Received a Note on My Car Claiming My Car Hit Theirs at Shopping Centre

Hi everyone.

Yesterday I parked my car in Westfield Hornsby and when I went back to my car after shopping, I saw a note left on my car windscreen by a lady saying that it appears that my car have hit her car and she had taken a few photos, asking me to call her back to discuss.

There was no problem when I parked my car but after seeing the note, I went around to check on my car again to make sure. Since I did reverse parking, if I accidentally hit her car, my car's back should got some dent or scratches or at least some signs of damage but there was nothing. I never experienced this before so I really need your advice on what should I do. I really think of ignoring the note, because if her car really got hit, why didn't she wait for me?


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    She bumbed your vehicle and is trying to bully you into paying for the damages.

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    Give her a call with your number hidden.

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    sounds like bullshit. ignore.

    how would she know it is your car that hit hers?

    she saw you? then why didn't she approach you?

    take lots of photos of car. close up around the area that should have been the impact.

    she has insurance, she has your rego. she should let her insurance sort it out.

    oh wait, premiums. "let's sort this out between us"

    sort of sounds like a scam.

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    Call and tell her you're a Nigerian prince, you just need her bank details to transfer the fortune.

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    If you didn't hit her then I'd ignore the letter. Presumably someone hit her car and drove away and then you've parked in that space. She has seen the damage to her car and automatically blamed the adjacent parked car.

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      If you didn't hit her then I'd ignore the letter.

      That's some pretty flippant advice, what if they did and weren't aware of it?

      Presumably someone hit her car and drove away and then you've parked in that space.

      Or in a more believable scenario, OP did hit her car and didn't know, she then returned to her car and noticed it.

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    Ignore it but keep the letter for the next 6 months. Take a squillion photos of your car panels today if not earlier and save them to separate backed up folder for easy finding if required.

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    What and where is the damage to her car? I would be dealing with the car park for footage and dealing with your local police station to get things on the record.

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    Call her from a private number.

    Tell her you got her note. Don't tell her what car or make up a different coloured/make car.

    Let us know what happens next. I suspect this note is left on many cars to collect "settlement".

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    As others have said, just ignore

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    Sounds like a scam.

    Ring her up and ask her for her insurance details.

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    ignore it if you believe you didn't do it, onus is on them

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    One day One post newbie?

    Why do they post here, its nothing to do with bargains, whats the game?

    • Maybe they've never heard of Whirlpool. But it is in the forums, so that would seem an appropriate place to ask.

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        Damn. I fell for this sh!t again. Bad TB bad TB.

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      these sort of posts are really common though.

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      Another one post wonder…
      There should be limitations on forum posts for new accounts.

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      This is the 'forum' section of Ozbargains, that's why she posted here (duh).

      Part of the appeal/value for this type of website is the ability to seek, and receive, advice.

      Have a bit of tolerance, and provide some assistance.

    • A lot of these "newbies" are likely long serving members creating an alt account in case their question backfires epically.

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    If i was you, i will just ignore it.

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    Call and ask for her details as the Police want to contact her about leaving the scene.

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    Report it to the coastguard

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    Dont give out address or show number when calling

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    My daughter had this happen too. Was a scam, nothing happened. Ignore it.

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    Report the incident to the police as a possible case of extortion/blackmail

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    I think someone hit her car but the person who hit her car has now moved the note to someone’s else car I have seen this happen and who has the note replies to the note is accused of doing the damage. When you ring her ask for your rego number of your car if this is incorrect advise her to report it to the police and say you rang her after receiving the note the police should check with the owner for the car who hit her.

    • If she confirms it is your rego, ask for her rego and personal details too, as you are concerned this is some form of extortion, and you want to report this matter to Police … who can confirm there is no damage to yours, and can check if there is car park camera footage available. Ps. Ask her where the supposed damage is to her car and yours. As far as I am aware if there are no witnesses or camera proof there is no case to claim.

      The writer should know if another vehicle was struck or not when he parked! That part concerns me.

      I returned to my white car in a public car spot once to find substantial damage to my driver's side, rear of vehicle. Very obvious so would not have been done previously! Vehicle parked next to me then (not there before) was a battered up white work ute. Rough spoken woman driver then returns, noticing I am looking concerned at my vehicle damage and looking around at nearby cars too. Without asking says well, it wasn't me. She did look very pressed; angry. I couldn't do anything about it, no matter how suspicious I was; I had no proof.

  • Lots of posts saying to ignore her, or that it is a scam.
    I'd be interested what those people would do if it was their car that was damaged?

    • Quite possibly is a scam, which is why I think Police should be notified. If true I feel sorry for the owner if car is damaged, but I don't think there is much that can be done without proof. One should not accuse another without proof. See my note above yours.

      I also came out of a shopping centre once, returned to car parked (disabled spot) close to main doors and atm machines. A shopping trolley sitting angled over on my bonnet. Busy spot with people walking in and out of centre. Of course no one saw anything, centre management and bank would not offer any assistance either when I asked about video footage. What can one do when you have no evidence? People can be crap. I never parked there again.

      All you can do is try to minimise risk and park as far away from other cars as is possible. I tell P plater son to do the same, and I know he does, to reduce possibility he may scratch another's car. He has seen how upset I have been when others have damaged mine and not been honest enough to leave a note.

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      Call my insurance company like any regular person would?

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    scam, if there is no damage to your vehicle report it to police,

  • Ignore the message.
    Incident was on private property. No witnesses.
    And of course OP claims he did not do the damage.
    Throw the paper away and chill out.
    She cant even get in touch with you UNLESS you call her.
    Then she will just harass you.

    Just throw the message away and forget about it

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    What should I do?! POST IT ON OZBARGAIN & don't go to the Police! Muppets, seriously!

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    Thanks for all of your advices.

    • Just remember OP, when you come to OzBargain for advices, it's not that hard to give… the wrong advices.

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        I thought of that too when I heard ‘advices’ … classic…

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    Years ago, I had an old Torana, a bit dinged up - purchased that way. I did some work at a party, and a couple of weeks after a couple of cops ended up at my door.

    They stated I had hit and run a car at this location, and had found paint apparently matching my car on the car which was damaged. Looking at my car with damage on one front wing backed this up.

    Then they said they had the smoking gun - a Torana SL badge.

    Sadly for them, I pointed to the Torana S badge on my car.

    Off they went, tail between their legs.

    Not really related - just thought someone might like this story.

    As to OP - avoid - sounds like a scam or they are just trying it on to see if you fold.