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VAVA USB-C/HDMI/Ethernet/PD Laptop Hub $45, RAVPower Wireless Media Share Filehub/Powerbank $45 +Post (Free $49+/Prime) @ Amazon


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VAVA VA-UC006 USB C Hub 8-in-1 Adapter with PD Power Delivery was $59.99 Now $44.99 with Code DVIB554G

USB C TO HDMI: 4K HDMI Port Delivers high-definition audio and video up to 4K (3840x2160, 30Hz)
SD Card Reader: Instantly transfer high-resolution photos and video recordings from your camera
SuperSpeed 3.0 Ports: Transfer files at 5 Gbps via one of the Hubs USB 3.0 Ports
Power Delivery: Charging your laptop while connecting multiple devices and transferring data
Ultra Compact and Lightweight: Aluminum alloy exterior case, LED activity indicator and EMI protection to prevent interfere
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VAVA VA-UC008 USB C Hub 8-in-1 Adapter with Gigabit Ethernet Port &Power Delivery was $62.99 Now $47.24 Code: K5JQ45DW

4K Display with HDMI: Give your computer the screen space, power and clarity of Ultra HD, with 4K UHD at 30Hz or 2k at 60Hz
Gigabit Ethernet: Connects to wired networks with speed and endurance allowing for larger downloads without interruption
Ultra-Fast Memory Card Reader: Works with SD, SDHC, and SDXC — helping you quickly transfer photos and videos to your Laptop
Type C PD Charging: Up to 100W of power is shared between all dock-connected USB-C devices and adjusted based on needs
Ports Galore: Features dual USB 3.0 ports for fast data transfer & one USB 2.0 designed for 2.4G wireless mouse, etc.
Engineered case: For improved heat dissipation and Designed to avoid 2.4G wireless interference
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RAVPower RP-WD03 FileHub Plus - Black was $59.99 Now $44.99 with Code FQW2NNAQ
RAVPower RP-WD03 FileHub Plus - White was $59.99 Now $44.99 with Code FQW2NNAQ

Storage backup: transfer files between ds cards, sub drives, hard disk and your devices(phone/tablet/computer) to free much more space up for your devices
Wireless router: instantly convert a wired network to a wireless network. And bridge and extend Wi-Fi, share internet securely with others
Media Streamer & Sharer: Share with friends and stream your videos, photos, and music on your connected smartphones, tablets, TVs, media players, Chromecast, Roku
SD Card USB Reader: wirelessly recognize USB flash drive, hard disk, SDHC, SDXC cards with your devices via APP. even more support with a sub hub
External battery pack: built-in 6000 mAh power bank (5V/1A) enables you to charge most smartphones at least for once
Please download the app: RAVPower FileHub Plus from Google Play or iTunes
YouTube review by AwkwardHamster
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HooToo HT-TM05 TripMate Titan was $65.99 Now $49.49 with Code BH4YDXDH

Storage Backup: this TripMate Titan transfers files between multiple USB hard drives and your devices.
Wireless Router: 300Mbps Wi-Fi speed on 2.4GHz band instantly convert a wired network to wireless network.
Bridge and extend WiFi: Share internet securely with others (but it's NOT a hotspot and do not support VPN).
Media Streaming & Sharing: Seamlessly share with your families, friends and stream your videos, photos, and music via App.
USB Reader Technology: Wirelessly recognize USB flash drive, hard disk, SDHC, SDXC cards with your devices via TripMate APP.
External Battery Packs: Built-in 10400mAh power bank (5V/2.1A) enables you to charge your smartphone.
Please download the app: HooToo TripMate Plus from Google Play or iTunes
Youtube review by Mardee Thompson
Also, Check out 1100+ Reviews on Amazon US & 300+ Reviews on Amazon UK

YouTube Comparison Video by TK Bay HooToo TripMate Titan Vs RAVPower FileHub Plus

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SunValley introduced the TaoTronics, VAVA, HooToo, Anjou, Sable and RAVPower brands in 2011 to produce High Quality, Low-Cost consumer electronics, and home products. Since then they have grown to be leading consumer electronics brands with hundreds of products and millions of satisfied customers. You can view their range of available products in SunValley's Official Australian Amazon store. To find out more about SunValley's Brands or register to get your Free Extended Warranty, visit their websites at www.TaoTronics.com, www.VAVA.com, www.HooToo.com, www.Anjou.com or www.RAVPower.com

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  • +1

    Hi rep!
    Amazing deal as usual, could you help me understand the difference between the two USB-C HDMI hubs?

    • +2

      Hey Mate, The stats on these are pretty much the same. The UC006 has 3 USB 3.0 ports, while the UC008 has 2 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0

      The UC008's case is designed for better heat dissipation so won't get as hot as these type of adapters normally do while you are making use of Power Delivery.

      • Thanks, so the 006 is the better one especially if not doing PD. Hmmm

        So the filehub the kids could connect their iPads tonit over wifi and stream/watch whatever ever is on the attached drive?

        • Yes, that's right, it's a handy little device.

  • Can you use these unpowered for the ethernet, HDMI, USB and SD/TF ports?

    • Yes, you can.

  • Ok. Bought one, BUT 2 questions:
    1. I don’t own a mac but I do have usb C to A converter. Does hdmi work via this and the converter via a usb 2.0 port on my laptop?
    2. Does it work with the converter with usb 2.0 port on my docking station?

    I own a surface pro 1 with usb 2.0 only.

    • It will work but it will be limited to what the USB on your Laptop can do.

      • Thanks. Do you mean transfer rate or something else? I don't really understand this limitation to be honest. Can you use USB 2.0 as an example?

        • +1

          Plugged into a USB 2.0 port you can use it for transferring files and connecting peripherals, but you won't be able to charge your laptop or connect a second monitor via HDMI as you could if connected to a USB-C port.

          • @xev: Not really working for my surface pro. I'm going to return it. Super fast delivery though, I give you that.

  • +2

    Would the VAVA VA-UC006 work with the ninetendo switch i.e. the ethernet, charging and hdmi?

    • Want to know this also.

      I'm confident it will work for charging, but Ethernet I doubt. And HDMI is up in the air.

      If it helps, I bought a $15 one off ebay that does work for HDMI and charging.

      • Hi lostn, would you be able to link the one you purchased off ebay?


        • I have tested this to work with the Switch. I can play on the TV and charge. There is no Ethernet though. Just HDMI, USB A, and USB C (for charging).

          Note: To get an output to HDMI, you must use the genuine Nintendo charger. It contains some proprietary chip inside that identifies it as the original charger, and if you use any other charger you can still charge but you will not get a picture.

          This applies to all 3rd party docks.

    • Yes, I knew someone would ask so I have already confirmed with SunValley that it will work with Nintendo Switch.

      • +1

        Does that include HDMI output?

  • +1

    Does the charging port only works for mac can it charge a samsung galaxy tablet s4?

    • It should work with the S4.

  • +1

    Thanks as usual Xev! With the 10% Amazon cashback I got the Hootoo and usb-hub, great deals as usual

  • Got it delivered 2 days back and tested it to work fine with my 2018 MacBook Pro.

    Feels good having one hub to get rid of all dongles!

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