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Apple iPad Pro 11" Wi-Fi 256GB Space Grey MTXQ2X/A $1,293.59 Delivered @ MediaForm eBay


Bought one of these last night with 7% off code “PRESS”.
Price reduced to $1285.59 after code applied.
You get additional 10% off with shopback upsized cashback. Reduced to $1157.03.
Eligible for TRS as well.

RRP $1449 @ Apple.com.au
Seems like the lowest price in the market for now.
For other models, please compare price first.

Original PRESS 7% off Eligible Items on eBay Deal Post

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    are these the new foldable iPads?


    • They sure are, watch Jerry Rig video

      • yeah i already pasted a link above

        Apparently Apple unintentionally came out with the first foldable tablet before samsung foldable phone.

        • Samsung always copying Apple…

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    Befriend a tradie for an instant write-off and GST refund.

    • How does this work?

    • Doesnt this also work for freelancers?

  • This or tab s4…

    • +3

      As much as I want the Tab S4, this just totally shits on it specs wise.

      Can get the 256gb Tab S4 for under $800 tho if you're patient… Still I'd be reluctant, Tab S4 reviews weren't amazing.

  • +2

    Shopback has 10% cash back on eBay?

  • +1

    $1,031.36 after 10% cashback, 7% discount, TRS

    • +1

      Can it be TRS?
      Comes with tax invoice?

    • How? I calculated $1100+

  • Does anyone know if this is Australian stock or grey import?

    • +3

      If MTXQ2X/A is really the code, then it should be Australian stock.

      • I had no idea! Thanks! :)

        • Doesn’t mean they won’t misquote, but you should ask them to confirm.

  • +1

    I have an 11" 4G. Love it!

  • These really need mouse support

    • +2

      You might be being facetious, but… little known fact, iPads actually do have mouse support.

      It's an Accessibility feature, and needs an additional hardware dongle to activate, but the system level software to use a mouse is there in iOS:


      The video shows a trackball being used, but any USB mouse will work with that dongle.

      Begs the question, though: if you're able-bodied and have a finger, or the ability to use the pencil for precision drawing, why do you need a mouse?

      • +3

        Not being facetious - genuinely thought they couldn't offer that support. I'd hardly call that support, though - it should natively support mouse input, there's no logical reason for it not to (but they don't want to eat into their MacBook division). Mouse input is far superior than touch. With all the power that iPad has, it could easily replace laptops allowing it to be great for productivity but iOS is too simplistic for such awesome hardware.

      • that looks like a lightning connector when the new ipad pro is usb-c?

  • I’m looking forward to macOS 10.15 if what they say is true. Being able to use your iPad as an extended monitor. I use Duet Display at the moment, and it’s sufficient, but a native implementation would be so much better.

  • +2

    Here is the link for 12.9 inch version for those who are interested.


    I like their shop (assuming they are genuine and can provide tax invoice). They don't inflate the price and if anything, they even offer cheaper than Apple shop price on eBay (very hard to find these days on eBay). They sell their 12.9 inch 2018 version with 256GB for $1668 instead of the RRP $1749.

    Also for those who wonder the legitimacy of the shop, I believe i found their standard website (below), they seem fine?


    I managed to use my eBay 10% voucher ($600 worth), 10% via Shopback and PRESS 7% code….it worked out to be around $1336, if i manage to get TRS, then it will be around $1200……i think i did well :)

  • +1

    As a owner of a (5th gen) 9.7-inch budget iPad, all I can say is if you are just going to be using the tablet for browsing the internet, watching YouTube and the occasional photo editing, the cheapest iPad is more than enough.
    The iPad ‘Pro’ models as their name suggests are mainly made for ‘professionals’ or anyone who wants the big screen size.
    I find it difficult to justify spending the $1000+ for a general use tablet.

    Some may think the more powerful internals will last longer, therefore the cost is justified.
    I would say you will save more money by either upgrading (by selling your old tablet on the used market) and purchasing the new budget iPad model, or holding onto your current iPad (provided it is the last gen model).

    There has never been a moment when I thought my current iPad is lacking in performance / speed, and I expect it to be this way even a few years later.

    I traded in an iPad Air and got the 5th gen iPad for around $300 2 years ago. This is a reasonable price for such a device (for most people).

    • Very true for most users.

      I currently have an iPad Mini 4, and am tossing up between the Mini 5 and the Air 3.

      The cheapest 9.7" iPad is OK, but for me having a laminated screen plus the bonus of the latest processor for gaming is worth the extra money over the base model.

      I agree, the cost and features of the Pro line are not justifiable at all for someone that uses their iPad purely as a content consumption device.

      • iPad mini 5 and iPad Air 3 internal specs are identical (also both laminated screens).
        Your decision will rest on screen size (if you think it is worth the extra cost).
        I personally think iPad mini 5 is better value and iPad Air 3 is slightly over-priced (it could have easily been the 7th gen budget iPad).
        Just my opinion.

  • +3

    Saw this today at Binglee Sydney iPad pro 12.9 64gb wifi Display model $559


    Not sure if this is a good deal.

    • wow THAT is a good deal, I am guessing some one off special or ex showroom piece? would have snapped it at this price

    • Wow that is an amazing price!

      On another note, has anyone who bought this from Mediaform had theirs ship yet?

      • +1

        No. But they said guaranteed Monday with express ship and to me that's just poor form. If they're away they should at least put up a notice.

      • +1

        I bought one and followed up with an email and mine has shipped yesterday so it probably should be okay. I was getting a bit worried myself haha

        • What did you write. I bought one and it hasn't shipped yet but says guaranteed by this Tuesday.

          • @dmcneice: I just asked if I could get an update on whether my ipad has been shipped or not!

            • @Coobish: Mine was only marked as shipped this morning however I checked the tracking info and it was sent last Wednesday 24/4.

              It just arrived this morning.

  • There's no invoice for this. How can I claim GST?

    • Did it come with a tax invoice?
      On the delivery box?

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