[Scam] Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum $225.49 Delivered @ Paulascarlet eBay

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Found this while searching for one for my sister after owning mine for a while.
PSU code is the same as mine and it's super cheap. Not sure why.
We ordered one.

$204.99 + GST.

Mod Note: Purchase at own risk. There are a few discrepancy with the eBay listing (appears that the listing are using Gearbite images and description). Subtitle also has "Ship from Melbourne" but item is located in China.

Mod 1/6: Moved to forums as a scam, the seller now has majority negative feedback, hidden their feedback and are no longer selling items. Comments below indicate that users received a fake tracking number and no item. For those who purchased, ensure you file a PayPal dispute for item not received immediately, if you have not done so already.

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eBay Australia paulascarlet


  • Hey Im wondering if seller provided a real tracking number? Or provided everyone with the same one.
    Mine is UI2486xxx59CN (The x's ive just censored in case the tracking status ends up beingin "Delivered to <my real address>")

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    Anyone see the new one on Gearbest $299 Flash Sale — 360 S5 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner with LDS Laser Navigation - White
    Whats the difference


    • This is not the xiaomi S50. Looks like just copycat.

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    seems like the tracking info was fake! states delivered (signature not required)

    • Damn. How do they get the shipping company to fake it?

      Also. What did eBay say when you contacted them?

  • just did a paypal dispute that i havnt recieved it, will be interesting to see what they say as technically the seller has provided a tracking number that shows delivered!

    might have to go through the credit card

    • Where does it show it was delivered? on the ebay site?

      This is what mine shows up as…

      I dont really want to have to wait till 20th june to start the dispute :(

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    Hi all

    I just put through a report on the listing itself, and reported the user (and the other user linked earlier with similar activity) to ebay through their chat feature. The agent did not seem to understand the situation well, but assured me it would be properly investigated.

    I think all of us who purchased this item can be pretty confident now that it's a scam. I would suggest doing a similar thing that I have done, ebays help area is terribly setup but once you are in the chat feature, saying 'report a scam' will get you through to someone. You can also still report the listing, by going through your history.

    I was told by the agent that this listing is covered under the buyer protection. That said ebay/paypal will stand to lose a significant amount of money if the seller has managed to extract the funds so I won't be confident until the refund is processed.

    Good luck to everyone here!

  • Anyone had any luck in getting a refund yet or are you needing to wait until June for the dispute also?

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      I have got the refund from Paypal today. It is total waste of time

      • How did you open a dispute? I am asking this because the seller marked the item is shipped so I cannot open the dispute until the delivery date which is 13 June 2019.

        I will be much appreciated if you can kindly inform me of the steps to get a refund from Paypal.

        Thank you

        • You need to file a dispute with eBay, not PayPal. You can use their live chat ti talk to someone at eBay about it.

    • Got the refund today for paypal. No harm done apart from 2 minutes to buy and 3 minutes to dispute :)

      • Thanks for letting me know, hopefully i can get the same. Did you need to wait for it to update to showing delivered? Mines still in "Transit"

        • Sorry for the late reply, have not been watching the thread.
          No, I didn't need to wait for delivery.

          Hope you get your refund soon.

          • @ashmail: No problem, thank you for even writing back :) I launched a dispute about a week ago so its also pending investigation with them. Hopefully i can get a refund due to being scammed.

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              @davohatcher: How do you open the dispute?

              Mine says "Your item is on its way It looks like the item is on its way and should arrive by Jun 12, 2019. If you don't receive it by then, please contact the seller or come back to us so we can help you."

              • @ozizoy: The refund went back to my account yesterday, i launched the dispute it paypal resolution centre. Weird thing was they said the seller actually responded telling me to wait until June.

  • same problem with PaulaScarlet here as well…tracking number showed it was delivered on CHINAPOST. But Ebay Tracking still not updated.

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