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M&M's Hot Cross Bun Easter Bucket 640g $2.50 (Was $10) @ Big W (in-Store)


Product Features:
•Made with real milk chocolate and smells like hot cross buns…
•The bucket size is perfect for sharing
•Hot Cross Buns themed bucket
•Hot Cross Bun colour M&M's
•640g Bucket

This item is only available in store. Please visit your local BIG W store to check availability as these are clearance product's.
(Saw these in clearance candy section at BigW Melton, but might find them in other stores still)

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    • +2

      Have you tried them? Or is it a classic JV comment?

      Genuinely curious cause I've never had Hot Cross buns and was wondering if this was a good place to start…I mean M&Ms taste pretty good

      • Have you tried them?

        They sound repulsive. Would never buy it

        • +5

          Have you heard them?

      • +3

        Pretty sure it's more then gross.

        Wikipedia: A gross refers to a group of 144 items (a dozen dozen or a square dozen, 122). A great gross refers to a group of 1728 items (a dozen gross or a cubic dozen, 123). A small gross or a great hundred refers to a group of 120 items (ten dozen, 10×12).

      • +1

        I've tried them and they're gross.

        • In that case, I definitely gotta try them and make sure you're not lying.

  • Smells like hot cross buns, has a hot cross bun design on the packaging. Does it taste like hot cross buns, or is that really too much to ask?

    Anyway I didn't know Big W sell icecream. I've never seen them with freezers.

    • +3

      When you open the bucket, it smells like hot cross buns.
      Sadly the m&ms doesn't have cross's….and the taste just tastes like chocolate to me.
      Also it does taste a bit funky haha or maybe cause of the smell of the bucket as well too lol.

    • +2

      Of course they don't sell icecream - who even mentioned icecream?

  • +11

    The bucket size is perfect for sharing

    Come on who are we kidding?

  • +5

    We tried these earlier. I just have to say that I can't remember ever throwing out chocolate before! They are awful.

    I love chocolate. I love got cross buns. These are neither (I refuse to acknowledge it as chocolate).

    • +1

      Damn. I bought a couple buckets the other day (at this price) assuming they’d be OK at least. I usually don’t mind the weird M&M flavours they release…haven’t found one yet inedible!

      • Let me know what you think. Both me and my wife hated them, but I don't know anyone else that's tried them, so who knows what people think.

        • I hated them, my wife was happy enough for chocolate.

      • +2

        They’re ok. Taste like cinnamon! I like them.

        • +1

          Yep, I thought cinnamon was main flavour too.

          Kids polished the bucket within 24 hours, I only had a dozen or so.

  • I got a bag of these at Coles for $1 yesterday. Tastes great - just like normal M&Ms. The smell when you open it though. Wow it's funky.

  • Just double checking, are these made in China?

    • -1

      Isn't all chocolate made in Belgium?

    • Made in Australia
      It's Mars :)

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