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Any Coffee of Your Choice (and 5 Babycino's) for $4.25 (Prices May Vary Based on Location) @ McDonald's


Kind of in the "not another McDonald's hack" category, but as a dad with young kids, I am enjoying this discovery (thanks to my nephew).

When you order 5 Babycino's from the McDonald's app for $4.25 this fills up the "Buy 5 Get 1 Free" app loyalty reward. Then you can choose any coffee for free (large flat white $5.00, medium $4.50, small $3.90 and most expensive item you can get for free is a large iced mocha for $6.95).

So for $4.25 I get any coffee at all and the kids get 5 Babycino's to throw at other kids - everybody wins.

EDIT: From the comments, Babycino prices vary depending on location, so final price could be slightly higher or lower.

EDIT 2: To be planet friendly as well as kid friendly, if you don't want all 5 Babycino's, please just tell the barista not to make them.

EDIT 3: Looks like it works some places and not others - YMMV!

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  • They need to make large babycinos. They're the best!

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    this is gonna be so annoying for mcdonalds workers please dont abuse is too much they dont deserve to deal with all these babycinos

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    $1.20 in my suburb per babycino! Maybe the owner is a frequenter on OzBargain and quick to raise prices.

    • +1

      Or maybe you are living in an affluent suburb where the demographics are made up of champagne sipping and caviar eating elites! 🤗

      • Ahahhaa that would be nice. Shall I check the description of the babycino, perhaps it's infused with champagne and sprinkled with caviar!

        • For the person minus voting, I'm disappointed you're so jealous that my local serves unique babycinos. It was a joke… Sorry you didn't appreciate it! I am sincerely sorry your life is so black and white, couldn't see myself surviving a week with that mindset.

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      If you don't care about the babycinos, order them from a store that is 70c (without picking them up obviously). Doesn't even have to be the same state.

      • Such a good idea! Kudos to you.

      • I don't think that would work. You only get charged and it logged when you actually finish the order ie go through the drive thru.

        • Pick up from inside the counter, once you've logged and paid it'll just make the staff yell out 'Order 69' for 10 minutes before they bin it

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    Won’t be long before Babycinos are excluded from the coffee stamps. Great thinking 99 😬. Short term gain long term pain!

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    Nice deal if Maccas could make a decent coffee, unfortunately my experience of Maccas coffee is that it is pretty terrible. So even if this hack gets you a free coffee, I still don't think it's good value especially if you don't want the 5 small cups of frothed milk.

  • still waiting for my stamps though..

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    Hack to flavour your baby chino -
    you can add vanilla and caramel syrup and other syrups to your babychino for free.

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      Could you just ask for the 5 of them in a large cup and buy a shot of coffee to go with it?

  • Perfect to get Maccas conditioning done in bulk from a young age

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    Hack to flavour your baby chino -
    you can add vanilla and caramel syrup and other syrups to your babychino for free.

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      My app says you gotta pay for these. Only thing free is extra chocolate powder, sugar or sweetener

  • A bit of a tedious process to buy one at a time but does seem to work. Perhaps get staff to give the 5 babycinos to all the kids in the restaurant? Good deed for the day.

  • Upvote for your effort in being a cool dad

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    Hack: change location via phone gps to a different McDonald's, order your 5 babychinos and check in, get order number etc. Then change it back to the McDonald's you are at and order your free coffee.

    Saves the stigma of collecting them and the social awkwardness of telling the barista not to make it.

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      Anyone know a store that does 70c or cheaper babycino?

      • Blacktown probably does

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      I think a true ozbargainer would take them anyway… that being said. I now see a competition to see what the cheapest store in Australia is :)

  • Thanks, OP, for the hack.

    When you order 5 Babycino's from the McDonald's app for $4.25 this fills up the "Buy 5 Get 1 Free" app loyalty reward.

    Just to be sure: Does this mean I have to start with zero stamp, or any number of stamps? (I already have 2 stamps)

    • If you already have 2, just order 3 babycinos.

      Edit: but looks like you don't get stamps anyway

  • Great Deal ! Thanks OP !

  • Does a large ice mocha come with two espresso shots?

    • If you click on Customise, it should show you how many shots and let you add more.

  • No stamps yet

  • I had one stamp and ordered 4 and nothing???

    • I find you don't get stamps if the coffee is part of a special offer.

  • Wynyard (Sydney CBD) - $0.75 x 5 = $3.75

    Could update the title to say "from $3.75"

  • +1

    I like the idea but it seems to be the price one would actually expect to pay at a major fast "food" enterprise. Of course I don't drink coffee normally so my gauge differs.

    I like their chai lattes but only when the $1 promos are on. $2 would still be a deal if I was having a withdrawal. $3.50 and above triggers my psychological threshold of expectation (I can't buy bananas and tomatos for over $6/kilo, let alone the $12/kg post flooding and cyclones).

    I'll be happy when the $2 sausage egg McMuffin deal ends. Just in case there's something strange in them. It's strange the egg normally only costs 5 cents more??

  • Failed. I ordered 2 babycinos, 1 flatwite and 1 capucino via loyalty reward this afternoon, and I just checked my loyalty reward but filled only 2 stamps up :( I think not all Mcdonalds give a stamp for babycino.

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    I thought of this a few weeks ago. I ordered a babychino but found out it doesn’t count towards the free coffee. Also tasted terrible btw.

    • That's good to know.

    • I also contacted McDonald support and it's been a month they still didn't credit a "stamp" for that purchase. Wasted my money.

  • Fake news, it does not count towards free coffee!

  • Lol… Babychino at Blackburn VIC is 70cents. This is bloody good find OP!

    edit: Sorry I have not ordered 5 babychinos at Blackburn. Not sure if it works - please disregard

  • +1

    Hmmm does @MJ1 work for McDonald's and this was simply a way for them to screen where Ozbargainers live across the nation and to see how many babycinos they could sell over the weekend due to a surplus of milk across the chain!?

    All these babycino purchases and no stamps towards free coffees, I think Ronald is an undercover member and quickly updated the app to not include babycino towards stamps…well played Ronald!! lol

    …obviously tongue in cheek reference @MJ1 affiliation to McDonald's

  • Hack has been closed. They probably used to add to the loyalty reward, but seems now it doesn't.

    • +2

      I tried it a number of weeks ago and it didn't work.

    • +2

      After 13-15 hours, my stamp finally shown up! :)

  • Ordered mine babychino at 7:40pm. No stamps yet. Reported this via app - will share with you their response.

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    To avoid this BS. I just usually end up tacking a mccafe drink (I love the frappe) onto my meal instead of the usual soft drink. Usually gives me a stamp.

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    Macca's is the WORST coffee ever!

    How can normal people honestly feel good about paying for their shite coffee?? It aint even cheap!

    • @bunsen
      curious, wheres the best place to get coffee in Sydney then?

      • +1

        That’s all debateable of the best place

        Unless you are an extreme coffee snob 7/11 has
        a pretty decent and consistent coffee

        And only $1

      • +1


        Any cafe serves a better coffee & pretty much the same price…

        'Bogota' on Botany rd Mascot used to be my usual.. Can't say i've had a terrible coffee @ any cafe, unlike Macca's which is shite wherever u go.. I'd rate the 7/11 coffee better & as @J5 says, there only $1 there or $2 for a large iirc…

        • not sure what planet you live on where 7/11 coffee trumps maccas

          • @PAOK11: Anywhere in Sydney! Every time I've had a maccas latte it's been so hot & watery…

  • Did not work

  • Dear XXX

    Following up with your phone call with Grimace.

    Our team have credited you with the 5x stamps you were missing out on.

    Unfortunately, babychinos do not credit a stamp on our application.

    As the terms are unclear on the app, we have given you the stamps to apologise, and our Team will now be making the terms much more clear.

    Thank you,


  • Ordered 2 babycinos from Hoodle St (VIC) maccas. 72 hours lateer and still no stamps. YMMV

  • This seems too complicated from the drive thru

  • +1

    No longer available. Doesn't count towards stamps.caused alot of confusion and delays in the drive through today…

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