed was too slow to download much even if I tried, so I don't think download was the issue. I didn't care anyway because I moved to Optus cable which was way better than adsl.

      • It almost made it worth being with Exetel and their sh*t service at the time because of all the drama!

        • +1

          Schadenfreude! NO - it didn't. LOL.

          He cared more about saving some species of parrot than humans/customers, hahaha!

  • Might bail on vivid and get this instead. Will check my usage but I don't think I'm using 250gb a month on my own.

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    This one is capped at 12/1. While Optus official has a $60 for 200GB per month which is not capped and you also get a free iPad.

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      Different plans for different applications.

  • Hi, don't see any Exetel referral codes on OzB. Just wondering if how can I post my referral code here "the proper way" ?
    I've been with Exetel for a long time (13 years), and have to say that I'm mostly pleased with the company.
    They offer free static IP, great VOIP rates for business, free hosting, and occasionally free month for yearly signups.
    I am a SMB customer and am allocated a dedicated business manager which is great.!
    Anyone interested to find out more, can ask me. Cheers! (I don't work for Exetel, but does that make "Associated" ?)

    • +1

      We don't have any referral codes. Just great value plans.

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    If I'm reading this correctly this deal is OK but could be a hell of a lot better but Exetel have chosen "we could do better but, hey no competition, we don't have to".

    Makes me reluctant to give them anything, bargain or no bargain.

    • +1

      Considerably cheaper Total Minimum Charge than every competitor!

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    I currently have this plan but paying $70. I called them up to see if they could give me the reduced price and they said it is only for new customers but they would let me cancel and rejoin (but I must get the new modem even though I own the exact same one from them!).

    Anyway long story short I called up spintel and they offered me no contract plan for 39.99 and also allowed me to bring my own modem (same model) so I suggest others in my situation have this as an option.

    • +1

      Sorry, wholesaler rule. New price for new services only.

    • The two plans look very similar to me. ($39.99/250 GB/month). How is this offer from Exetel better ?

      • If you are going on a 12 month contract go with Exetel since you get the modem for free. I've been with them for a while now and have had pretty good service, although in saying that both are resellers of optus so the service should be identical.

        The only benefit of spintel is that they will allow you to BYO modem (if you call up) as long as you have the exact model they currently provide (B525)

  • Is there a time limit for this offer? I've just moved house and this suits me very well. I have spent all my money on removalists and new furniture so can't make a payment for two weeks.

    • +1

      No time limit.

  • My closest tower shows
    Proposed Optus 4G 2300MHz Band 40 20 Sep 2017

    It was proposed 18 months ago. Is there any way to find out what the ETA is for 2300?

  • +1

    Possible for static IP? Want to install a CCTV in my hobby work shed and connect this to it. so i can remote view the cctv from time to time .

    • No static IP on this HWBB service - sorry.

      We do offer a public static IP on our business MBB service - call our SMB sales team.

    • You can use a service like NoIP to achieve this though.
      Many modems have it built in; called DynamicDNS.

  • what would be the charge after 12 months?

    • $39.99

  • when would the billing cycle start? first day of usage or?

    • First day of usage. You get a pro-rata allowance and charge for the first month.

  • How can I confirm that I have 2300mhz near me? I currently have exetel adsl and have looked at changing to wireless but no one can tell me if I'll get better speeds on 4g.

  • OP, any chance of bundling this with unlimited local calls for an extra $10/month like what Spintel is offering? It will make this a really nice solution for renters or people who want to get the connection up and running quickly.

    • Yes, just order our $10 Unlimited call VoIP plan in the My Exetel members area.

      • And I don't have to mess around with swapping SIM cards in and out?

        • No.

          Just order the Home Wireless Broadband service and order the $10 VoIP plan.

          Then you just plug your VoIP handset into the modem's Ethernet port or use a VoIP client on a mobile handset via the WiFi.

          • @Glenn Ward: Nice! And I assume I'll get a VOIP landline number as well?

            Btw, will the VOIP use count against the 250GB data allowance?

            • @dannos: Yes, all types of usage count towards the allowance.

              Though VoIP usage is not that massive per minute call.

          • +1

            @Glenn Ward: Hi, I just spoke with Exetel sales support and they confirmed with Technical team that the Home Wireless Broadband service DOES NOT allow the additional $10 VoIP plan.

            Can you please confirm that VoIP is indeed available with this service as an add on??

  • -1

    If I don't activate my SIM can I avoid paying the monthly charge and cancel my account? I really just want the modem for $99

    • +1

      You can contact some of the people that have commented here where they already have the modem but want to sign up for the plan only. I'm sure they would be happy to let it go for $99.

    • The SIM is automatically activated 7 days after you get the modem.

      The Modem and the HWBB Plan is a package.

      If you only want the modem, call sales on 13 39 38 and we'll sell it to your for $179.

      • +1

        Actually mental pricing when you can buy it cheaper on a month to month plan with one month's service included!

      • Haven't received my SIM yet. TIO complaint coming if my SIM gets automatically activated before I receive it. Expecting a response from exetel via email today chasing this up if they meet their 2 day SLA. No way I'm joining a queue to the call centre in position number 40!

        • Still no response from Exetel despite my follow up email. No SIM card yet. Ordered 27 March. Not happy with the service.

  • I ordered few days ago…still no update on modem shipment.

  • Hi Rep, Can I order now and I plan to use only end of May so am i get billed from order date or from activation day?

    Thank you

    • You get billed from service activation or 7-10 days after modem shipment.

      You need to provide 28 days cancelation notice.

  • Ordered this and delivered a few days ago.
    Replaced my $55 belong adsl service.
    I have 2300 tower but speed is a bit hit a miss. Speed tests return closer to 5 mbps.

    Still need to try a few locations to see if speed can get better based on modem placement. Am curious everywhere an Optus plan would actually return better speeds - I can’t even hit the Exetel speed cap!

    My speeds weren’t that different on adsl under belong. Overall a good trade off given the price and data. Have been exetel customer before and it has always been a decent experience.

    • Are you sure it's connecting to Band 40 (2300MHz)? In your testing did it ever get close 12Mbps or did it max at 5Mpbs?

      They saying placing the modem next to a window is best, I found placing it as high as possible gave me the best speeds not necessarily next to a window.

      • +1

        You can log into the modem and force the frequency band to select Band 40.

        • Yes, I forgot about that 😁

        • Yup. This is what I did. You can tell by cell reception strength it’s connecting to different tower.
          I did get close to 12 mbps, so it is possible. Not sure if it’s switching towers or something like that.

          On my mobile using Vodafone it gets up to 50 mbps! Same location. But I’ll report back after more testing.

    • Ok reporting back.
      1. Managed to get stable 12/1 using correct modem placement.
      2. Tried to use my wireless router (without putting the B525 in modem mode). B525 would never give out more than 50% of the bandwidth out to the router, so I’m just using the B525 directly now (has enough signal strength and hopefully stable enough so dedicated router not needed).
      3. Much better speed, responsiveness and not to mention data than my old $55 belong plan (adsl) with 100gb.

  • HiRep Is this a limited offer or limited

    • At this stage the end date is not confirmed.

  • Thanks OP. I Placed Month to Month order to test the service. If it is not good then I just keep the B525 @ $138.99.

    • The service will be great! :-)

  • Pity i dont have any 2300mhz band within 100km

  • Ordered over a week ago. No delivery. No tracking email. Are there any hold ups?

    The first month data is pro rata til the 14th of the month. What happens on the last month of a 12 month contract?

    • A few logistic issues at the moment. Hope to clear backlog today.

      What happens on the last month of a 12 month contract? - same as every month, we give you full value for the monthly fee.

  • +1

    Hi Glen, I got charge $100 on 2019-03-29 and i m still waiting for the modem to be delivered. I would like cancel this order as I've NBN service in my area. How do I get my refund back? thinking sign up NBN with exetel

    • I've sent Exetel another email requesting a cancellation due to failure to provide a SIM card or respond to emails within the SLA. Just try emailing them.

    • You should have a courier tracking number for your modem and sim shipment. If not, call service delivery on 13 39 39.

      If you want to cancel, return the modem and sim and then sign up for NBN, call sales on 13 39 38 and they can arrange all of this for you.

  • Can anyone who got this confirm if the SIM came with the modem or separately? I got the modem but no SIM card. Got an email finally from Exetel saying the SIM card was meant to be with the modem despite all other email updates saying it was sent via Australia Post (modem came via Toll).

    • Typically the modem and sim are both shipped together by courier.

      Call support on 13 39 38 to investigate for you.

    • Yes, sim was in the same parcel as modem

  • Hi Op, In terms of speed, can I stream youtube on two devices at the same time with no trouble?

    • Sure, depends on quality and resolution. Won't be able even stream 4k on one device.

  • Any deals for existing Exetel ADSL customers looking at options for their switch to NBN?

  • I have placed order 4 Apr 2019 but I am still waiting for my modem and simcard. Today, I got sms message from exetel saying "Exetel detecct that you have not activated your Mobile Broadband service 0401xxxxxx Check your nominated e-mail address for information." What the heck is going on???

    • Go straight to the TIO. I'm finding Exetel help desk non responsive. I ordered on 27 March and still haven't received my SIM card despite at least 4 or 5 emails sent to them. I've requested my account be cancelled and lodged a formal complaint with the TIO.

  • I am very shocked how customer service phone line response to a customer who is requesting for order tracking update. Melanie, the customer service officer told me they don't have tracking Id for my order and just told me to wait another 4-5 working days. I told her I did not hold for hearing to wait another 4-5 working days and please provide more specific information. She asked me to hold and come back saying my order is shipped out on 10th Apr which is 6 days after I place an order. She said I will receive the modem and sim card by next week.

    I can't believe Exetel is shipping out expensive modem and sim card without tracking ID and am very disappointed with their customer service.

    • I believe I got a SMS with a tracking number for the modem, just no Sim card. They're feeding you lies

      • Mine is delivered today and I found the Simcard is already installed inside the modem. Have a look at the sim tray in the modem.

        • Yep definitely not in there. Disappointed as still no response from my emails

  • I ordered a few days ago but haven't received tracking details or any updates yet. Also, I hope I receive the new NetComm NL1901ACV and now the old Huawei B525?

    • +1

      The NetComm is only CAT4 LTE. Much slower than the Huawei

      • The speed is capped anyway to 12mbps so does it matter? I'd prefer to get an NBN ready modem (Netcomm) so I can switch when it becomes available in a year.

        • For hfc I think any fast router will work as the modem is supplied by NBN co free of charge.

          • @julz: Oh ok, my area will be getting FTTC though.

            • @3zzy: NBN will also supply the modem for FttC.

              • @ESEMCE: If I have the modem then I can choose a plan accordingly. Maybe go with a no lock in contract or something. Besides netcomm has dual antenas and looks like a better and new modem compared to Huawei

                • @3zzy: NBN supply the Modem, you don't get to choose one.
                  You can supply your own router after the modem however.

                  • @ESEMCE: Gelnn (the rep) posted on Whirlpool forums that the Netcomm modem won't be available until May/June anyway so I've cancelled my order. Will see in May?June if I still need and reapply or go with Optus.

  • I was thinking about changing NBN service to Exetel but with the current issues, I will think twice before making a decision.

    • What issues do you mean?