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$10 Roasted Salted Cashews + Delivery @ Nuts About Life


Hey guys, my name is Saeed, Director at Nuts About Life Australia (

We have just launched our first Easter Special, $10 for a kg of Roasted Salted Cashews!
We're proud to offer these and as you guys have been such incredible supporters of our humble little family brand we want to say thank you!

No code necessary however shipping is an additional charge, there is no maximum a customer can order and we only have strict quantities available!

If anyone has any questions I would be glad to assist,

Kind regards always,


Update: use code for further discount:
TAKEE10 - 10% off total
FREESHIP - Free shipping for metro areas above $100

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  • No shipping to QLD (Brizzy)?

    Nvm looks like the shipping calculator is a bit buggy worked after a few tries.

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    Ordered 2kgs for $23.93 delivered to Melb. I’m a bit nuts about nuts so will report back on how nutty they are.

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      Have you ever tried Costco cashews? Kirkland are the best cashews available in Melbourne, i had upto date.

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    Shipping to BRISBANE:
    Parcel Post $10.72
    Express Post $16.13

    Not worth it if you're only buying 1 bag.

  • Thanks ordered 2kgs will test them out

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    So these Australian nuts or from China? Import nuts packed in Aus or packed over seas, not much of a description we are all still waiting an answer.

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      No cashews for you! Next!

  • Thanks, ordered 4 KG delivered for $41.93

    • Think Im gonna do the same. So it will be about $12.75 for me per kg delivered.

      Not sure how I'm gonna finish 4kg of cashew by myself but if I'm eating that instead of maccas or M and Ms for late night snack I might even end up healthier lol

  • soo whats the shelf life on 11kg of peanuts

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    Not sure the $10 postage makes it worth buying. I can get a 1kg bag of cashews from Aldi for less than $20 and I don't really need more than 1kg at a time.

    Also, have the shipping estimator BEFORE you have to enter personal information. This is why I have a dummy email address to prefill this kind of stuff. Makes no sense because you annoy the customer and I fill your database with junk information that's of no use to anyone.

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    cashrews place of origin?

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    Good deal Saeed

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      If you know a where to buy Aussie grown cashews for $12 per KG you should post it as a deal, they would be VERY popular…

      I'm surprised you made an account here just to post bullshit…

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      This looks like a bad troll, do you have anything which can substantiate your claims that these are cheap nuts laced with fertilizers? Where did u get this $2 figure from? Show me where you are getting roasted Cashew nuts for $12 a kg which are sourced in Australia and doesn't have any fertilizers?

      I have been using these guys for many years now and their product is simply superior, I used to buy all my nuts from Costco earlier but nowadays I don't bother and stock up when these guys throw any special. They are usually cheap when on specials especially their organic seeds and most importantly they are high quality so they are good value not just cheap.

      I don't have any association with these guys, just a happy customer!

  • Is this legit? Or will I get burnt cashews just like the recent coffee bean promotion?

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    Bought 2 kilos,used the 10% 0ff , and with postage charge to Melb of $5.90, cost me $23.90 for 2 kilos of ,hopefully tasty, cashews.Bargain.

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    Purchased 5 KG. Hopefully, they are crunchy and good tasting.

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    grabbed 4kg of the roasted salted cashews, a kg of walnuts, 500g of almonds and some 10 commandment 1kg mix thing my mum wanted.$86 shipped - not bad.

  • OP or is it Emma?

    I haven't a dispatch notice and it's coming up to 24hrs or any other communication apart from I've paid for it.

    Order# 4013

    • Even I email then yesterday to cancel my order but they dispatched today 😟

      • That's a bit shite.

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          Have you actually read the comments above?, it's been stated a few times these nuts are from Vietnam, the same as the majority of the cashews sold in Coles and Woolworths ;)

          How about you supply a link to these $12 per KG Aussie grown nuts you "claim" we can buy? Woolies and Coles certainly don't have them, even with gift card discounts and such…

          (Edit: The cheapest woolies cashews appear to be over $22 per kg, and they're not Aussie grown)

      • Well I got an email this morning, I'm assuming they either read my post or are just realising they can't hit their "24hr dispatch" guarantee and letting people know.

        Bit disappointed that they didn't think they'd get Ozbargain'd I mean seriously… $10 1kg Cashews… Who isn't going to jump on that!

        Bit weird all emails I've had from them down from Emma at even though the signature name is completely different.

        • +1

          I ordered 11kg of mixed products at about 4pm on Monday, they were shipped at 10am today (Wed), at first it bugged me a little but considering they don't pre-pack the products and they pack them after you place an order it's understandable they can't stick to their shipping guarantee at times like this…

          My previous orders have always shipped within a couple of business hours, and their previous deals posted on here haven't been anywhere near as popular…

          It seems to be a family owned business and "NSM Food Wholesalers" appears to be the parent company:

          Emma and Saeed seem to be the grandkids:

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            @FLICKIT: Nice investigation.

            Not complaining.

          • @FLICKIT: In any case,the packets must have a use by date.

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              @Dave Id: Says best before April 2020.

      • Accidental double post.

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    Guys anyone can send the referral to get $ 10?

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        Are you the same guy?

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    nice quick postage, tasty cashews, zip lock packaging
    thanks ;)

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    Ordered yesterday and arrived today. Cashews are fresh and tasty. Thanks!

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    Two days delivery to the bush. Pretty good.

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    Really yummy thanks

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    Got mine today, Totally delicious!

    However my order is missing an item, not ticked on the invoice and an empty sealed bag…

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    Received ours today. Cashews taste great. Delivery was quick. Should add packaging is brilliant as well comes in quality resealable bags and had a good chuckle reading all the nutty stuff written on the box.

    Overall very happy will be back. Cheers OP :)

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      Yeah got mine. Nice packaging.

      I've only tried the cashews, and I'm actually impressed. Much nicer than the coles or even nobbies salted cashews (which frankly I find too oily from added oil, and a bit too salty). The sale is fine and light, and they are not oily.

      • Got mine. They are average. Not sure if there aged stock or not.
        For the price still was good deal. Would buy again at 10 as it's rare to get best this price

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    Forgot to comment. The packaging was really nice.

    Mine came in a large sturdy box with the cashews packed in nice individual resealable packages.

    But the cashew itself, quality was not bad but I think abit inferior to the ones I got from woolies when they were on sale. Less crunchy and tasty.

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      Odd. I liked them more as they were lighter salted (powdered salt) and not oily. They were imho healthier.

      Those wasabi almonds they do are frigging awesome. Just magic.

      The peanut paste is fantastic. I didn't like the ABC paste but more as it was what it was. Just too mild a taste. I was just seeing what it was like. Never had it before.

      • I guess we just have different taste but you maybe right it probably healthier. The woolies ones were crunchier and more salty.

        Didn't realize that had Wasabi almonds. Would Have bought them. Were they on special?

        • No, not on special, but the price was still comparatively cheap to standard coles / woolies almonds, I thought.