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Sony X7500F 65" 4K UHD Android LED LCD TV $1286 @ Harvey Norman | $1295 @ JB Hi-Fi


This is the lowest price on record for this tv!

  • Sony 65" KD65X7500F : JB Hi Fi $1295

  • Sony 55" KD55X8500F : JB Hi Fi $1095 | HN $1095

  • Sony 75" KD75X85000F : JB Hi Fi $2995 | HN $2995

  • Sony 65" KD65X8500F : HN $1695

HN Offer ends 11:59pm AEST 5th of April 2019.

UPDATE: Some of these models are cheaper via TGG ebay through my new post, credit to urbancartel for the code.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Special Price

    Offer ends 11:59pm AEST 5th of April 2019.

    • HN Seems to be a one day sale! JB don't have any expiry dates!

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        JB probably reduced their price to stay competitive with HN.

        Mr Gerry is a very aggressive person these days. He is fighting for his survival :). Plenty of good quality deals to be have on his website.

        JB was selling this TV for $1495 yesterday according to their latest catalogue

        It will be back up to $1495 tomorrow.

        JB catalogue effective :4-17 April 2019

        Expiry date for the deal is very important.We have tons of expired deals on Ozbargain but not marked as expired due to the deal posters ignored to include the expire date on their deals or simply have no idea how to find the expiry dates when they posted.

        Mr Scotty should have a good look at this problem, clean up the expired deals and find a way to improve it.

        I really missed the good old Quality Ozbargain .

        Have a nice day all.

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          Yeah people not marking expiry dates or keeping tabs on it is annoying.

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    I Just bought the sony KD75X7800F 75 inch for $1955.10 last night from jb. Thought was a good deal.

    Anyone have got experience with this model? Good buy ?

    • Seems like a good entry point to 4K at 75", not sure of the lack of HDR vs cost of the higher models.

    • very good price!better model than 7500 but lessgood than 9000 but thats way expensive

      • A very good catch at the slips

  • +1

    Shame they don’t have the 75” X90F for sale, it has been around $3,400 before but not for a month or two.

    • There is still stock around… check any local retail store and they'll take a deal to clear it out… New G series not due till May which is why there isn't as many Sony run out deals compared with Samsung and LG whom are already in store and still shipping new 2019 models…

  • How much for 85”

    • Interested in this as well

  • +3

    Only if Sony can match this on their site so we can stack the Amex offer!

  • I recently got a KD65X9000F. Make sure you've got an Nvidia Shield or some such as the menu on Android TV on this range is slow and laggy.

    • +3

      I have the same TV and dont understand why a lot of people say this, I dont have a problem with the menu.

      When I first fired the tv up for the very first time it was a bit laggy but since then its been fine.

      Also if you hate the menu you can use google assistant to open your apps etc :)

      For example I watch a lot of NBA and just have to say "hey google open NBA on the TV" and away I go.

    • that's what i am looking to get, how is the tv?

      • +2

        Its been great for me. I love not needing any other devices like an apple tv or nvidia shield and controlling it with a $25 google mini i got off fb marketplace has been awesome. You literally dont need a remote for most things. I can say things like "hey google play rick and morty on the tv" it automatically opens netflix on the tv and plays whatever episode im up to. The picture quality is the best ive seen for an LCD and i bought the sound bar that goes with the tv and its amazing. Dolby vision and dolby atmos via netflix is amazing. Highly recommend.

    • So once you're in another app is it still laggy or is it just the Sony home screen?? I'm thinking I'll bu using the plex app. Maybe steam app. Thanks!

      • It's largely just the home screen, though I've felt it being a bit slow in Netflix also. As far as the TV is concerned, the picture is amazing. It's just a shame the AndroidTV integration kinda sucks.

  • Great post, thank you!

  • +2

    Also at Good Guys with Cashrewards for the 55" with 3.3% cashback - thanks just got one!

    • How 3.3% ??

      Best I can see is 1.95% on TVs.

  • Thanks for posting OP. Can anyone please advise what's the main difference between X75 vs X85 vs X90? Specially between X75 and X85



    • +2

      x85 will have the better x1 upcaling chip, trilunimous (similar to quantum dot) and 100hz. It's IPS so better viewing from an angle but less contrast when viewed from directly in front (vs the VA in the x75 and x90)

      x90f will have the even better x1 extreme upscaling chip as well as FALD which massively increases the contrast ratio and the main reason why you'd want it

  • How does this compare to the Hisense 65P7? Bit of a google doesn't seem to tell me much.

    • +1

      I physically visited a store and compared these two. Although Hisense is more fave amongst the audience, I have found Sony's display to be better. It was more comfortable to my eyes and overall display I felt was better with Sony. However, I am just telling from a pure basic user perspective.

    • +2

      The hisense UI is very basic, good display I’m sure, but lacks a good operating system.

      I also noticed a dead pixel on one in the store, tried my luck buying a 65” P7 brand new hoping I wouldn’t encounter this problem. Unfortunately there was this small black mark on the screen which wouldn’t go away, so swapped it for a Samsung 65” instead. I’ve only heard good things about hisense but the quality control seems to be a bit hit and miss.

      I tried to share my review on Harvey Norman’s website but after 3 tries and wording differently they kept rejecting my honest review?? They only want customers to see selected reviews, not fair.

  • +3

    Hi all I’ve bought this one 6 months ago just wanna share my experience a bit.

    - graphic is very good
    - got build in chrome cast and worked pretty well with other Sony products like their sound bars and PS4. You can literally control them by the TV remote which to me is pretty cool

    - response time is a bit slow
    - sound quality from TV speaker is VERY poor
    - my biggest issue - it’s very poorly designed to play videos from USB, it can barely work if you only have 1 file in your USB but if you have like a library of videos in the USB it’s just won’t work, this issue upset me the most and by searching online I can say this is a very common issue which disappointed many

    • I've found Sony TV's have very poor Usb playback and file types they recongize. Samsung on the other hand have been flawless.

    • Thanks is for this. When you say slow response time, do you mean navigating the user interface or something else?

      • Hi yeah the user interface in general is pretty slow

    • "built in Chromecast"

      Mindblown. I have the X90F and I had no idea about this XD.

      Also @festivalmayhem, if it's anything like the X90F, then yeah he means the user interface. It can be pretty clunky and slow in my opinion.

      • +1

        Haha I also found it by accident. I was trying so hard to come up with a workaround for playing movies other than from USB and while I was doing research on chrome cast I found its built in in the TV

  • Are these Sony TVs worth buying with 1 year warranty? I will use my CC that claims that it will give you +1 year of warranty, but I have never used that feature (to make a claim), so not sure if it works.
    Also, what is the period that one can get a TV repair under Australia consumer laws? Its just a big money outlay and want to know its not going to be written off in just one year

    Also, which one is better to buy from - HN or TGG? Have both near and may get TGG to match the price

    • Personally I would buy from the Good Guys. I've always had great service and on top of that you can get about 3% cashback if you buy online.

      RE Aus consumer law, I am under the impression that they consider a good quality TV should last around 5 years, but don't quote me.

    • +1

      Some of the tv's are on sale via TGG Ebay mate. Just created a new post

  • I am looking x90f, which is think is on Sale too. and the same price at HN, JB, and Good guys.
    Between these three, which would be the best place to buy? and is x90f good?

    • Price?

      • It's going for $2495

        • Do you have access to buy discounted gift cards for any of above mentioned stores.. Probably get 10 % off on gift cards. I once mentioned that I have access to 10% gift cards of jb hifi to Harvey Norman guy. He matched it.

          • +1

            @raj76: You can get if you are Entertainment book member or have a friend who has one. From memory it is 10% of jb-hifi gift card

            • @ashftc: Or anyone who is a union member

            • @ashftc: I think it is 5% from entertainment book.

  • -1

    Android? No thanks

  • Just add a fetch tv. No need to use the built OS. YouTube, stan, Netflix, etc. Also have the benefit of recording shows.

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