OzBargain Easter Treasure Hunt 19-22 April 2019. $3,000 of Amazon/eBay Gift Cards to Be Found!

Easter Treasure Hunt has been a recurring event at OzBargain over the last couple of years (2016, 2017 & 2018). We are now doing it again this year. Initially I was thinking of giving away some popular items from both Amazon and eBay Australia, as IMHO Amazon vs eBay was one of the main theme here in OzBargain last year. The problem is — the deals that were popular before are no longer on sale, and there's no way I am paying the RRP for prizes that were a lot cheaper a few months ago.

So to make things simpler, we will be giving away Amazon / eBay gift cards, and hopefully they will be useful for many Amazon & eBay deals here. They will appear as "treasures" on the site during the Easter long weekend (19-22 April). Claim it if you spot one!

Reveal the Gift Card!

The full list of prizes is:

Gift Card Value Quantity
Amazon AU Gift Card $100 5
Amazon AU Gift Card $50 10
Amazon AU Gift Card $25 20
eBay AU Gift Card $100 5
eBay AU Gift Card $50 10
eBay AU Gift Card $25 20

Total prize (if all claimed): $3,000. For $50 and $100 gift cards — you need to claim multiple parts in order to claim the prize at the end. Also try the treasure hunt market place if you are looking to trade pieces with other OzBargainers.

Amazon $100 Part 1 + 2

The official finishing time for the event is Tuesday 12PM, giving everyone a bit of time to swap pieces in the Marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the official starting time? I've gone through ALL the pages on OzBargain and can't find one!

The first item will drop on 19 Apr at 7:00AM. They do not hide in specific pages, rather whether the item appears on the page and which item appears depends on randomly generated "chance". That means sooner or later you'll come across one while browsing OzBargain.

Q: Who can participate?

Treasures will only show up to logged in OzBargain users. Moreover,

  • Users currently in penalty box will not be able to participate.
  • To combat possible ghost accounts, user accounts created after this post will not be able to participate either.

Q: Does treasure hunt work on mobile devices? What about adblockers?

It should work on mobile site and should not be affected by the presence of an adblocker.

Q: Where do treasures appear on OzBargain?

Treasures will appear on those pages:

  • Front page and New Deals page
  • Deal/forum post pages that (1) have 15 or more comments, and (2) last comment posted less than 90 days ago.

Treasures will appear in middle of deal listing or comments. You need to click on it within 15 seconds after the page is loaded to reveal the treasure. Click on "Claim This" to add it to your inventory, where you can keep at most 4 items.

Claim the Gift Card!

Q: I have claimed a treasure! When will my gift card arrive?

First of all, if it's the $50 or $100 variant, you need to make sure you have also claimed both parts (eBay $100 Gift Card (1/2) and (2/2) for example). Look for them, or see whether someone in the Marketplace are trading!

The official finishing time of the event is 23 Apr 12:00PM AEST and you will not be able to trade in the marketplace afterwards. I will then try to send gift cards to all the winners by the end of next week (26 Apr).

Good hunting!


  • Game finished. Winners — Please fill out the form in the market place, and the prize will come in a few days.

  • +7

    Another Easter I'll be ignoring everyone around me as I stare at my phone.

    Thanks Scotty, can't wait.

    • +2

      Thanks Scotty, can't wait.

      Kiss Arse!

      • +1

        Or he hates his family.

        • Yup, and itt turned him into a real Hardicus!

  • +2

    Happy Easter scotty and all the Ozbargain mods!

  • +2


  • The first item will drop on 19 Apr at 7:00AM

    0500hrs AWST?

    Q: Where do treasures appear on OzBargain? [Front page](Front page) and New Deals page

    This is pagist to those who only view Live..

    • Correct. I only check live page not others …..

  • I want ozbargain T-shirt!

    • +1

      Currently very low in stock. New version coming soon though — maybe next month.

  • -1

    Why not on live page….

    • +2

      Because jv will find them all.

  • +3

    These always make me feel so conflicted. Spending all day refreshing isn't very productive.

  • +2

    The problem is โ€” the deals that were popular before are no longer on sale, and there's no way I am paying the RRP for prizes that were a lot cheaper a few months ago.

    I expected nothing less from Scotty.

    • +1

      He should have just asked for brands to donate. Guarantee he gets emailed product offerings all the time.

    • +1

      Very proud of scotty.
      If scotty paid full RRP I would have disowned him.

  • +2

    Users currently in penalty box will not be able to participate.

    Aw, PJC can't play :(

    • I'm devastated.

  • +3

    Been looking for hours now with no luck…think I need a break.

    • Yeah same, and there are like 7 active

  • +3

    I'm not really clear on the format. Is the chance to find a treasure only the first time you load a specific deal or do you basically just refresh the same page with a chance of a treasure on every refresh?

  • +1

    What happens if we don't find the other half of the $50 or $100 rewards? Do we just lose it or?

    • Yes, that's what happened last year.

    • You will be able to trade pieces with other members in the marketplace.

      • Gotcha, what someone doesn't want to trade/no trading options are available?

        • Game over, one year I needed three pieces and eventually got them via trading

    • +2

      Yeah and it's like the McDonalds Monopoly where some pieces are more common.

      • Ahhh I see.

  • +1

    Very Generous of you Scotty
    Happy Easter

  • Where is everyone finding treasures? New/front deals page or within the deals amongst the comments.

    • 12 hours…nothing searching the front page and comments.

    • 2 in comments and 1 in deals

  • +1

    I've been hunting since 2016. Never found any egg. But then again, I never won in any competition in my life. So I'm not expecting much :')

    • I'm convinced some accounts have bad luck. Hubby got 4 treasures in a couple of hours, I've been looking all day yesterday and a few hours this morning and no luck. Tried different browsers, different phones, VPNs/not and even on hubby's phone and still no luck.

      Last year I had no trouble.

      • +3

        You should try my strategy: don't try at all.

      • Last night I had a dream of collecting 2 easter eggs (dead serious). It was good while it lasted :')

  • Good luck, everyone!

    • Not everyone can have good luckโ€ฆ

      • Fine… No good luck for anyone!

  • +1

    You should make them used Amazon cards for the lolz.

  • I have tried for the past 3 years but never seen the easter egg ever! Feel sad and unlucky :(

  • How does trading the treasure work? How do I make A listing?

    • Go here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/marketplace
      and toggle your prize(s) to "Trade on marketplace" then check later for offers.

      The good thing is you don't have to trade, so it's nice to use the toggle just so people can see what other people have.

  • Seems like treasure pieces are less contested this year.

    Last few years, they get snapped up so fast.

  • Could anyone please point me in the direction of where to see how many treasures are currently active?

  • Anyone know if there's a limit of 2 prizes/price pieces per person?
    Edit: Nevermind, I got a third.๐Ÿ˜‰

    • +4

      How? Refreshing same page or going through unique deals? I've never seen one of these pieces during any year, I'm almost convinced they don't exist ;)

      • From the OP,

        They do not hide in specific pages, rather whether the item appears on the page and which item appears depends on randomly generated "chance".

        My advice would be to check previous treasure hunts for tips in the comments. I won't give too much away!

  • Anyone know if you can still find treasures if you have 4 pieces already? If you find one can you drop one and pick it up?

    • You're right. I found a 5th and couldn't collect it unless I dropped one, so they still appear. 4 is the limit of prize pieces.

  • +1

    Happy Easter everyone! Just found my first treasure for this year(Amazon $25 GC)

  • Wow just found one, but need another piece! Can these be found on expired deals? :O

  • I just found $100 ebay, so if I trade with someone who also has $100 ebay do we make a join and get $50 each or do we essentially trade each others $100 ebay and end up the same as before.

    • From the op

      For $50 and $100 gift cards โ€” you need to claim multiple parts in order to claim the prize at the end.

      So you need more than 1 easter egg to get the prize. Best for you to trade the $100 gift card piece for a $25 gift card.

      • Wonder what the thought process was when coming up with the algo.

        That 50% of a $100 coupon can only realistically be traded for a $25 gift card.

        • +1

          If I've done my maths correct, there are 22 parts without a matching pair.

          There could be something like:
          15 x $100 ebay part1
          5 x $100 ebay part2

  • I just found a $25 ebay gift card. When i clicked the claim button i got a "ERROR: Invalid authentication token"

    • You have up to 3-4 minutes to "claim" it as it uses timestamp as part of authentication.

  • I'm excited!
    Hey scotty, I'm not seeing everyone's items on the marketplace. Is this a bug? :)

    • Heaps of items in the market place. Trading has been quite busy as well.

      • I haven't figured out how items get on the marketplace? I had thought treasures were automatically listed but looks like they aren't.
        Hoping to trade :D

      • Oh just spotted the toggle!

  • +3

    Thank you very much for doing this.

    I've graduated from bargain hunter to freebie gift card hunter.

  • Gave up looking and then randomly found two pieces within a few minutes of each other while just doing normal browsing on my phone. Weird, but I'll take it :) Thanks

  • I'm probably too late for this but this is awesome!!

  • +5

    All the pieces have been released in the wild. 4 have not yet been found/claimed. The hunt will still schedule to be finished by 12PM tomorrow, and for the winners (with at least 1 piece) you'll find a form in the marketplace page for email address to deliver the gift cards to.

    So far:

    • 56 users have claimed at least 1 piece, but 16 of them only had half of $50/$100 gift cards. They need to get them on the market to see whether someone is willing to trade those with $25 gift cards.
    • 39 items are currently in the market.
    • 24 trades have happened between users.
    • top winner is someone who claimed/traded part 1&2 of Amazon $100 AND part 1&2 of eBay $100.
    • Great game again scotty. That person who got both $100 cards got real lucky. The rare pieces were so rare to find and barely any reached the marketplace.

    • Thanks scotty - had good fun :) and thanks to the ppl that traded with me hehehe

    • Thanks for the fun Scotty.

  • I got both pieces for Amazon $100. I've listed them on market. I'd love to trade for the two eBay $100 pieces:) just trade both at once with me if you are interested

    • I have 1x 100 ebay

  • +1

    I got $50 Amazon (2/2).

    • +1

      thanks for the trade :)

      • No worries. Happy hunting

  • I have 1 x ( 1/2 ) $100 Amazon AU Gift Card for trade if anyone was willing to swap a $25 gift card :)

  • Will trade my $25 amazon for $25 ebay :)

  • +1

    Wanting to trade a Amazon $25 Gift Card for a Amazon $50 ( 1 / 2 ) :)

    • +1

      Thanks for the trade :)

      • +1

        Thanks so much!

  • Hey, a bit confused here! I successfully traded my $50 2/2 ebay card for a $25 Amazon card.
    Now, a few hours later I just got a notification saying the transaction was cancelled, however the Amazon card is still showing up in my treasures.
    Can you please let me know if I still have the Amazon card?

    • Yes, Amazon $25 gift card is in your account.

      • Awesome, thank you! Chuffed to have won something :)

  • +1

    Thank you Scotty!

  • I have just received my Amazon gift voucher,
    Thanks Scotty!

  • Got the Amazon gift card. Thanks!!

  • eBay gift cards coming tonight. The process is not as good as Amazon's…

    • Thanks! I've been eyeing off a listing.

    • Sorry make that "tomorrow". With eBay I have to put in orders individually for each gift card.

      • No worries, hoping I'll get it in time for an auction ending in a day.

  • Thank you, Scotty :)

  • +5

    Regarding eBay gift cards — it's still a work in progress. Basically comparing to Amazon, eBay gift card ordering is a mess.

    • Can't do multiple recipients. So I have to put in line items manually one after another.
    • You can't have the same item in the same order, i.e. cannot have more than one $25 eBay gift card in the same order. So ended up having to create multiple orders.
    • Asked the seller (paypal-digital-gifts) about bulk gift card options. It gave me a copy & paste message that didn't not even answer my question.
    • eBay stuffed up after 3 orders. Probably some fraud detection. Tried to pay an order with 10 gift cards (of different value & colour combinations), with PayPal first and then credit card — neither worked (with eBay generic error message "something goes wrong"), but under my order history now there are 20 cards with pending payment.

    Very frustrating. Might have to wait until Monday to see whether it gets cleared. I'm saying it here — Amazon is much much better.

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