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[WA] $10 Bucket of 30 Nuggets + 4 Sauces (via App) @ KFC


1 Week only
30 Nuggets for $10
Includes choice of 4 Sauces
Only available in participating WA Stores when ordering through the KFC App

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    Guess I'm eating nuggets the next few shifts

  • +2

    Ok but where's the Double Down, we want that back.

    • +4

      Personally I prefer the 9 for $9.95

      • I want the zinger pies back :(

        • We never had them in the West…

          • @albanyson: Yeah we did. It was only for a short while but we had them.

    • +8

      24 for 9.95
      30 for 10


    • +6

      I can let you know in a few months when supercomputer time becomes available.

    • +6

      6 extra nuggets for 5 extra cents…… Don't need to be the brightest spark around to work that out ;)

      • Profile pic is a Liverpool FC badge
        Enough said 😜

        • Unless you're a plastic man city fan, you shouldn't speak lol

  • I need 5 sauces !

  • Shame these taste terrible without the old sweet and sour sauce

  • +1

    Hopefully to other states too

    • yes why only WA get all the fun lol

      • +1

        Come on give us something. We miss out on way more deals compared to Eastern states.

        • thats true man - you can have this one :)

  • +2

    Beware… THORNLIE WA will charge $21.15 instead of $10. They do offer the promo, but it doesn’t apply the discount properly. So use another store (Livingston, Harrisdale etc.) instead… Thornlie’s sauce selection also acts differently for this product from the other stores. Talking from personal experience today… (30/4/2019)

    • You saw that before paying….

      • +2

        Yep, tried clearing shopping cart, tried various locations. And Thornlie WA has this $21.15 bug. Other stores don't (so I ordered elsewhere in the end). I also tried different payment methods (Paypal, CC etc.). Screen shot of the $21.15 potential charge here:

        $21.15 for $10 nuggets:

        So I purchased elsewhere (paid $10), not $21.15…

        Hope this helps [save] someone…

        • How weird is that. Good effort.

          • @albanyson: Yep, almost did the usual blindly hitting the 'pay' button, since it was $10 when adding to the cart. And I had cleared my cart.

            I didn't fancy the prospects of trying to get a $11.15 refund from KFC, my CC, or Paypal… But I'm sure someone will accidentally pay $21.15 for the 30 nuggets, by blinding tapping 'Pay now' & Confirming the order. Just a bizarre pricing bug by the looks of it :-(.

            I guess that's why they're testing the $10 bucket on WA, before rolling out to the rest of Oz!

    • Thanks for the heads up :)

  • These nuggets somehow have more protein than the ones i get from steggles. Pretty good!

  • Great deal, thanks.

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