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Join IKEA Family and Receive a $10 Voucher (Free to Join)



  • Use a valid email to join Ikea family after 1/4/2019
  • Receive a $10 voucher
  • Spend in one transaction within 30 days

Terms and Conditions

Join IKEA Family and receive a $10 voucher
New IKEA Family members who sign up to the program after 1 April 2019 will be sent a $10 reward to the email address provided at sign up.
‘$10 reward’ refers to a $10 voucher issued to a new IKEA Family member to redeem on
any valid purchases either instore or online within 30 days from the date an IKEA Family
member joined the IKEA Family Club. The voucher can only be redeemed once by the
eligible member. This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher.
Redemption of $10 Reward
 To redeem the $10 reward instore, members must either present the original reward
email to an IKEA staff at checkout to scan, or scan the barcode from the reward email at
the self-serve checkout. Alternatively, to redeem online, enter the coupon code in the
field box before you proceed to checkout.
 The member’s IKEA Family membership must be scanned at point of redemption.
 There is a minimum spend of AU $10 to redeem this reward and can only be used in a
single purchase. The $10 reward must be redeemed within 30 days from the date an
IKEA Family member joined the IKEA Family Club.
 The redemption cannot be made when purchasing an IKEA gift card.

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  • +17

    Ikealoops here I come!

    • Gumtree here I come you mean.

  • +2

    Best to highlight;

    There is a minimum spend of AU $10 to redeem this reward and can only be used in a
    single purchase.

    …not that it'll sway me (or others) in the slightest.

  • Nice! Thank you 😊

  • +8

    In case people start signin up now, please note this promotion is for after the 1st of April.

    • -2

      You sure this deal won't disappear after 12 noon on that day?

      After 1 April means 1 April is excluded?

    • Damn…

    • I neglected to read that part.. oh well will need to sign up again on the 1st with a different email

    • damn…..

    • Yes, I was just about to make this mistake!

  • +2

    Reminder set

  • I wonder if $9.99 would be rounded up and count as $10 spend

    • Only for cash.

  • +1

    After the 1st April.
    So it's from 2nd April?

  • +4

    Does that cover food purchases too? :P

    • +1

      10 hot dogs :P

      • nah, got to go with the meatballs - FTW.

  • +8

    Great this will help pay for the $5k kitchen I'm thinking of buying.

    • +1

      lol. I remember the good old Ikea vouchers of $100 of a $500 spend and the like.
      I bought my kitchen cabinets in 5 trips through the checkout and down to the carpark and back.
      Fun times.

      note: I am not condoning signing up with multiple fake emails, but you need an account for you, your wife, your mum, your dad, your dog…

      • Yeah will definitely use this a few times but even $50 won't make much of a dent on 5k.

        • +1

          I can just imagine you spending 4 hours going through the checkouts one door at a time…

  • +4

    1st April? I smell something shady

    • Fair point!

    • Yes April fools.

    • Sorry, I'll spray.

  • +1

    Awesome, gonna spend $10 on food and walk straight back out.

    Look who's laughing now Ikea!

    • +1

      IKEA food is a loss leader to lure people into buying furniture.
      Try not to be tempted to walk out without buying anything or walking through the maze

      • +2

        For the one in Richmond you don't need to walk through the Maze. Go up the escalator, walk straight across to the food area, afterwards go down the stairs and escape out through the cash registers. Although a side trip to the scratch and dint area can be worth it.

        • Yes, at Ikea Rhodes it is difficult but when I need just one simple item I walk in through the checkouts.

          They deliberately make it difficult with steel bars but I manage to squeeze in. Aldi has the same philosophy but for the exit!

          • @JTTheMan: There's a little (kind-of hidden) entrance at Rhodes so you can get in without going through the showroom or the checkouts. It's just past the toilets to the left of the main entrance escalator :)

    • U mean breakfast and lunch from food court or the food stuff from their supermarket pass the check out?

  • +1

    Failed just signed up like a dope

  • +1

    ikea is introducing a points rewards system in the next few months. according to my ikea friend.

  • ikea furniture is over rated

    • Who rates IKEA furniture? It is cheap stuff to fill a niche. Sometimes you can get some good bargains from the scratch and dent area and, lately, we mainly use the risers to make an ikea hack cat tree.

      • -3


        its overpriced chipboard garbage. i've found better proper timber made stuff for cheaper at a garage sale.

        • +6

          they have a better catalogue than garage sales

        • Garage sales are second hand goods, of course you will find cheaper, better examples. If you go to Op shops you will probably get it cheaper still. It is cheap for new stuff found in a well stocked shop. With a garage sale it is hit and miss what you find.

        • You're composing new products that anyone can buy against used products that you can't easily buy.

          Of course you can get better second hand furniture for less but that isn't a fair comparison.

    • You don't want your home to look like an ikea catalogue?

  • +4

    April fools

  • Anybody else get “Page not found” after submitting the sign up?

  • +5

    Has anyone received the $10 voucher email? The FAQ says it should be sent immediately after joining but I haven't got one yet! :(

    • Me neither. I'm wondering if this deal starts on 2/4 (given the promotion states AFTER 1/4).

    • Got it, although didn't get the code number, just the vertical lines called barcode.

      • +4

        are you sure that's the $10 voucher and not just the IKEA family card barcode? because I also got that with the email title Welcome to IKEA FAMILY but no sign of $10 voucher

        • +1

          Was just about to write that it doesn't seem to be the voucher, just welcoming email. It says: In our family, we love to share our news, offers, inspiration and more with our members, so together we can bring your ideas to life.

          Let us know when you are visiting by presenting your IKEA FAMILY number when you shop online or in-store. You can also show your unique barcode below at the checkouts (and we put it in all of our emails, to make it super easy to find).

          There goes my 10 bucks :(

          Just to add, the barcode in the email looks different to my member number. I guess will find out tomorrow if were supposed to join on 2nd.

  • Even I haven't received any voucher yet, is that because the add says 'after 1st of April'. Will it be applicable only for users who do signup on 2nd April and the following days?

  • Have not received a voucher :(

    Will see what happens tomorrow

  • Is this real or an April fools prank?

    • -3

      looks like it

  • still waiting on that email…

  • Perhaps sign up after 1 April is Swedish for sign up on April 2? Or they April fooled us.

  • +17

    Working now. The codes are generic:

    Online: WELCOME1 (case-sensitive)

    In-store: Barcode

    • +2

      But, we still have to create an account to redeem this in-store, right? The T&C’s state both have to be scanned at the checkouts.

      • +1


      • If the t&c's are correct, yes

      • I assume if you already have an existing account, and it's a generic code, we wouldn't have to create a new account?

        • I have a pre-April account, but I have a feeling it might not work (since the barcode is for new accounts). I’ll make a another one anyways.

    • +2

      Confirming this barcode worked!

      I signed up on 01/04/19 and didn’t get an email with $10 barcode voucher. Was just in Springvale IKEA and scanned my new Family barcode, then scanned items, scanned realfancyman’s barcode. Promoted on screen to call staff, and he simply proceeded and the $10 discount auto detected with it showing as a credit in the line item. Too easy!

    • Thank you. Worked for me and my brother today!

  • There's a $20 fee for online. Anybody else get that?

    • -1

      Yep. $20 service fee even with Click & Collect.

      I also noticed that the code doesn’t work with rechargeable batteries because it is already a members price.

      • Damnit!

        • Might be able to get 4 free AA LADDA if they let you use the discount code and "pay" the non-member price. Have to do it in-store though…

      • Are you sure that the code doesn’t work with members' prices? Did you try online or in-store?

        This is very surprising as the only relevant exclusions according to the Terms and Condtions) are:

        This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher.


        The redemption cannot be made when purchasing an IKEA gift card.

        You didn’t by any chance try to purchase Ikealoops and a gift card? 😉

      • Anybody reading this sub-thread, please note that the code does work with member prices.

        scrypton hirself has confirmed it in this comment below.

  • +3

    A staff member has to come over to the self checkout when you scan the code to approve it.

    • Why the hell would IKEA require that!?

      You have to scan/enter your Family membership number as well. The computer system can automatically check if the member is new (activated within the last 30 days, and after April 1) and whether or not the code has already been used by that member.

      • +7

        To make you feel like a crim probably.

        • I scanned my items
        • Sanned my membership
        • Scanned the voucher
        • “Please wait, a team member will assist you shortly”
        • Worker comes over and asks what I scanned.
        • Asks to see the email and refuses to accept the voucher unless I can show the full email (they weren’t happy with the screenshot so I had to connect to Wi-Fi to get the email or they said they wouldn’t validate it).
        • Takes my phone and scrolls back and forth on the email.
        • Asked me when I got it.
        • Asked me when I signed up.
        • Entered back of house mode.
        • Checked approve.

        And it’s not because they didn’t know what it was. My partner went to use her voucher on the other kiosk and the same staff member gave her the exact same treatment.

        • Well. This now makes sense if the computer system doesn't do the checks, and the code can be used by any member!

          Pretty dumb of IKEA to roll out a new promo and not reprogram their computers to do the checking automatically. One sure fire way to piss off (new!) customers, especially if they can’t supply the original email, since nowhere in the Terms and Conditions does it state that you need to show them a live version of it.

          Either use a common code and program the computers to do the checks automatically, or generate a unique barcode for each new member. Sheesh!

        • Well, looks like I’m hitting all the checkouts on my trip


          • @silverrat23: If you can get the names and/or take photos of the register operators, you could re-use the code on multiple trips by avoiding those that you have interacted with.

            Then again, they might not even remember you, so long as you don’t go every day 😉

            • +1

              @robinCTS: Think I should also bring my fake moustache and ugly sweater for my disguises.

        • +2

          I'd let them see the email, but no chance in hell would I let them take my phone and swipe around.

        • i'm just going to print out the email.
          screw letting them touch my phone.

        • I still don't understand if I should have got a welcome email plus additional email for the voucher. I only got a welcome email with barcode at the end (I thought it's my membership barcode). Thanks for your advice.

    • Did the staff check your identity too or just come to press the approve button?

      • +5

        They made sure that the name on my partners email was different to the name on my email but didn’t check ID or anything.

        They looked at the email a few times though.

        • +8

          Thanks for sharing the first-hand experience mate.

  • +2

    Does anyone know whether the voucher works at the IKEA restaurant?

    • +4

      yes id like to know that too? what about batteries and other items that are at members prices are they excluded?

      • +6

        I just bought batteries at members price for $7.99 (non-members price is $9.99) plus another item at $2.49 tonight. The total was 48c (being $10.48 - $10 welcome voucher).

        So I assume it works for all members price items.

        • nice!

        • What was the 2.49 item? It's so hard to find anything over the .01 cent! Wish their website had a sort by price function as well as find all products function.

          • +2

            @jussie2000: $7.99 Ladda Batteries + $1.35 wooden spoon + $0.69 mug = $10.03 total, or $0.03 after the voucher.

            Remember that some prices end in odd cents (like the spoon) which is handy for just pushing over the minimum spend.

            The mug is the cheapest thing I could find in-store. Best to head into your local to see what works for you.

  • Signed up and got the voucher straight away. Opted in for email communications.

  • Not sure if anyone else with existing membership experienced this, but I wasn’t able to login to my existing membership and when I tried to reset its password it said that my email invalid.

    So I signed up again with the same email address and got the new welcome email as well as new account number.

    Strange. Can anyone confirm the same?

  • Is anyone else not able to use their voucher online? I just get a promotion code invalid error with any purchase amount. WELCOME1 I used.

  • +3

    Came in for the Ladda batteries and walked out with a table.

    Darn, they got me good!

    • Are you saying you didn’t end up getting any batteries and just got the table? 😉

      In which case - darn, they got you real good!

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