Toyota RAV4 (2019) Discussion Thread

Just wondering if anyone else is looking forward to the new 2019 - RAV4?

Looks to be a very solid release and easily the best iteration of the RAV4 to date - especially the hybrid options.

With the impending release / availability later this month? thought there may be others in the same boat or at the very least interested.

I am aware that there is not much information of the Australian variants (model names / badges, pricing etc.) as of yet - but I really do hope we get an equivalent of the XSE (North America).

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  • No saturn blue for the edge?

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      More stupidly is the lack of white/silver for Edge, a car designed to go further off the beaten path

      • Graphite or atomic rush? Mate's thinking of getting one to replace his Lexus and I get to pick the colour.

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          • @spackbace: I knew I made the right choice :)

          • @spackbace: Is there an option to get rid of the orange trim inside?

              • @spackbace: Thanks.

              • @spackbace: Out of curiousity, if money wasn't an issue and you didn't get free cars from work , would you get a Rav4 over a Lexus? If yes, which model and in what colour?

  • @spacebace Hi, wondering if you have any info on the following… I ordered a petrol cruiser in july in Melbourne, production was October and i had a call from the dealer yesterday morning to advise they can deliver the car on Thursday (31/10). so i scramble to organize time off work, get a road worthy on my current car as i have sold this privately.. An hour later the dealer rings me back saying there is some compliance issue and they have the wrong wheels on the cars - and there is no date of when this will be fixed!

    • Wow no haven't heard of that

  • thanks anyway! i don’t really understand what the problem is. The tracker now shows the car as at the dealership ready for delivery

    • Ok just got the bulletin. Yep, 18s were fitted instead of 19s, so they have to put them on hold till it's sorted.

      Has only affected petrol 2L Cruisers in October build

      • Quality control in Japan didn't pick this up?

        • Does seem odd, must've been a bloody apprentice :P

          • @spackbace: Thanks @spacebace for the update

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            @spackbace: Poor guy! Looks like that promotion to the Lexus factory up the road will take a few more years :D

      • @spackbace Hi, I have just been offered $1500 eftpos card to accept 18in tyres instead of the 19in tyres. Should i accept?

        • I've got a customer in the same boat unfortunately

          That's entirely up to you and what you prioritise. Worst case, you might have your new car in February if you opt not to take the Eftpos card.

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    Response from Toyota when I asked about the lack of information about RAV4 delays:

    Encourage others to weigh in and express their dissatisfaction.

    • I ordered a Cruiser Hybrid mid July. Promised delivery day was yesterday.
      Car hasn't been built yet and Order Tracking portal is still blank for build month.
      So, I went to my (Sydney based) dealer in person and introduced myself to the Dealer Principal. Interesting conversation. Here's what I learned:

      • Dealer is just as frustrated at the lack of information from Toyota. The ETA in their system has not been updated by HQ for the three and a half months so far I've waited. It's a PR train-wreck.
      • Says that cars ordered in the same time frame as mine can just randomly "turn up" unexpectedly, but rarely.
      • Cruiser Hybrids are the worst for waiting. GX / GXL Hybrids only slightly better. Petrol versions much shorter waits.
      • Dealer had no knowledge of the piloted rental scheme linked here for customers enduring a long wait. Showed him the CarsGuide story. First time he'd seen it.
      • Says people with genuine orders already in the system will be "protected" from the RAV4 price rise, which will be about $650. I was emphatic, saying I would hold him to that.
      • His best guess for my car, with a shrug, was "next year". Sheesh.
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        Welcome to the club mate.
        By my estimates ( not official ) , im going to say Feb for your time frame.
        Join our facebook group and bitch there with us ;)
        Late May Orders are being fulfilled , Some early june appearing to.

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    Apple CarPlay/Android Auto retrofit available today!

    • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto retrofit available today!

      Jumped the gun and contacted the dealership and spoke to the service department.

      They mentioned that while it is free they still need to order in parts or something?? (they foot the bill for that as well).

      I went with it and they will contact me when the parts arrive so I can book a time and day for the actual update to be implemented.

      I thought it was just a system update.

    • Booked in for next week (online), lets see how it pans out.

      • How do you book this online?

        • Sorry, not online, rather through the MyToyota app.

  • @Spackbace what will they be doing in the retrofit?

    • Software update afaik, why?

      • Because for @Vin23 they needed parts.

      • I bought my Toyota from Camberwell, VIC. Can I get it done at a different Toyota dealer?

  • @Spackbace Please confirm whether RVA4 Aus model comes with Entune 3.0.


    • No

      • Tnks mate

    • Whats Entune 3.0?

      • Entune is the name of the infotainment system used in Toyota vehicles sold in North America.

  • Update on our RAV4 order (AWD hybrid cruiser).
    Were just contacted by the dealership that the supply issue may be worse than expected and that our order may stretch out to a year wait. Was originally expecting in Jan/Feb 2020, now looking at mid year.

    Dealership has offered to refund our deposit but still keep our order for now if we wish while we wait for more information, which we will certainly take them up on. May end up cancelling the order as we can't wait that long but can wait a bit longer to find out more. They couldn't give much information about the proposed rental plan but said they were having a meeting next Monday where they will know more.

    • When was your order placed? In which Australian State? Thank you for your input, but readers need this context for it to be useful and are unlikely to dig back through hundreds of posts to locate your original.

      • His location is Brisbane. Just click on his profile.

      • Brisbane, placed in August.

        • …..I checked the rav4 yesterday at dealer , salesmen just sit inside and none came out , so they don't want to sell RAV4 anymore ?????

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            @Giga: Must be good being a Toyota car salesman atm.

      • Yeah, I went to a South Sydney Toyota dealership last week, enquiring about a Rav4 Cruiser Hybrid and was told a delivery date of November / December 2020, possibly even longer!!! Not happy at all…

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    @ spackbase
    do we get free navigation map updates with new RAV 4? if so for how long ? Thanks mate

  • Just contacted my dealer and was advised that the build date has been moved to January but hasn’t, been confirmed. When I told him that I heard that some deliveries were being pushed out to mid year he said that they were looking at taking my trade in and supplying a rental. This is bs!

  • Ordered 5th August with delivery 15th December in Brisbane.

  • At the time of order I was given a delivery date. I have seen on the international forums that all model RAV4 s are being delivered overseas so apparently the factories are operating. Who has got the RAV4 that was allocated for me.

    • Well, Aussie RAVs are being delivered from the Japan factory. I believe North American RAVs are built in Canada? In other words, nothing to do with us. Unless the global supply constraint on Panasonic Metal-Hydride batteries (rumoured to be the main cause of the hangup) is a global shortfall.

      We can trust Toyota to target the limited supply of batteries to whichever factory and market yields the greatest profit margin. In other words, to continue to treat us with contempt.

  • There asking why with a factory in Canada and another in Kentucky the vin plates on the RAV4s in the US are showing that there are a lot which Japanese build. It sound that this is where our RAV4s are going.

    • Big call to change production lines , when our cars are right hand drive


    Anyone hear this news at all from their dealers? Apparently all RAV4 Hybrid's on order have been pushed back to late 2020/2021?

    • I highly doubt that Toyota would do that.

    • Lol no

      Thanks to someone mentioning Motormouth (previously I've used AutoGenie) I managed to negotiate a deal for Cruiser Hybrid AWD, glacier white with black leather and mats for low $45k in Sydney.

      I wonder if the dealer bothered to put their order in, tbh. Might have put other customers' orders in front due to that poster going through a broker. Might have prioritised others. Or they're trying to get him to back out of his order, due to such a cheap car. $45k is basically cost price, maybe even a negative once brokerage finders fee is put into the equation.

      • This guy says there is no cruiser petrol. Lol, did he even research the car.

        • Yeah he just didn't go into a dealership, he let the broker do everything probably.

          After the price rise of $350, the dealer might not even want the order on their books so they're giving him horror stories.

          All this is speculation obviously, but I know we wouldn't take an order at such a discount. $4,429 discount is huge

      • +1

        I'm the OP for that post; long story is I used Motormouth to get me offers and I also shopped around myself at the same time. Best offer I got on my own was a couple hundred more than what the broker found but at the very least it was at a dealer much closer to me so I opted to go for that.

        As for my blunder comment about no petrol cruiser; I was set on getting an AWD and needed leather seats so never looked at the 2WD offerings.

        Last I heard my AWD Cruiser ordered in Oct19 is not going to be delivered until Sep 2021.

        • And my point still stands that they're hoping you just pull the deal out. They may have mis-quoted before the price rise, or someone has run the numbers and gone "wtf".

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            @spackbace: You could be right, but the other dealer the broker found was willing to do it even cheaper and they'd also need to pay the broker his fee/commission.

            And if you looked through the WP thread you'd see others paid the equivalent amount with crystal pearl or metallic colours (mid 45k + $600) so there's more than 1 dealership offering the Cruiser AWDs for mid $45ks before extras

            • @warhead: Yeah but the super cheap prices happened early on from what I saw, certainly not lately given the lack of supply

              We're not telling our customers 12 months, nor would we do that sorta price, so make of that what you will

    • Yes, I spoke to a South Sydney dealership today regarding a Rav4 Cruiser Hybrid and was told a delivery date of November / December 2020, possibly even longer.

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    I think that customers frustrated with the RAV4 delays need to get organised and compare notes more.
    Many well meaning commenters have weighed in detailing the delay they have experienced in getting their RAV4. It gets confusing when people talk about their delivery or wait without context.

    I've created an online spreadsheet, and I'd like to invite you all to take a moment to enter some (non-identifying) data about
    1. When you ordered,
    2. When you were promised delivery
    3. What you're now being told about slipped delivery dates, and
    4. If you've already received your 2019 RAV4, when it actually arrived.

    The link to the public Google Sheets doc is here

    • This is so good, thank you!

    • Thanks for your efforts . can you replace all FWD with 2WD in the xls (as per Toyota brochure , it is 2WD ) .

  • @Spackbace Received an update from my dealer yesterday. My order is in B20 status. expected delivery by 6th Dec. May I know what does mean B20?


    • Before 20 ? :)

    • Production confirmed. It'll go through build in November

    • HI Kuikui , congratulation! when did you order , do you try to track on Toyota website ? if so what the user id and password do you get from ??

      • Thanks mate. Ordered on 3rd June. Tracked in a dealer portal by the sales manager. Kind of Excel sheet but updated every single day. The dealer called me this morning and advised that the car has completed the port clearance for departure :)

        FYI:: I have been advised that the recent price hike is not applicable if order placed before Nov.

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      Received a call from the dealer. Delivery ETA has come forward! Car to land to our dear on 29th Nov. Week earlier!

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    Merged from Toyota RAV4 Best Price MY 19

    Hi All
    I have couple of queries to new owners of RAV4
    1. Which RAV4 model did you buy i.e. 2WD / AWD Cruise, Hybrid Cruise or AWD Edge?
    2. Did you buy from dealer or broker ? Can you suggest good broker in Sydney?
    3. Did you get any free accessories or full fuel tank as part of deal?
    4. What was the final driveway price you paid.

    Thanks so much for valuable inputs.

    • It's a page or two back, but I created an online collaborative spreadsheet for RAV4 buyers to compare the delay, spec and price they were getting. It's gone gangbusters, with dozens of people on this (and other forums and facebook groups ) contributing and comparing notes.

      If you're keen to know about what other RAV4 buyers have bought, and how long they're waiting, head over.

      • +1

        Few things to help the data:

        • Wait time shouldn't be "anticipated", it should be the real wait time for those who have been delivered. Or a graph for delivered wait time, and a graph for wait time so far. Anticipated doesn't mean anything.
        • Petrol wait time messes with your results, keep it to hybrid wait time only and scrap the petrol results or separate them out.
        • Great to see this all compiled somewhere.
          Just a thought - while "anticipated" means nothing (in that it's not reliable or meaningful) - it's interesting to see how the dealers are saying different things…

          • +1


            it's interesting to see how the dealers are saying different things…

            Yeah but it still means just as little, we only run off what information we have. I'm about to deliver a RAV4 Cruiser hybrid that's been waiting 6 months in the same week as I'm delivering a GXL hybrid that's been waiting 4 months :/

        • +1

          Thanks. It's a work in progress, and a very collaborative effort. I'm surprised it's been so popular!

  • Oh geez… I heard about the wait times for the new RAV4 Hybrid was bad, but this seems REALLY bad.

    I actually got excited when I heard Toyota was coming up with a Plug-in variant for the Hybrid RAV4 next year (that would have been perfect for my needs) but apparently Toyota has no interest in bringing that to Australia next year. So I was about to place an order for the current model but I cant be waiting for one year :(

  • I placed an order for the hybrid in mid October (which we canceled but the car was still on order anyway), called today to find out status of the order and was told it was on the Toyota Schedule, to be built mid Jan 2020. That is not so bad I guess. He had told me 9 -12 months which is why we canceled.

    • Are you going to re-take the order or no?

      • going to wait till the 1st of the year to decide

  • @Spackbace

    Not sure if you are able to confirm this or not - but I had my ACP / AA update done yesterday (took around 3 hours)

    I didn't really notice anything different with the infotainment console hardware wise - although preset radio stations were cleared.

    The only thing that did look different (maybe I never noticed it from the beginning) was the roof console unit with the map lights and moon / sun roof


    In particular the microphone section

    Posted this on the Whirlpool forums as well.

    Maybe someone can confirm if they haven't had their ACP / AA update yet.

    • Had my update done yesterday too. I can't remember what the original looked like, but mine is the same as your picture.

  • November 13th on

    “the original story cited a waiting period of "longer than six months" based on information from Toyota Australia. The car-maker has since adjusted the waiting time to "up to six months".

  • Hi all, I got updated today that my order from August is slated for Jan Production and Feb Delivery.
    I also got the login details and can track it also
    I was also told my order has price protection but maybe as im going through my work (Novated lease) that helps…

    Keen to follow the RAV4 Story as cant wait to get my Eclectic Blue 2WD Cruiser Hybrid.

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