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LG V30+ 128GB Handset (Black) $499 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi

Not quite the lowest it's been historically, but still a good price.


Balanced Dsign
Sturdy and Seamless
The LG V30+ is LG's ultimate expression of visual quality, with seamless curves, minimal bezels, and a 6" OLED FullVision Display - all fitting in the palm of your hand.
The phone has an IP68 rating.

Key Features

6" QHD+ OLED FullVision Display
See More, Hold Less
The LG OLED display has breathtaking colour accuracy, and incorporates plastic for higher flexibility. Combined with FullVision technology, the LG V30+ 6” display makes your viewing experience a real treat.¹

F1.6 Crystal Clear Lens
Superb Sharpness and Colour
The main camera on the LG V30+ features an F1.6 aperture and a glass lens, resulting in impressive low-light performance and improved colour clarity.

Cine Video Mode
Be Your Own Director
Capture the professional film look. Cine Video Mode gives you vivid colours and a great range of effects to suit your film making needs.

Point Zoom
Total Zoom Control
Lights, Camera, Zoom! Preset zoom speed, location, and motion for a shot straight out of the movies. Smooth and controlled Point Zoom lets you shoot high quality videos using the main camera.

Wide Angle Cameras
Capture the Bigger Picture
Capture brilliant shots with the wide-angle front and rear cameras. Great for group shots or landscapes. Take amazing selfies with the front wide-angle camera.

Hi-Fi Video Recording
Awesome Videos, Epic Sound
Record pristine Hi-Fi sound wherever you go! Use the three microphones on the LG V30+ to capture superb sound with less distortion, even in loud and noisy environments.

Stream Sweet Sounds
Hi-Fi Quad DAC Audio
Get awesome sound with the LG V30+ Hi-Fi Quad DAC. Stream sound in our highest quality yet.

Premium Listening
Tuned to Your Taste
Have your audio tuned the way you want it. Tweaked and adjusted to your tastes and environment, the LG V30+ Preset Sounds and Digital Filters add professional reference sounds so you can enjoy rich, full music at home or on the go.

Voice / Face Recognition
Always Knows It's You
The LG V30+ facial recognition technology helps you unlock your phone quick and easy, without swiping or inputting numbers.² It's enhanced voice recognition technology can recognise and be set to respond only to your voice.³

Floating Bar
Easy Reach
Enjoy enhanced control and accessibility. The Floating Bar adds easy-to-reach customisation without distracting you from the task at hand. Dock your favorite apps, move anywhere across the screen, and easily access music, notifications, contacts, and more.

Google Assistant
Your Own Google Assistant
The Google Assistant makes everyday life easier - get answers, manage tasks, find photos, and book reservations. To get started, just say OK Google.

Google Daydream Compatible
Now with VR
The LG V30+ is LG's first Google Daydream compatible phone. Combined with the LG V30+ 6" OLED FullVision Display¹, prepare to experience an expanded variety of VR-immersive applications in your favourite games, movies, and videos.*
*Google Daydream VR can be purchased separately.

¹ The LG V30+ display has rounded corners. When measured as a standard rectangular shape, the screen is 6 inches diagonally, the actual viewable area is less.
² Face Recognition may not work in all circumstances.
³ Voice recognition may vary depending on the user’s characteristics such as voice intonation and pronunciation.

Phone Operating System - Android

Phone Type - LG V30

Network compatibility - 4G

Colour - Black

Device screen size (inches) - 6.0

Resolution (Pixels) - 2880 x 1440

Display type - QHD+ OLED

Touchscreen - True

Internal memory - 128GB

Expandable memory up to - 2TB

Expandable memory format - Micro SD Card

Battery capacity (mAh) - 3300

Processor - Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

Processor Model Number - MSM8998

RAM (GB) - 4.0

Front camera (MP) - 5

Built-in flash - True

Face detection - True

Movie recording - Ultra HD

Video Frames Per Second - [email protected]/[email protected]/

GPS - True

MP3 - True

Radio - True

USB (Type-C) Port - 3.1

NFC - True

Headphone output (3.5mm) - True

Wi-Fi - 802.11 ac

Bluetooth - v5.0

A2DP - True

Compatible audio files - AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, FLAC, MP3, MP2, Vorbis(OGG), PCM/ADPCM, WMA, AC3/EC3, DSD, ALAC, OPUS

Manufacturer's warranty - 1 Year

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    • +28

      $300 down in 6 months? That's pretty good for used Android.

  • +3

    1 Year warranty? Not sure how that would go under ACL.

    • +1

      FWIW, in addition to ACL, JB's standard warranty on sub$1000 phones faulty in the 12-24 month period, "If the product is not covered by a manufacturer’s or extended warranty, then JB HI-FI will determine at no cost to the customer the cause of the fault within a reasonable time frame. If JB HI-FI is satisfied the product was faulty due to an inherent defect at time of Purchase, then JB HI-FI will offer repair free of charge."

      • +1

        inherent defect at time of purchase

        Wording seems a bit sketchy. I don't doubt you though but if there was a defect at time of purchase surely it would be picked up within 12 months.

        • +3

          Apologies, it looks like I cut and paste from an old version of the document, the link is correct, but the warranty not as good now, it just defaults to the ACL after 12 months for a sub $500 product, and you'd have to write to their ACL officer if you've a problem. I can't cut and paste the text though.
          Interesting, the cut is at under vs over $500, so I wonder if this phone is $499 is on purpose for this reason!

          • +2

            @Jonty766: Ok, but JB can say anything they like, it's nice if they offer more but if they don't then your rights under ACL aren't diminished

            I would argue phones around $500 are warranted for 2 years

            I believe one year warranty per $250-$333 of purchase price is a reasonable expectation (2 years for a $500ish phone, 3 years for a flagship)

            • +1

              @justtoreply: Yes, I would agree. Just makes it more of a hassle i guess.

    • But if it's not under a plan that's all they have to offer. Obviously if you raise it they should still repair…

    • I checked with LG months ago. 2 year warranty.

    • Better than Xiaomi warranty

    • +2

      I got one from JB Hi-Fi a few months back and the manufacturers warranty card in the box says 2 years warranty except for any accessories which are 1 year.

  • +2

    I have this phone and I'm happy with it, I installed a different camera on it which is the one the pixel uses (I think? grabbed it from the V30 subreddit) and made photos better, it's fast enough for me and I'm into tech, but at a solid price point, past phones for anyone curious: iphone 3g, iphone 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 5x and now LG V30+

  • +5

    Bought this on the last deal and honestly wouldn't recommend. The camera is shit even with the google camera. My S7 took better shots, and the front camera is straight up worse than my old s5. Side by side and my s7 gets better reception in the same spots. And just using it i always run into minor but inconvenient glitches of some sorts. It's just the little things that are wrong with the phone that add up and annoy me.

    • +1

      Non related to the phone in this post, but i can confirm S7 has great camera. I am very happy with mine after 2 years of usage and not planning on upgrade anytime soon

    • I used the S7 for 3 years and suffered from the same problems you're mentioning now. In fact, it had more glitches than this. I have over 100 games installed (S7 internal storage is a joke) and 200 apps so far on this phone, it can go for weeks without slowdown. It handles games better than S7 too. Being far too dramatic here. Have an issue, reset.

      I agree with the camera, but it's no dead horse with the gapps cam, not sure what you're expecting.

    • I agree. I bought this phone too because everyone here was raving about it - but the camera was worse than my huawei mate 9's camera WITH dust under the lens cover. gave to my grandma instead.

    • I put Gcam on mine and am totally happy with the photos it produces.

      Would I like it to be even better? Sure. Do I regret my purchase? Nope, I still like my phone. Posting from it now in fact.

    • +1

      hmmm have to say you are right, V30 is very experimental and not ready at the time of release. Last year's v35 looks identical to v30 but actually has been improved greatly, v35 is only 100 more, but the improvement is much more than 100 can get (screen, camera, soc, ram).

    • I have no issues at all with the default camera. Takes amazing photos. Have gcam installed but don't use it.

  • +1

    G7 can be had for $509.10, why would you want this now? it could be a good deal at $430 a few months ago, not any more.

    • +3

      This is better for the battery life alone

    • +1

      For many people this would be better than the G7.
      Notchless OLED screen. 6GB/128GB vs 4/64.

      • the v30+ is 4GB/128GB though

  • -3

    it's not better than Huawei mate 10, don't waste your money

    • Disagree. Audio and radio.

      I didn't neg you though.

  • +4

    Price needs to beat $475 from mobileciti. $499 isn't so great.

    Frankly $435 (like last time) is the price that makes it a bargain.

  • I got this phone last year and I like it. No issues with the camera, the audio quality is great and recording video has fantastic sound.

    • Agree. Video sound is unbelievable.

  • Such a good phone

  • great phone, with Gcam sideloaded, fantastic battery life, no notch, great sound on headphones, perfect size

  • this is a terrible price

  • No Notch! Heaps heaps better than most out there. Including Pixel 3XL

  • +1

    From 6 months ownership:

    - Headphone jack and audio DAC quality. LG and vivo are basically the only choices left for both above
    - Long battery life
    - microSD slot
    - OLED for complete blacks
    - vibration strength
    - rootable

    - OLED quality is poor at low brightness. Using a dimmer to go below brightness range for night reading, I quickly stop being able to read text on a black background. Significantly worse than my Axon 7 previously.

  • +2

    I had no issues with LG phones, G3 has served me so well for almost the pass 5 years, then the screen starts flicking and then gone blackout. Bought the Q6 when JB has it on special $179 a while ago, even feel it perform better than my G3. So I would expect V30+ will be exceptionally fantastic!

    • Ah yes, still on my G4, 4 years and counting. Strange that now I get some weird look from other people that I could change my phone battery when it's about to die

      • Still rocking the G4 myself for the same amount of time. Replaced the battery last year with a Polarcell one and the camera glass. Still a solid phone (although I changed the launcher to Nova Launcher.).

  • I could only stomach buying one of these as a 2nd phone.

    I just picked up a near new, full box with receipt V30+ b&o with two spigen cases and 256gb micro as card for $250: Receipt shows it was originally bought for $1150..

    • yes. I am 1 of those who bought at launch many moons ago. Thank my lucky stars i got rid of it 6 months later for not such a huge loss.

      • +1

        Buying any phone at launch in the last 5 years has been an exercise in price gouging, especially since that price has ramped up over $1k and new models are really adding nothing of meaningful value. The value point has always been 1-2 year old Android flagships models where the price would fall 30-50%.

  • +1

    Bought this phone around Boxing Day. Great phone for this price. Hardware comparable to the Pixel 2XL (SD835, 6"POLED screen) but added sd card slot, headphone jack (with DAC), wide angle lens, wireless charging.
    Only slight cons are selfie camera and slower updates. But if you really care you can always unlock bootloader and flash custom rom (e.g. LineageOS) or install Gcam apk for improved camera.

  • Has there been any comparison in terms of sound quality between this and say Samsung 8?

  • I think the G7 is a better buy for ~$500

  • I bought a Lg v30+ yesterday from JB Hifi as a gift for someone and i would not recommend it.It is a nice phone but the Note 8 i have is just better.
    And to think i wanted the LG V30 bad when it first came out.I am glad i went with the Note 8 instead.

    The Note 8 is now available for $180 more but it is so worth it.

    The Lg V30+ feels flimsy ,the power button is jiggly.I dont have an expensive headphone to test the quad dac but putting my ordinary panasonic earphones in to both phones reveals better sound from the Note 8.Even the speaker on the Note 8 is better as well.

    The oled screen quality is also better and bigger on the Note 8 as well.

    The one UI on the note 8 is better than the LG ux as well.

    And then the added functionality of the stylus….

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