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Discounts on All Apple Mac Including Custom to Order (CTO) from $50 - $300 off + $1 Shipping (Excludes iMacs) @ Pentagon Digital


Hello OzBargain Community,

I've got a small business (Apple Authorised Reseller) in Melbourne 3127 and I've been trying to create a deal since the past week which would actually make a useful bargain. I hope you guys see some value in this post. First time poster so please be kind.

We are offering discounts on all Apple Mac. Yes INCLUDING CTO's

Below are some coupon codes

100OFF - $100 off when total amount is greater than $2000
150OFF - $150 off when total amount is greater than $3000
200OFF - $200 off when total amount is greater than $4000
250OFF - $250 off when total amount is greater than $5000
300OFF - $300 off when total amount is greater than $6000

Shipping is
* $1 Australia wide for Macbook Air, Macbook Pro 13 & 15 and Mac Mini
* $49 for all iMacs
* Click and Collect from store

You could pay via Bank Transfer - No extra charges

If you are after something else or are having any issues with the website, you can comment below or PM me

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  • +15

    Title read so good until I found out it’s less than 5% off.

    • +23

      I am pretty sure no other retail store gives a $1 off on custom build Mac's.

      • +3

        Student prices through apple directly?

  • +2

    Thanks for the post. But JBHIFI and HN usually have 10% off for mac plus cashback. Does CTO means you can add your name on the computer?

    • +8

      I am well aware of that. But this one includes custom builds mac. JB, HN, TGG none of them do for custom macs.

      • Is there any discount for accessories? I'm planning to buy a band for my apple watch and a HDMI adapter for my macbook. Seems accessories rarely have discount.

        • I can try and source you something. Please pm me what are you after.

      • +3

        Having worked at a JB HiFi, I can confirm that JB can do deals on CTO Apple Mac computers. Discount is dependent on cost price of device ordered, so you have to pop in and speak to one of the IT staff and ask for a deal.

        • +1

          Which from memory was up to 10% off, regardless of whether they had a current sale on (source: I bought a 15" MBP Retina in '12 via CTO)

  • +7

    This is good for those wanting a do a custom build, like 16GB RAM on a 13-inch MacBook Pro.

    • +21

      @Hybroid - We are the oldest apple authorised reseller in all of Australia. It was established in 1981. I certainly am passionate and keen to go out of the way to help fellow ozbargainers here.

      • +4

        Can also verify for Pentagon, I've worked in retail for over 8 years and I (Dick Smith before it fell over, now Officeworks) prefer to use Pentagon for Mac repairs and servicing than apple themselves.

        Although I think it's now under a new manager/owner, but if OP could clarify just incase I am wrong!


        • +8

          Correct. We get repairs from JB, HN, OW. All our service technicians are apple certified and all repairs are covered under apple warranty. Also you don't need an appointment,you can just walk in.

    • +3

      If you’re worried about whether or not Pentagon is a legitimate business, I can vouch for them. Bought plenty of products from there in the past. The purchase process just isn’t as fast or as slick as buying through a major retailer online (e.g. you’ll probably have to pay via bank deposit).

      • +1

        I'm aware they're a legit reseller and they're even listed on Apple's site. I would have no problem popping into the shop and buying Apple products or going there to get an authorised repair done. However, I would not be comfortable putting in a $6,000 order with them awaiting it to be delivered and the latter part of your comment confirms that.

        • +2

          Its really hard to give free shipping + discounts + credit card payment. I've tried and given the first two. Credit card fees takes a big portion of our profit margins.

          We are 100% legit. I'm in it for the long run. I spent nearly 2 weeks to setup the products and get ecommerce part of the website up and running. I believe in Karma and wont be able to sleep peacefully running away with anyones money.

          • @neelsaraiya: Thanks for clarifying and you do seem to be quite passionate and customer focused which is great to see. Wish you all the best and will definitely pop in if I'm ever passing by!

            • @Hybroid: Please do come and say Hi. We love meeting new people. Neel

  • +5

    Getting a discount on CTO is rare, and Pentagon's been around for years…

  • +2

    Been waiting 5 years for a good deal again such as this one on Mac https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/150885. I bought 2 macbook air in 2014 with ~%40 off rrp and still have it till today. Gotta miss good old ebay mega deal.

  • JB can offer 5% discount. I know because I used to offer it

    • -2

      Not on a custom build, they don't even have custom builds.

      • +4

        They do actually. Source: used to work for JB.

  • Pentagon have been around for a while, so no 'trust' issues as such. Myer used to do 10% off CTO although that being said they are exiting the apple reseller business.

  • +1

    How’s Helmut these days?

    • +1

      Helmut is good and healthy. Still going strong.

  • +1

    5% off is not attractive at all given JB Gifi and the Good Guys regularly do 10% off and you can easily get 5% gift cards as well. For CTO machines, it's really not that special… just go for the upper range if you want better specs.

  • Any chance of doing a 10% discount on iPads?

    • 10% is not even our cost price. PM me what you are after and I can tell you what I can do.

  • Op mention 'useful bargain'. Sorry, not a bargain.

  • Probably a dumb question. Can I add additional memory and /or processing power to my Macbook air?

    • +1

      There are no dumb questions. Certainly can on most models. PM me the serial number and I can confirm for you.

      • early 2015 macAir

        • There’s not really a way to add or upgrade the processing power (CPU) on the 2015 MacBook Air. Sadly the RAM is soldered to the board too, so that can’t be upgraded (short of replacing the entire logic board which would be $$). You can, however upgrade the solid state drive inside it to increase storage capacity.

          Pentagon, at least when I worked for them many years ago weren’t in the habit of ripping off customers. I’d feel perfectly comfortable giving them a deposit.

          Does Helmut still have his purple BMW 735iL?

  • Good to see a discount on CTO (rarely happens), however buying via the education discount is still cheaper if you are eligible for it

  • I was just wondering, why do you charge $320 to get 16gb of ram for the Macbook Pro whilst Apple themselves only charge $290?

    • Could be a mistake. Which machine is this for?

      • Macbook pro 13 inch no touch bar

        • I've just had a look at the apple website and it is $320. You could be on the US website or looking at educational pricing

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