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Coopers Best Extra Stout 375mL 24pk $48.90 [VIC/WA/TAS] $51.90 [NSW/ACT/QLD/SA] @ Dan Murphy's

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    Absolutely love a stout but often find it hard to justify the price. Will definitely be picking up a slab, thanks OP!

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      Higher price maybe, but they're often higher in alcohol also.

      5.7% Sheaf Stout
      6.0% Guinness Extra Stout
      6.3% Coopers Stout
      7.4% Southwark Stout

      • -3

        Coppers is definitely the worst out of the above 4, though the choppers stout is better than a lot of their swill.

      • Mote malt is used in the ingredients, though a friend that worked at coppers said they used heaps of sugar.

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    This is an incredible price, from memory wholesale is in excess of $60. If you want stock, get in early, because every independent bottleshop will be raiding Dan's for these.

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    great price

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    Bargain! I'll be heading to Dan's tomorrow to pick some up.

  • not as cheap as Southwark

    Not sure where to buy this from outside of South Australia. DM don't deliver it anymore.

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      Select stores in Melbourne stock it, Alphington and Prahran off the top of my head.

  • Great, I need a drinking slab because I'm aging half a slab (nearly 2 years old now).

    • Curious - got any links to discussion of aging coopers stout? Optimal aging, etc?

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        I'm not in Aus rn so my web searches aren't getting the right hits. Basically, don't age Coopers Pale, age Sparkling up to 1 year for a Belgian yeasty flavour (tested by me, delicious), and Stout can go past 1 year. But the Aussie summer heat may damage Sparkling during aging

        • Bury it below 18 inches to keep it cool year round.

          • @Diji1: I also have followed this tradition. The earth gives it more flavour.

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        thanks for the reminder - I still have some stout and sparkling ale that are best after 2015, as well as 2010 vintage ale

        someone has mentioned two years, else

        In the early 2000s Coopers used to offer a product known as Special Old Stout, which was the Best Extra aged for 12 months before release.

        The company is still happy for people to do the same themselves to the stout or the sparkling.

        Pearce says it offers a point of difference for drinkers, and it is a bit of a trend in some pubs. Some outlets regularly age the beer for two years and the odd one has kept a keg for five years

        • cheers guys!

          I feel like I have been wasting all the coopers stout I've been drinking! (it's my go to standard drinking beer, along with beechworth pale and white rabbit dark)

          So do you count from the date listed on the slab? Or date of purchase? (new to all this, never "cellared" a beer before)

          • @caprimulgus: Cooper's beers confusingly list a 'Best After' date, which is a fixed number of days from brewing, which I think is a different number of days for each style.

            Running a bottleshop, I had more than one customer bringing back Cooper's beers thinking they were past their 'best before', without them realising it's a 'best after'.

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        Coopers beers are bottle conditioned (residual yeast leftover in bottle) so their stronger beers develop with age. Coopers even uses a "best after" date rather than best before.

        Also, in general, strong 7%+ dark beers develop and improve with age. Trappist ales can be aged 10 years.

        • Technically they don't always improve. They just change.

          For instance 8+ % stouts would develop dark fruit and caramel flavours and reduced chocolate flavours over time.

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      Of all the stouts I know, Coopers probably lends itself most favourably to cellaring. Southwark is already pretty smooth and Sheaf is lighter in style, but Coopers is intense and has that slight edge. We recently drank some after 12 months cellaring and it seems somewhat more mellow and rounded.

      We try and put a bottle of Chimay Blue down every year, and research suggests 5 years is the maximum for beer cellaring. Beyond that and it starts to decline in quality.

      • Did it maintain the richness of flavour, and pick up the smoothness, or did it lose a bit in that transformation?

        • Still full-bodied, you might say it took a slight edge off. Haven't yet tried it beyond 12 months.

          We drink a bottle of Chimay Blue each year from the vintage 5 years previous, and the difference is pretty amazing. Much less intense, much more subtle and rounded, like they're two different beers. Have to say I enjoy it both young and aged, for different reasons.

          • @dd22qq: You ever done a full 5 year tasting, comparing a new/1yr/2yr/3yr/4yr/5yr against each other?

            That would be pretty cool! :)

            Maybe put two bottles down for the next 5 years! :)

            • @caprimulgus: Not as yet, but the future holds many possibilities…

  • +7

    Love this beer, basically tastes like a combination of a cheese burger and a pack of cigarettes. 10/10.

    • Accurate description.

    • I was going to buy a slab until I read your review. Yuk!

    • +6

      Wtf? More like chocolate and coffee

      • +1

        yep, detecting those two in the mix also, alongside cheeseburgers and durries..

  • Been keen to try this beer for years, thanks OP.

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    Great beer. It has a wonderfully mellow flavour for a stout. Not too bitter, just flavoursome.

  • Is this for everyone or just members?

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      it's a catalogue special, not one of the monthly member offers, which also start tomorrow

      4–14 Apr

    • How rude.

  • Good deal, but Southwark is better in my opinion.

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    how did you see the catalogue?

  • Paid $75 at the drivethru for this a fortnight a go, ripper price here.

    Despite the higher price it often works out cost-effective due to the abv%; I can smash 10 or 12 4.5%-ers without trying too hard, but a slow 6-pack of these is usually more than enough for a session with the higher abv%, plus it sits fairly heavy.

  • thanks @toneste

    I was so close to buying a carton of this from DMs earlier today for $64.99 but opted for their current deal 4 X 750mL @ $20. Will be getting a few tomorrow and might have to age one carton.

  • I drink Coopers exclusively & have a stockpile of almost all styles i bought on specials from boozebud…. The only one they never seemed to have stock of is the stout (which I love!) - Might need to spend a few hundred $$s on this! hope it doesn't sell out too quickly!

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    Is there a link to the catalogue special ad? maybe liquorland would price match also?

    • liquorland don't price match afaik :(

    • Only Dan's and First Choice price match when you ask, sometimes others will price match of their own volition.

  • I just wish it was also for tallies.. perfect BYO accompaniment with steak or lamb.

  • Sale not on yet although it's already Thursday here on the East Coast. Wait till tomorrow then.

  • Just checked OP, showing $51.90 online today and also in online catalogue for this price?

  • Showing as $51.90 in Sydney

    • Same QLD

  • $51.90 less $1.30 via cashback….still a very good price for Coopers Stout…. ordered 5 cases…Cheers…

  • Adelaide too $51.90

  • 48.90 for me. Maybe because I'm logged into my account?

    • Yep, $48.90 for me in VIC (was logged in also).

      Bought 4! Think I’ll try out this cellaring thing! (1 to drink now, 1 to age one year, 1 to age 18 months, 1 to age two years)

  • $51.90 for me and that's when logged in. Still worth buying a case. Very good stout.

  • $48.90 for me, im in WA.

  • Just purchased, was logged in and price was $51.90 here in NSW

    But if you factor in 1% cash rewards and 5% Woolworths EGift Card saving it comes down to about $48.90.

    Just wondering if the increasesd price in NSW and maybe other states (SA) is due to the bottle refund scheme?

  • If you use shopback 2.5% cashback on beer, and the gift card with the 5% and $5 cashback from last week, it's really only costing about $41 for the carton.

    • You cant use WISH eGift Cards online ! Wow !

      • Yeah, I tried, but it wasn't working. I checked the balance of my e-gift card and it was fine , just not working right now. I thought we got done a dodgy by someone.

  • +1

    One of my winter drinking favourites. Thanks @tonester. Might try cellaring a case for a year… if it lasts that long.

  • Where is option to use WISH eGift cards in DM website now ?

    • +2

      Please note: Gift card redemptions are currently unavailable. For a smooth transaction please use credit cards or an alternative payment method to complete your purchase.


  • Gift card payments are working again. It let me pay with one about 5 mins ago.

    • ahh nerts. I thought it was down for the count so didn't try.

  • +1

    Thanks, got a slab. My 3rd Coopers Stout slab of all time.

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