[April Fools] Announcing EneMiner - Get all your EneCoins here!

Were you excited with the release of OzBargain Premium only to discover that all EneCoins had been OzBargain'd by Russians (& Cheapies.nz)?

Well I have the solution for you!

Announcing the unOfficial EneCoin Miner

How does it work?

  • Simply download the program
  • Enter the pool address (or your neighbours)
  • Enter your OzBargain username and password
  • Start mining

And soon the EneCoins will start flowing into your account!

Planned features in V2

  • Convert Eneloops to EneCoins
  • Use the power of Google Mini's for more processing power
  • Use the power of Xiaomi for more processing power
  • Professional Graphics


  • I know you're not in Perth so it's after midday, go away with your April Fools now :P

    • I outsourced the program to my WA office shush

      (Or posted remotely from WA if that counts)

      • Nope

        • +1

          Okay fine you got me. I am a fool! But we knew that already.

      • +1

        should have said you were on a business trip to china.

        • Parts of China have the same Timezone as Perth 😕

          Should have said Europe!

          • +1

            @jjjaar: Next time. It's the thought that counts

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