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Merino Wool Quilts (Australian Made) from $42.40 Delivered @ Linen Dreams eBay


Feeling a little cold? You are not alone.

These were very popular last time - check out the comments.

Made in Sydney from Australian Merino:

  • Weight ratings: 200GSM, 350GSM, 500GSM and 700GSM (grams/square metre).
  • Sizes: Cot/Cotbed, Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King and Super King.

Over 20,000 sales on that link alone and I can confirm they are high-quality quilts.

Part of the 20% off All Items in Selected Categories at Selected Sellers.

UPDATE Mon 13/5: The firm is urgently working on an unexpected failure with one of their (usually reliable) machines - they're basically getting a spare part flown in express - so there may be a delay with some orders however most have been posted. Please cut them some slack and minimise messages to them if possible as it's already clear they're doing everything they can to fix this as it's very much in their interests as well. It shouldn't take them too long and i'll update when things are clearer. Note they were hit pretty hard with this post. It's important this works for them as well so i can persuade them to include improved freebies in future, so please be patient. The Phantom

UPDATE Fri 17/5: They have now posted 1500 of the 1600 ordered over the two days of this post, and the last 100 should be sent by express post either today or tomorrow. The machine that failed is still down but the others have been operating overtime to clear the orders. BTW i wasn't aware when i posted that they make many of these on the fly in response to orders. Thanks for your patience - i have sought to impress upon the vendor the importance of keeping buyers informed of progress. The Phantom

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        • Cheers - I bought one (500GSM) so I'll weigh it.

        • I bought the 500gsm. Whole weight including packaging is ~3.7Kg.

  • +7

    “Feeling a little cold last night? You are not alone.”

    I’d definitely feel less cold if I weren’t alone last night.

  • 700GSM is still ok to me at 20 degrees in the room. Ie. not overheating myself.

  • +7

    OHHH GRAMS PER SQUARE METER. I always thought it was some mysterious paper only related measurement.

    • I thought it was the phone network thingo 😆

  • +1

    how does this compare to say this quilt from harris scarfe


    • Actually they have quite a few quilts on sale. Not bad for this time of season.

      But i have no idea - nowhere near a Harris Scarfe.

    • To be honest, some of those Harris Scarfe ones might be alright!

  • I would whether getting the 200g for summer and 500g for autumn and spring would then allow both to be combined for really cold winter nights?

  • We've had silk duvets for about 10 years so they're kind of end of life. I wonder how these would compare. I swear by merino for clothing but am not sure if it's as good as silk. It's much cheaper that's for sure.

  • Own one of these in king - would recommend

    • Which weight 'type'? I'm seriously considering but can't decide on which type. My old doona is so old the tag has faded so idk what it is.

      • im in melb and got a 500 which seems like it will be good year round

  • Ordered one for SK in Vic.

    • +1

      South Kensington? Or Korea? 🤔

  • got the 500gsm one and man it's warm, almost too warm.

    • +1

      What city may I ask? I'm trying to figure out the best GSM for my needs

      • Same question. Would 700gsm be too warm as an all year round quilt in Sydney, or would it be safer to go 500gsm.

        • 700gsm would be for winter only in Sydney. Although Merino does adjust to your body temp so there's some leeway there but 700 grams per square metre of wool in summer would be hot.

          • @Narvey Horman: what about a 500gsm quilt for south west Sydney. Would that be too cold?

            • +1

              @bwilso06: Depends on how much you feel the cold in winter, also depends on how cold your place gets. 500gsm would be more versatile in general but possibly a bit lacking on those freezing nights. If you have a blanket you could use as a first layer in addition to a 500gsm that could work, might get a bit heavy though.

      • melb

  • +2

    Don't need one but +1 for supporting Australian Made!

  • ordered

  • +1

    my local Aldi has the Queen wool quilt reduced to $30.100% Australian made,500gsm

    • Now I am going to have to check Aldi before I buy.

  • Got one! thanks. Just in time for winter. Any good deal for pillows or recommendations? Cheers

  • any perthies here care to comment about what GSM is best for our winters? I've been sleeping alright with a rather crappy target doona, but I do use a heater in my room. If this removes the need for the heater, i'm all in.

    • We have just bought 500g it’s a bit too warm during cool-cold nights autumn so I used 220g. 500g should be enough for winter. We also have another winter quilt 600g very warm and heavier than 500g

    • I got the 3 in 1 in the end. 200 and 350.

  • Can anyone compare this to Sheridan quilt?

  • As an interesting side note, when a product has that Woolmark logo, even though it means it is 100% wool it doesn't mean that wool has come directly from the sheep. The wool itself may have been sourced from other textile companies that have excess wool from their own products and then they resell it at a discount. The problem with that is the wool has undergone multiple processes by the time it reaches the customer. As a result the very properties people expect from wool (mainly heat retention) are undermined. Apparently what you want to see alongside the Woolmark logo is 100% Pure New Wool. That means it's been sheared from the sheep within the last 12 months.

    • +1

      I checked my quilt, it's printed pure new wool under a woolmark logo, but no mention of percentage. To my understanding, it means the whole quilt is filled with pure new wool. Or, does the missing 100% implies a blend of new wool and whatever wool it is?


      Nevermind, I checked the listing, it said

      100% Australian Merino Wool

      • That's great news. That makes it a really great deal then. Glad I got one!
        I think with Woolmark as long as it says Pure New Wool it means 100% anyway. The same rule also applies for their standard logo, the main difference being one is new wool and the other is 'recycled', but they're still 100%. Blended products will be listed as 'Woolmark Blend' and the logo looks a bit different.

    • On the very first photo on the listing, of the packaging, you can actually make out ‘pure new wool’ below the woolmark logo despite the low resolution image.

  • ordered the 700gsm, we'll see how it goes heat wise.

  • Can I know what is the difference between these and the one selling by ozplaza.living? The price seems similar.

    • Correct me if I'm wrong

      linen-dreams claims 100% premium merino wool filling. ozplaza claims 95% Australian wool and 5% merino wool filling.

      linen-dreams claims 100% Australian made, ozplaza didn't. And linen-dream stated

      Many sellers claim to use Australian wool, but are actually selling you quilts produced overseas. These are almost certainly made with low-grade foreign wool. Real Australian wool quilts are Austalian Made. Look for the Australian Made logo for genuine Australian wool quilts.

      • Looks like it, and LD do invite people to visit their factory in Smithfield so no need for a PI.

        They're obviously a serious outfit and it's always possible they manufacture for others as well, though i doubt they do it for OzPlaza.

  • Thanks OP! Bought meself a 500GSM quilt and a mattress protector.

  • Any idea WHY it says code PMUM20 can't be applied to your order?

    • Maybe $50 minimum spend not met.

      • I selected the 700 gsm King size. Shouldn't be an issue I reckon.

        • No, it shouldn't. If you haven't bought you could try again with the new code.

  • I bought the Jason wool king size quilt 500gsm machine washable for $70 or so from COTD and really happy with it.

  • Bought the 700gsm in the last deal. Amazing for Melbourne's weather. Haven't had the need for additional layers.

  • Please educate yourselves about the industry and practices before supporting any wool products.

    • +2

      Fair comment. I take it you're primarily thinking of the practice of mulesing. Here's a good article for those interested.

  • Thanks for posting the deal and for taking the time to answer questions OP.

    • +2

      I feel your love. Thank you kindly.

      Let's hope they've got their act together and actually get those facewashers in otherwise i'm off to South America.

  • We've got the 350 for summer and 700 for winter (in Melbourne) in super king. We switched over to the winter duvet last night, woke up so cozy this morning.

  • Thankyou, just bought matress protectors for our camper van.

    • Yeah i think they're pretty good. They have this thin skirt that you can wrap around the mattress - better than those ones with straps which just break anyway. Couldn't post it as a separate deal as one alone doesn't meet eBay's BS $50 threshold for the discount.

      • +1

        the filling for them is polyester though, not cotton which has got me a little disappointed

  • Has anyone tried their Egyptian cotton sheets/quilt covers to know if they're any good?

    Or know where else to get some?

  • Just bought one, do people usually wash before use?

    • No, not for me.

      But I'd like to know how to wash it.

  • 700 gsm in super king size seems to be sold out.

    • +1

      Try this link

      • Cheers!

        • Yep - looks like an individualised ad for the same thing, but generally be careful.

  • Anyone know what's the difference between the deal and this cheaper one: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/162377277151

    • +1

      They also sell imported item, and that looks like one of them as no 'Australian Made' reference. Also maybe not Merino wool, as it doesn't reference 'Merino' either.

      • Cheers yeah I don't think it's Merino.

  • Great deal that comes in at the perfect time! Thanks OP!!!

  • Thanks ordered one for me and my mum
    It was really confusing as they had multiple listings in the store for the merino wool quilts some said doona blanket duvet other said quilt
    Hopefully ordered the right one and size
    Like others I got one 700 and another 500
    Now need a deal for super king quilt cover !!

    • Some appear to be multiple listings of the same product, but some are for different products, so be very careful.

      If not happy try and cancel before they post out. They're a pretty co-operative lot. You may also qualify for free returns, especially if you're a eBay Plus member.

      I always keep screen shots of my orders so i can refer back to what the eBay ad said at the time.

  • Don't miss the updates in the post that i've made.

    The Phantom

  • Damn missed this - will have to wait for the next one :(

    • +3

      It's never too late. Here is another 20% off coupon code, PLANNING.

      • Thanks for that!! Used this to buy two more quilts

      • Jesus, that didn't take long. Will try and resurrect the post…

      • They've gone and increased their min spend, so show appears to be over.

        • Yeh, $120 min spend for this coupon code, unlike $50 min spend for previous selected stores deals.

        • Here is an ingenious solution, use your imagination. 😉

        • +1

          Hey just wanted to let you know that I bought a King Size 700GSM from above link and used the "PLANNING" code and it worked just now. Went from $102 down to $81.60 …
          Maybe it's depending on the seller re: that minimum spend rule.


          Forgot to mention, that I messaged linen-dreams on ebay two days ago about King size getting re-stocked as in the last few days it was not in stock. They advised to just keep checking the listing daily for an update, and today I was lucky! :) I've copied/pasted their response below -

          Dear customer,

          Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry the 700GSM king is not available atm. It is not out of stock. We are struggling catching up with the orders. We may need extra 3-4 days to produce enough quilts for the previous orders. Things should get better in next week. Please watch this listing. Everyday, we will update the stock. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

          Kind regards,
          Linen dreams

          • @laumei: I've updated the post to indicate there's been some delays, but i expect them to get on top of it pretty quickly. Next time i do this i'll give them a bit of heads up so they can bring forward some of their production.

            Thanks @OO for your suggestions but I won't seek to resurrect this post until they catch up, especially given the operation of the PLANNING code is not altogether clear.

  • +2

    Ended up ordering 3x Single 700gsm and 1xKing 700gsm. The Singles arrived yesterday but the King had not yet been shipped. Singles were good quality, and comment from one of the kids was that it was super warm. Anyway sent them a message on ebay to see whats with the other and got a response back which made me chuckle, "Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry that you haven't received the item. We had received more than 1000 orders for the wool quilts in one night. This has never happened before. We've forwarded all the orders to the manufacturing department. I will go there later today to check if your order has been dispatched or not." Guess they got Ozbargined !

    • +2

      The initial post covered Tue/Wed 7-8 May using an earlier 20% off code.

      They received about 1600 orders as a direct result of this post - of which 950/1600 were/will be made on the fly (production, pick & pack all at the same time). Pretty impressive.

      I know they shipped around 800 on the Wed, and have put on extra staff to meet demand, so you can see most orders are already covered. I'll try to update how they're going on Mon/Tue.

  • Ordered last Wednesday, tracking sat dormant for nearly a week & it wasn't sent until yesterday or something.. Ebay said it was expected & guaranteed delivery on Monday. I WANT MY QUILT xD

    It's slowly on the way now though, hopefully receive tomorrow…

    • +1

      In a similar position here
      Ordered Wednesday, sent on Thursday according to paypal with guaranteed delivery of Tuesday. Still no items :(

    • +2

      Same here delivery was meant to be Mon/Tues but I didn’t even receive any notification from them or Auspost
      Then I messaged & they seem to think there are delays cos of the election
      So supposed to let them know tomorrow as it’s been resent but again no notification has been received
      I’m all for supporting locals but some communication would have been great esp if they had issues with production
      Happy to wait but give some timeframes as I needed the quilts by this weekend so a bit annoyed

      • Well, mine ended up coming yesterday, happy with the quality & seriously slept nude last night under my 500GSM without getting too cold (Gold Coast though)… I also cut linen-dreams some slack & still left them good feedback on eBay as I appreciate the Egyptian Cotton Face Towel they threw in for free :]

        • +1

          That's good to hear - about you being nude and all i mean.

          I've just updated the post for everyone else following this…

        • +1

          Still waiting for mine in Perth, it was freezing last night, and tonight is gonna be the same, shame the couldn't get it delivered before the weekend

  • Does anyone have a link for a good affordable mattress protector?

    • I mention one in this more recent post. No min spend on the 20% off coupon so can order that alone.

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