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Receive up to $140 Cashback on Selected Samsung EVO, PRO, EVO Plus & QVO SSD's from Selected Aust. Retailers @ Samsung


The terms are simple. Buy a qualifiying SSD product from the below computer stores before 16th June 31 August, 2019 and redeem your cashback within 28 days of purchase

Purchase period: 18 April — 31 August 2019
Redemption Period Deadline: 11:59 PM, Sunday, 28 September 2019 and 28 days from purchase

KAI SENG Computers (also known as FUTU Online or Shopping Express)
LANDMARK Computers
Wireless1 Parramatta

Redeem your cashback within 28 days of purchase. Redemption deadline 14 July 2019. Actual redemption date is May 1st. However the "purchase period" starts today, 18th April.

SSD Model Capacity Cashback Value
970 PRO 1TB $50
512GB $30
970 EVO 2TB $85
970 EVO Plus 2TB $85
1TB $35
500GB $22
860 PRO 4TB $140
2TB $70
1TB $40
512GB $25
860 EVO 2.5" 4TB $100
2TB $50
1TB $22
500GB $17
860 EVO M.2 2TB $50
1TB $22
500GB $17
860 QVO 4TB $80
2TB $35
1TB $20
  • Redemptions require a valid serial number
  • Cashbacks done via EFT to Australian bank account
  • Eligible Claimants should allow twenty-eight (28) days from the date their claim is deemed valid by the Promoter for the EFT to be made to their nominated bank
    The Eligible Claimant may need to allow further time for the funds to be cleared by their bank

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  • +1

    Do you think that would include these retailer's Ebay stores?

    • +1

      Based on the past, yes. Bought from Computer Alliance eBay store before and claimed the cashback as the invoice is issued from Computer Alliance themselves.

      • +1

        To answer my own question Computer Alliance have cashback banners on their Ebay page, thanks.

  • +1

    ARGH so much better than the free game. just bought three SSDs……

    • Yeah I did the same. Sold 2 copies of Farcry.

      • You can sell them??! Why didn't I think of that.

        • Obviously you just hope you don't get stuffed on ebay with them, but I got around $20 each within a week.

  • +3

    Sounds good. Now I'll just patiently wait for someone to do the hard yards and find the best deals at each retailer.

  • Cashback wouldn't be voided by use of promo code and eBay store purchase? Can a rep confirm?

    • Not rep but I bought from computeralliance using a promocode and ebay gift card and got my cashback.

      You only need a tax invoice with ABN from a valid seller on the list and the serial number of the drive you bought

  • -2

    Gah I don't have time to search. If anyone finds a good 1 or 2TB M.2 SATA deal (I guess 860 EVO) please post it!

    • +2

      I talked about how to create good search alerts in a different post. Here is link to my comment

      Some search alerts that you can create based on a few simple keywords and options. Type these into search and then hit the "create alert" link

      Samsung EVO option:titleonly type:ozbdeal
      Samsung QVO option:titleonly type:ozbdeal cat:computing

    • +2

      It goes until 16 June. You have no spare time for nearly a month?

      • -3

        Im going away on holiday, so I would need to buy something now but I don't have time.

  • I just purchased one from budgetPC on eBay on April 9th, am I eligible? Also can I double dip with the game?

    • To answer my question, no.. only available for purchases from the 18th of April onwards :'(

    • Just received mine yesterday from futu online!

      • Ugh… That sucks man :'(

    • Yep, just bought on the 14th of April, sucks man.

  • +2

    This will bring 860 QVO 1TB down to $132.20 delivered!

    • Wow thanks !

    • -1

      That is starting to make them look appealing.

  • Last time they did this cashback it took closer to 2 months after initial approval for funds to be sent for me, but it did eventually come through.

    • The cash back last time was better yeah?

    • I got the cashback last time as well. Yes it took a while but it came through in the end.

  • Wow, 20% discount, cashback and a copy of Far Cry New Dawn. That's really a deal.

    • +3

      No double dipping. Far Cry deal is over.

    • The product purchase dates don't overlap so there's way you can qualify for both FarCry & Cashbacks.

  • Does this not work currently? I try to make a claim and there's no options under the drop down.

    Edit: Redemption period starts May 1 nvm.

  • -2

    Does the cash back worth with MSY?

    • +7

      Sorry but this deal doesn't apply to you. Only works for people who can read

  • Great deal! Thanks!

  • QVO SSD, I'll pass

  • +1

    Anyone having issues redeeming this? I'm getting "invalid serial number" errors.

  • +3

    Any one had issues claiming? I tried 2 hard drive I bought and keeps saying INVALID SERIAL NUMBER / IMEI for the box I enter in the 15 character serial number……I've tried eveything capitals, lower case, 0 as o and vice versa….

    • +2

      I'm getting the same

  • Frustrating, might try leave it a day and have another go. If anyone gets it working let me know…

    • I've emailed [email protected]
      I'll let you know what they come back with.

      • Having the same issue, please let us know when they get back.

        • Hi vinsanity, I posted the reply I got further down the thread.
          I've also tried again today and it's worked so give it another shot.

  • +1

    I would probably try to reach out to Samsung on their social media channels or their livechat

    Otherwise try again on another date (set yourself a reminder), I guess they might not have finished importing the relevant info into their DB.

  • +1

    Cool I've emailed [email protected] which is on the login page for redemption. Let you know what they say.

  • +1

    FYI to anyone trying this at the moment.

    Dear Customer
    Thank you for registering for the Samsung SSD Cashback 2019.

    We apologize for the inconvenience. We are currently having an issue at the registration portal but our Team is now working on in resolving this.

    May we request that you give it a try again by tomorrow.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding.

    Samsung Electronics Australia Pty Ltd

  • +2

    I just tried and withing 15 mins of submitting (attached copies of store receipt and picture of SDD SN) I got confirmation that my submission was approved.

  • I tried it yesterday and just now.

    Still not working - invalid serial #

    • Oh darn, try emailing [email protected]
      Good luck!

      • I will if it still isn't working tomorrow.

        You had any luck with yours?

        • I had two eligible drives that were also throwing invalid serial errors on the redemption site. Both went through fine about 15 minutes after JLCC posted that his worked.

          • @avian: I did have that problem as well as the site being useless.

            It worked tonight and has gone through now.

    • The serial number on the box for me was 14 digits and so invalid.
      The serial number on the actual drive was 15 digits and fine.

  • Something to be aware of if you're thinking of getting more than one.

    Maximum Eligible Claims per Participating Product purchased One (1)
    Maximum number of Gifts per household Three (3)

    • I'm looking to buy 2 x Samsung 860 Evo 1TB 2.5" - does this mean that I can only claim 1 cashback?

      • I think so. I'm still waiting for mine put in May 1. No answer to an email I sent a couple of days ago. I hope I get it eventually.

  • +1

    Just submitted my claim without issue and received email confirmation of submission.
    No time-frame provided for validation this time, but says 28 days for payment once validated.

  • Got a confirmation about an hour after submitting today too. Great deal, nabbed a 2TB 860 EVO m.2 for $351 after cashback, ebay coupons & and shopback.

    • That's so tempting! I preordered a 970 Evo Plus 2TB for $645 but then I found out there's some supply issues so it may not even get here before the cashback promo!

      Out of interest which store did you get the 2TB 860 Evo from?

  • Seems like there is another issue claiming this redemption , won't accept my serial number , it's 15 characters and I got it straight off of the drive and samsung chat have confirmed it is valid.I have emailed the RMS support and waiting for reply.Anyone else still experiencing this issue ?

    • Same.
      Sent an email to promos.au 2 days ago then got a reply to redirect me to RMS.
      I heard nothing from rms so far.

  • Still not working =( just sent an email….

  • +1

    Has anybody actually heard back from Samsung? I'm not risking my cashback because their system sucks!

    • Haven't heard anything either…

      • They said they did something on the website but when I tried it was still no good.
        Then they asked for the serial numbers photos last week so I sent them the photos.
        I sent a follow up email yesterday and nothing from them as well…

        • Deliberately making it difficult I'm sure!

  • "Hi Lachlan,

    We are sorry to hear this!

    We have currently escalated this to our IT Department to resolve the Invalid Serial Number error.

    We apologise for the delay – please rest assured if you have a valid purchase you are still eligible for this promotion.

    We will contact you as soon as the issue is resolved so that you may lodge your submission

    Kind regards

    RMS Support"

  • +1

    Serial number on box and on drive itself had an extra letter. The drive had extra letter and box had a letter at the end missing. Website accepted the serial off the drive. 860 Evo SSD

  • Yeah started working for me.
    All validated and now just waiting for the CASHHHH

  • +3

    Its been 39 days since my claim was approved but I haven't received the money.
    Looks like they're not paying people when they're supposed to, just like last time.
    I've emailed them.

    • +2

      They replied stating the bank needs to verify account details and this may take another 1-2 weeks (already 1-2 weeks late).
      I've replied back that this is a breach of the T's & C's, and that the exact same thing happened in Jan, and that if they don't transfer the funds ASAP I'll be lodging a complaint with the ACCC.

      • +2

        I came here looking for this.

        Same issues here.

        I'll give them an email telling them much the same.

        First the stuff around with the serial not recognised, now this.

        All for $22 - I won't bother next time!

        And for the record, this is actually indicative of how they treat their customers in general (with warranties etc) so it's no huge surprise.

  • Trying to redeem, but just getting a mainly blank page with Samsung title and cart & search icons. Site issues or am I missing something?

    • reported to Samsung Chat.

    • Just made a claim. Submitted it without an issue.

  • Submitted 2 May 2019. Still haven't received my cashback even though it was verified and approved on the same day I submitted it

  • Got my redemption credit yesterday - took around 40 days in total (9 May - 19 June).

  • Serial number issue back again, drive is a 2019.6 so perhaps they just don't have newer serial numbers in the system yet… emailed them already.

    • +1

      Just got a reply that serials for recently made drives should work in July… A tad poor for a technology company, but never mind.

      • Well they were true to their word, tried again today and worked.

  • I'm still waiting for my cash back.

    edit: scrap that - just went back through my account and found it.
    The claim portal has not been updated though.

  • Extended again to 11:59 PM, Wednesday, 31 July 2019.

  • Anyone able to submit a new claim request lately? I'm stuck on the "Select Promotion" part after loggin in.

    • Did yesterday and got approved today, allow 4 weeks for payment I think it said.

      • Just out of curiosity, did you enter the serial numbers based on the box or the ssd itself? My serial numbers came in 14 digits but it's complaining it wants 15. I ordered the Samsung 860 Evo 1TB 2.5" SATA III - 6GB/s V-NAND SSD (Model no. MZ-76E1T0BW)

        • +1

          The box is missing a letter, look on the actual SSD label, it has 15 :)

          • +1

            @lachhelix: Thanks, now I'll need to open up the 10 laptop's I've installed these SSDs on to find the missing letters.

            • +2

              @frankfu1122: …and pop on your glasses as it’s tiny print!

    • Same here. There is no option to choose in the "Select Promotion" tab.

      • It seems to be working again today.

  • Has anyone tried processing their claims these in bulk? I purchased 10 in 1 order and would prefer to make only 1 claim for cashback rather than 10.

    • +1

      There is a limit

      Maximum Eligible Claims per Participating Product purchased One (1)
      Maximum number of Gifts per household Three (3)

      • Thanks. Sad news for me then :(

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