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Free Samsung 10000mAh Fast Charge Battery Pack (Valued at $59 RRP) with Health Check @ Samsung (Eligible Samsung Members)


This is my first post, so please forgive any mistakes and happy to get advice on improving the post.

So I was just browsing through the Samsung Members App and found this deal. All you have to do is get a free health check done (hardly takes 5 mins) on your Samsung phone at any Samsung store (would recommend booking an appointment to reduce wait time) and you get a free Samsung 10000mAh Fast Charge Battery Pack worth $59 RRP. This is applicable for eligible Samsung Members, so please check if it is applicable for you (possibly only AU stock Samsung phones).

I have a S8 phone, so I would assume anyone with S8 or higher should automatically be eligible for the deal.

Hope it helps. Cheers

Found this on the homepage / dashboard (bottom section) within the Samsung Members app. Didn't have to browse in the app.

Mod Note: Based on comments, it appears to be devices older than Samsung S8 and newer than Samsung S5. Samsung Members app is required.

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  • I have an S8, got free health check up and battery pack at Highpoint, Melbourne as advertised. Thanks for the post.

    My Review on this battery pack is -
    The cable that came with it is not working. — [ not sure if i can go back and ask them? :) ]
    Later I managed to charge my phone using another cable - which worked OK.
    Battery pack does not have any power ON/OFF button as such.
    It started charging my phone, just by plugging in ( which seemed strange ).
    No indicator, during charging phase. So had to check if my phone was charging or not.

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    Thanks OP.

    Went to Sydney store at George St with my dual Sim non-Aus galaxy, store wasn't crowded, told the rep came for the health check, invited me to come over to the testing area, Was asked to show the promotion in the app and I showed the image from Ozbargain! Returned with the battery pack after the phone testing and a little pep talk on S10. Thanks again OP! :)

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      Strange that @chuckwow was denied the battery pack suggesting that it was out of stock. Lucky you. Enjoy. Cheers

    • I went in just on Thursday and was told OOS - they also couldn't call any stores and they themselves only have access to the regular samsung customer phone number.

      Pretty disappointing…

      If you don't mind me asking, how did you approach them? I was told they went OOS ages ago and won't be getting any more in. ("Promotion already ran for 2 weeks, etc. etc.")

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        I called Samsung Customer Support prior to attending a booking I made to ensure I wasn't wasting a trip to store. The short of it was that If you have made a booking then a battery should be available and set aside for you i.e. booking = guaranteed battery! How true that ends up is anyone's guess.
        Oh…….and I did get one today :-)

        • I see! Cheers!
          Were they able to check stock in store though?

          • @Garbad: Nope as there no way of calling the store directly hence the reason I called Customer Service. Had they not had stock I would have been a tad annoyed but CS person was confident that a Confirmed Booking = Battery! Perhaps that's why many stores are Booked out i.e. no more battery's in stock?

            • @Borg: Yeah, makes sense.
              Thanks again for sharing your experience!

    • How come you get it from george st. My wife went on Wednesday and was told that no more in stock and wont be getting anymore.

  • Went to Liverpool last week n was out of stock. When i asked, they get delivery every day but they do not know what will they get.

    Checked this week n they had heaps available.. got some myself…just walked in…others did the same

  • Anyone know if samsung chatswood still have stock left? I have an appointment today and I don't want to go all the way if they don't have any left.

    • As per my previous posts above, My understanding is that if you have a booking then one should be set aside for you. If your experience differs do let us know.

      • Will do. Thanks borg!

    • I have a booking with Chatswood for next week and have just received a SMS telling me that they are out of stock until further notice.

  • I got a message that SOuthland (vic) is out of stock. but I still want to get my S7 battery checked out

  • Did everyone's battery pack come with the type c cord? My Galaxy s7 takes micro usb. Did they give me the wrong one or is type c the standard and you provide your own microusb cord?

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      Comes with type C..

      U haave to use ur own micro USB

    • Type C is the connector type to charge the External Battery and it connects to a standard USB 5V 1A or 2A power adaptor that came with your phone (or the likes).

      Connecting your Phone to the Charger one uses your existing micro usb cable which connects to either of the two USB slots on the external charger.

    • Thanks guys! :-)

  • No stock at george street and no way of knowing if there will be stock in the future. :(

    Had a booking from a week prior too and made the booking in store because they wouldn't do it without one.

  • Apparently fresh out at Samsung Fountain Gate, no appointments available.

  • Got two at Melbourne Central today, appointment booked since last week.

  • Walked in at Liverpool today, no appointment. Asked for ID and phone number and got the powerbank after the health check. Other people there were also doing the health check

  • +1

    Seems some restocking has occurred at a few stores.

    Can anyone confirm Carousel?

  • No upsell pitch.
    Booked appointment, gave my details at store and got the battery pack.

  • +2

    Booked appointment at Sydney Cbd store today. Turned up to appointment and got told upfront that no more stock and no plans to restock.

    Pretty annoyed of wasting my trip there.

  • Walk in not allowed must make booking :( went there but turned me away

    Parramatta Westfield store

  • People that i know are still getting one from Liverpool

    Apparantly wasnout of stock again yesterday but more stock today

  • Does your phone have to pass the health check up? lol

  • +1

    Was able to grab my son's S8 and went to Samsung Joondalup today, unfortunately, no more Battery Pack left, apparently, they ran out of stock in just 4 days and no more to come. Damn.

  • +1

    No stock Joondalup, no plans to get more stock.

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      Carousel is also out of stock no idea when getting more stock.😡

  • Does anyone know if there are stock left in southland Vic?
    Have an appointment on Thursday and don't know if worth the drive if no stock is available.

    • Got sent a text message from them last week about how they ran out. No idea on whether they are restocking though.

      • Went today for my appt, no stock left and not getting anymore in.

        Did my health check anyway and my phone battery needs to be replaced for $110. Not sure if worth it for to resell or passing onto a family member.

  • Clever. Cheaper to offer this than a battery replacement, ala iPhone :p

    • Apple only offered the battery replacement because they got sued.

      Samsung is doing this out of "good faith" and probably to get more information via their diagnostic app. E.g. you are a beta tester for them.

  • Just grabbed my power pack today @Westfield Garden City, Brisbane. The samsung shop guy said they had ran out, but when he looked he found the last one. It seems they will have you come, do a health check, and may not have a power bank so be careful if you are going out of your way!

    Also, to see if I was eligible, I had to open the app, check, see I wasnt, exit the app, go back in, and check again. Samsung S8+.

  • Does anyone know if Liverpool has still got some battery packs in stock

    • +1

      They might…but i heard, need to book now…they dont take walk ins any more..

      All the best

      • Thanks

    • +1

      I took the last one yesterday. Out of stock now at Livo.

  • I've got an appointment at Chermside Westfield in Brisbane tomorrow. Does anyone know if they are still giving out the battery packs as I will have to drive about 1 hour to get there. Cheers

  • Just had an appointment at Highpoint Store (VIC) with a S7 this afternoon. Still has stock

  • Anyone try to get 1 from one store and another in another store

  • Does anyone else have problem with the power bank? This is my 2nd time using my power bank, and everytime I plug in my S8, it will charge very slow. I even got the "slow charging" notification from the phone.

    • Try another cable and/or push the connector firmly into your phone.

    • Do you have a case on your phone?