Bought a Used Car. Questions about Driving It Back to Home

Hi guys, I have bought a used car from a private seller. Whats the law/rule about driving it back to home and also to the Vicroads office for registration? Do I have to get any temporary permission? And also what about the insurance? I will be driving quite a distance to bring it home? If I want to be covered for that would I be able to get insurance now, before it gets registered under my name?
Thanks in advance.


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    Yep, well at least in SA, you need to sign the transfer of ownership on the rego certificate that the current owner has, and then you’ve got 14 days to get that into a Service SA centre to officially transfer ownership into your name, for a fee. As for the insurance, yes definitely ring your insurer and give them the details of the car before you pay for it or transfer ownership, you can always cancel within 30 days and get your money back if the sale falls through, and that way you’re covered as soon as you get in and drive it home.

    I would imagine that something similar applies in Vic, but I can’t speak for that specifically sorry.

    Sounds exciting, what sort of car are you buying?

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    Years ago I used to obtain a 'cover note' when purchasing cars, but it seems its something no longer used:

    I suggest speaking with your insurance company and obtaining cover after purchase but prior to driving the car home.

    I knew a couple of guys who wrote off their car right after purchase driving home, so best cover yourself.

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    Not sure. The only time I have purchased a car was when I was out on the oil rig, so I organised an agent to pick it up for me. He looked after the paperwork.


      Why do need a car on an oil rig? lol

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        elgrande probably can't answer as he only has sporadic internet connection. but probably as a gift for his son is who graduating from a top sydney university


    In Victoria the seller needs to do a roadworthy so you can transfer it into your name. If it is unregistered you can get a permit that lets you drive it home and to the mechanic.

    You should also do the relevant PPSR and mechanic inspection, remember private seller cars are sold as is without any warranty.

    As for insurance, call around and see if you can still get cover notes. I didn’t think you could so you’ll have to insure it with the VIN.

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    Self driving cars can't come soon enough…


    You should (really, it is need) to take out your own insurance cover for the drive back. This should happen before you take the keys.

    If the sale falls through, exercise the cooldown period.

    The excuse of - but I just got the car - never works.


    In Victoria you are required to have a “Permit”.
    You can learn more/purchase one from Vicroads Permits

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