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Westpac Altitude Platinum Rewards Credit Card: 60000 QFF or Altitude Points ($0 Annual Fee 1st Year, $50 Qantas Rewards Fee)


Enjoy 60,000 bonus Qantas or Altitude points when you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases on a new Altitude Platinum credit card within 90 days from card approval.^

Includes insurance cover for overseas travel, extended warranty and purchase security transit accidents (refer to T&Cs).

Plus, pay no annual card fee for the first year, saving $150.+
Offer ends 2nd June 2019. New cards only. Eligiblity criteria applies to bonus points and please refer to the T&C's.

Points earn rate: 1 Altitude Point or 0.5 Qantas Points per dollar spent on eligible purchases (not capped)
Annual card fee: $0 annual card fee in the first year (saving $150)+
Qantas Rewards fee: A $50 Qantas Rewards fee applies annually for customers who choose to earn Qantas Points through the Altitude Qantas rewards program.
Variable purchase rate: 20.24% p.a.
Variable cash advance rate: 20.74% p.a.
Interest free days on purchases: Up to 45
Minimum credit limit: $6,000

Eligible purchases do not include fees, cash, cash equivalent transactions, payments to the Australian Tax Office, BPAY, BPAY equivalent transaction, refunds and balance transfers debited from the card account. The bonus Altitude Points or Qantas Points will be added to your points balance within 12 weeks once you meet the eligible spend criteria. Existing Westpac customers who currently hold an Earth Platinum, Earth Platinum Plus, Earth Black, Altitude Platinum or Altitude Black credit card, or who have held one in the last 12 months, are not eligible for this offer. Qantas Points earned during a statement cycle are added to your Qantas Points balance on a monthly basis.

I had been looking at the previous Westpac/AMEX bundle and noticed this new offer. Hopefully I’ve covered everything.

Mod Note: Offer extended until 16th June 2019

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  • +1

    Good deal, but still hoping the black bundle will come back.

      • +1

        The usually deal is no annual fee. It’s only be in the last few months it hasn’t shown up.

        • Yeah, it's worth nearly $1k with no annual fee, with an annual fee it's value is halved.

  • Is there an easy way to check whether you're eligible to receive the points with them? (I remember applying for a similar Westpac deal at some point last year)

    • +2

      Nope. But you can call them and ask when you closed your account.

  • This is a good deal especially for someone like me who is avoiding the amex part in the black offering (18 months nearly up before signing up again)

    • +4

      IIRC, the Westpac Amex cards don't technically count as Amex-issued cards (even though they are) and so the 18 month restriction doesn't apply.

      • +1

        That's correct.

      • OZB fail on my part!! Just missed out on additional 70K points for the $150 fee

    • what black offering?

  • +8

    The way I'm reading the T&Cs is that you'll save the $150 annual fee for the first year but still cop $50 to be on the QFF program. So it's actually a $50 charge for the first year if you're looking to churn for the bonus points?

    • +2

      Title should be updated

      • Agreed

        • It's been updated now

      • +2

        sorry guys

        • Its fine how it is now, looks like it ozbargain staff edited it

    • wait even if u have a QFF membership already u have to pay money to earn QFF points?> wtf

    • +2

      Applied and in paperwork says the Qantas $50 fee is waived and will apply after the first year. Got my first statement and no fee charged. Thought I’d share my experience.

      • Thanks for sharing.

        To clarify, did you apply for the current promo or the previous old promo?

        • +1

          No worries. Yes applied to this promo.

          • @Zippy135: Awesome, good to know, thanks!!

          • @Zippy135: Just wondering if you knew of a way to check the linked FF number to the card?

  • just finished my 120k points on the black amex/mcard combo deal…oh well, gotta wait 12 months for more points :(

    glad the cc deals are back, been a bit quiet for the last month or so

  • +6

    The $50 program fee is deal killer to me

    • If the $50 fee is true (no official word yet but dlakers3peat is suggesting it may not apply in the first year) then I think it's a bit of a deal killer too. 0.5 points per dollar is also a bit rough (better than nothing though) but I think people applying for platinum tier cards won't be eligible/won't get value from after fees of the black level cards that offer 1+ point per dollar.

      • +3

        $50 for 60000 QFF points is good. Just have to cancel as soon as you meet your spend and get your reward.

      • +2

        You do realise the dollar value of 60,000 points far exceeds $50? This is ozbargain 101

    • +2

      $50 for enough points to fly to the USA seems like a good deal.

      • +4

        $50 plus taxes > ozbargain price to the USA

  • +1

    I signed up for this card last time and I just received my 60k points. I did not get charged this $50 fee so I am not sure who this charge applies to.

    • I looked through my statements from when I signed up to a similar deal in 2016 and it seems I didn't get charged the fee either. In my original comment I was just asking if anyone could confirm my thoughts on the T&Cs - I wasn't explicitly stating that the fee applied. I guess someone might have to call and ask them.

    • I got the card earlier this year and I did not get the $50 qff fee as well

    • interesting. my previous black qantas was charged $50 but my platinum qantas wasn't. not sure why. both cards had 60k qantas bonus points attached and both had first-year fee waived. t&c's looked identical to me. can anyone solve this mystery?

  • Can I get a first class domestic seat with 60,000 points ? What’s their value or are there too man rules and end up being like a free large coffee ?

      • -1

        Hmm still hard to work out. Don’t these points have like $500 annual fee that negates it all ? Just trying to work out if it’s legit or like cash rewards 12-80cents or like coles shopping 5-15$ off. Or fake like eBay price jacking.

        • No annual fee for me.

        • 60,000 points is equivalent to $600

          • @Slo20: THats not bad. So I can get first class return ($1500) for $1000 if ? A normal ticket price. But then the 120000 points cost the annual fee. So best case it’s half of it.

            And I’m sure there a catches and no guarantee on seats u can be bumped if someone legit pays for it with cash ?

            Seams not really that worth it ? I fly jetstar extra leg room exit seat it’s abour $250-300 usually might have to stick to it and just dream of first class. After losing 25kg flying is a lot nicer even in economy

          • @Slo20: Used to be that 60,000 points = $600 at Qantas, but that has now been halved to about $300.

            • +1

              @waqld: What I meant by my comment is you can sell them for $600 (up to $720). Using them for rewards can vary.

            • @waqld: I thought the going rate was still close to 1c/point on the market? I've been sitting on some meaning to sell them.

        • There is no annual fee to have points

          • -2

            @spaceflight: Of the cards that give you like 120k to sigh up I’m assuming have the $400 or so fee which makes it pointless ?

            And lord 1:1 $ to point. Who spends that much ?

            • +5

              @T1OOO: If you're not willing to put in the hard work to do the research to work out what frequent flyer points are worth and how to redeem them, you should not get a credit that earns points.

              To get maximum value from acquiring frequent flyer points takes time and effort to research and book. If you're lazy, it is better chasing other types of bargains (eg cash back schemes).

              • @vetopower: So what’s the point ? What’s our time worth ?

                • @T1OOO: For me?

                  I travel many times per year all around the world. Using frequent flyer points, I've flown hundreds of times in business class for, at most, the cost of an economy class ticket.

                  That is a saving of tens of thousands of dollars to me.

                  However, I enjoy all aspects of travel, including the research required to make best use of frequent flyer programs.

                  If you are expecting frequent flyer points to give you a quick and easy reward, you are mistaken. It's best for you to dedicate your time to other pursuits.

            • @T1OOO:

              Of the cards that give you like 120k to sigh up I’m assuming have the $400 or so fee which makes it pointless ?

              You are not making correct assumptions.

    • +3

      No such thing as first class domestic in Australia. Top is business class.

      • -3

        That’s what I meant

    • Get on the Qantas website and look at award/points seats for a route you're thinking of.

    • +3

      Can I get a flight to the moon with 60,000 points, in Apartments class with a free hoverboard transfer to the airport from the complimentary 8 star hotel located next to the Michelin star rated lounge affiliate restaurant?

      • -2

        Waiting for anwer too.

  • +1

    The Altitude Black combo was far better value.

  • Hasn't this been ongoing for months? I signed up to this 3 months ago.

    Anyway, fwiw, i haven't been charged that qantas fee yet.

    • Same here, but I havent got my QFF points yet

      Plus I was confirmed NOT to be charged the QFF memberhsip fee, since im already a member

    • Yep, sure has.

  • So what exactly is the $50 fee for?

    • Basically a fee to convert from Altitude program to QFF. Like a service/booking fee. (Read: Cash grab)

      • +1

        Pretty sure it's a cash grab by Qantas, as it's common among card providers to charge an additional $49/50 to earn Qantas points.

  • +2

    Last time I jumped on a platinum offer, the black card had an offer a month later.

    Looks like I’m waiting :)

  • does anyone know if you can cancel it before the 1st year and still get the QFF points etc?

    • Yes as you get after 90 days provided you spend the 3k within the first 90 days

  • +1

    Can you get a platinum rewards card within 12 months of having a qantas black card?

    • +1

      I just confirmed via Westpac chat that Altitude Qantas Black is the same as Altitude Black, so answer is no you can't get the bonus if you've had their black card in the last 12 months.

  • [edit] .. sorry commented on wrong deal.

  • +2

    What is the min annual salary requirements?

  • I signed up before, selected Altitude Points (better earning rate ?) but since there's no transfer between Altitude and FF points (not even a one-off window) I'm stuck with a bunch of points that's fairly useless (unless someone knows how to transfer them) !

    • Altitude would probably transfer to Velocity - look at your product information. Usually the banks offer either the Qantas points or their own 'flexible' reward points which goes to Velocity or other programs such as Krisflyer.

    • Update: I see I can buy, for example, a $500 Flight Centre eGift Card for 117,500 Altitude Points
      which makes each Altitude Point worth about 0.4255 cents ?

  • Does anyone know if this card would work with Samsung Pay?

  • How strict are Westpac on making you serve the 12 month waiting period between account closure and next sign on bonus?

  • Is buying a Woolworths egift card considered as eligible purchase?

    • I always use mine to buy woolies e-gift cards through Cashrewards or similar sites.

  • Anyone know of a current card with a low annual fee that provides priority pass access? Departing New York and complimentary lounge pass plebs can't use the Qantas lounge in NYC or LA.

    • Only high fee cards provide Priority Pass, as I believe it's a pre-requisite for the cards to have travel benefits.

      If you can get a $15k limit, get yourself a Westpac Black, which will get you a PP (even if you're on Qantas points, they let you apply for both sets of lounge passes in my experience). Similar case with Bank of Melbourne/Bank SA/St George top end cards, and similar case with Citi Signature. Basically you can't avoid the fee, but you can get points that are worth a lot more than the $200 odd you'll need to pay.

      If you really want nothing other than lounge access, get a Diners Card, $135, never use it for actually paying for anything, and you'll get as much lounge access as you'd like.

  • Cheers. I've got a qf Westpac black and st George amplify Qantas. Do I just use my card number to register for PP?

    Also, can you register more than once to get an extra 2 per year?

    Lastly, which diners gives unlimited lounge access? Was this the card that linked to Citi Sig a while back?

    • You just search for PP Westpac/St George, and register. Nothing further required.

      The free Citi Diners doesn't give lounge access. Any Diners you get direct off them has lounge access.

  • what are some of the ways people are following to clock up $3k in expenses ? besides buying woolies gift cards lol.
    i was considering some utility bills (eg council, water) but they tend to apply a credit card fee which gets quiet expensive.

  • If I'm a self-employed independent contractor and earning ~$8k a month, just started working start of February.. what are the chances it'll be approved? :/

    • Most banks require you to demonstrate two years of self employed income

  • +2

    Still waiting on a black card offer

  • This card has a minimum credit limit of $6,000. If you get approved, how easy is it to reduce this credit limit after you've received the card? Can the credit limit be reduced by the customer through their website?

    • I only tried via app. Can be easily reduced but up to 5,000 only.

  • Slightly unrelated question, but how do you activate push notifications for android when transactions occur on the credit card?

    • For this Westpac card it's on the settings

      • Uhm… Where is the settings on the app?

        • Oops sorry got mixed up.. it's the Bankwest app that alerts me everytime there's paypass transaction.. Westpac app just sends daily balance.. ANZ app shows emoji

  • I want to cancel the Westpac and keep the AMEX, does anyone know if there are any cancellation fees?

    • no it's free to cancel anytime and you can do it online

  • Just picked up my card today. Very easy online setup. You do need to opt into qantas points to receive them as the bonus. The voice message said the qantas fee is charged at same time as annual fee, which is why I guess people haven't noticed they had to pay the opt in fee?

  • this or the citi 90k points?

    • BOTH!

      • would be a struggle to spend 7k

  • Anyone know if Medibank Private's premium is a Cash Advance?

    I've asked Medibank but they keep insisting it's up the Credit Card's policy. However, the Card's T&C places the onus on the merchant..

    • +1

      both monthly payments and annual prepaid in advance were charged as regular purchases for me, last payment i did was at end of March

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