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[3DS] Free Event Pokemon Zeraora for Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon @ EB Games


Hey guys didn't find a thread for this but you guys may still be interested in getting your zeraora's in pokemon. This is exclusive to EB games Australia. I'm not sure if they are doing this anywhere else. According to serbii they are doing it from 3rd May- 26th May


And those who want proof here it is, here's mine.


They ask for your EB games account maybe so that you can't get more than 1 however, you can choose not to and go to different stores to collect them.

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EB Games Australia

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    Here's my code. Can't use it as I don't have the game…

    • Someone claimed it

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      Thanks on behalf of the person who claimed it.

      I'd be interested, if my son's DS wasn't confiscated.

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    I got this code earlier and when I entered it; I found out I already got Zerora before.

    • Turns out I forgot I emailed The Pokemon Company (I think) when it originally came out and got the code from them.

  • I'm new to all this Pokemon stuff, but Jnr is an avid Pokenut and a 2DS XL gamer - how do you get this code from EB Games?
    Went to their site and looked at recent member's email but no mention anywhere.

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      You go to a store and ask for a code.

  • Damn, I only have Moon not Ultra Moon so I assume the codes wont work?

    • Yep only for Ultra. Zeraora isn't programmed in Sun and moon.

  • Just went and got a code from northland, didnt get asked for ebworld card

    • Yeah probably just lazy. They're meant to but they don't care enough to.

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    I only ask that you comment that it's been used to let others know, and a thank you would be extra nice

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      Took the top one. Thanks. I tried emailing eb for a code as im in nz and we missed out again.they used to give code in past this time they said nope aussie only. You cant get one bla bla bla. Very rude i tell ya.
      They also said they only can get code from.nintendo.

      1 person tried to send one but code got ripped off.

      Thanks for posting code bro.

      • Glad I could help you out! Sucks when things like this don’t make it to certain countries - they should just do the already established Internet mystery gift thing if they can’t organise other methods - especially for a worldwide released and such a popular game!

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    Thought these were for S/M and US/UM, only for US/UM though so I have 2 spare codes.