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NBN 100/40 Unlim. $79/Month Or 50/20 $59/Mth for First 6 Months ($99 and $79/mth Thereafter) @ Aussie Broadband (Pre-orders)


Same deal as this but not sure when this deal will expire

Signed up to Aussie broadband for the $99 100/40 plan reduced to $79 for the first 6 months with the code hypedup20.

Applies to 100/40 Unlimited Plans. Possibly works for 50/20.

NBN 100/40 Unlimited Plan: $99/Month ($79/Month for the first 6 months)

Update: reports indicate that the terms of use of the coupon has been changed. The code is now only valid for addresses which are not NBN-ready yet.

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            • @mr-sticka: That still makes no sense. I’ve never heard of anyone getting FW and then also being in the HFC footprint. If you’re in a Telstra HFC (the one that NBN is reusing) then you’d be in a fairly built up area where FW is only for fringe type of areas (and the change of technology doesn’t happen once it’s rolled out). Unless there were geographical issues with your area (no line of sight to FW tower) but there still must have been HFC in some parts of your suburb and now NBN are just in-filling the areas that weren’t covered previously. Monumental waste of money as always if that’s the case with this MTM NBN.

              Does the NBN checker say the same thing for neighbouring houses around you?

              • @Porthos: we didnt ask the nbn checker.

                i just check on telstra website and it shows "You can connect to the nbn™ network via Fixed Wireless technology."

                by looking back to poi checker result from my previous post, it shows wireless as well.
                Premises technology Wireless <—————————————-
                Premises service class 5
                Premises service class description Serviceable by Wireless <—————————————-, CPE not installed

  • Does anyone know what’s better in terms of speed and reliability: ABB or Telstra NBN??

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    Guys, tried this promo code and it says "Invalid promo/referral code provided". Has anyone tried it recently?

    • Maybe it has expired, it is doing the same thing for me. Damn this is annoying

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      Just confirmed with ABB over the phone that this promo code is only valid for addresses which are not NBN ready yet - for taking pre-orders. There is no time limit on how long before your address is ready in order to sign-up.

  • Invalid code. NBN recently ready in our area.

  • changing from ADSL2+ to NBN, is their $150 modem any good? is it worth to take 24 months contract to get the free modem?
    thank you

  • This code doesn't work

  • Invalid coe here as well

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    The great economic waste of Australia - a bunch of companies selling the exact same thing for the same price, and $90-100 for a quality fixed line internet connection is an outrageous amount.

    Second only in economic waste to our wonderful electricity retailers - same power plants, same distribution network, 300 different billing computers - all doing the same thing.

    Customer service is overrated. I don’t ring up my provider for a friendly chat. I might speak to them during setup phase and that’s about it. Last ISP was once in 10 years.

    • Customer service is overrated until you need it.

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    This NBN you speak of? Is this 👾 it??

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    what do people nowadays need unlimited or huge data for?
    I'm using netflix, occasional downloading and i probably only reach 300GB a month

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      May be 4k streaming whole family at the same time?

    • dont' know the reason to the negative votes - its a valid question?

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        Because you only consider single person will use it.

    • Linux ISOs!

      Seriously though, with 4k streaming plus huge PC/Console games and updates, it's easy to use a few hundred GB a month

    • I run a Plex server with Sonarr to auto download TV shows every day plus i also download Movies and download Games for PC and PS4 plus two other people in the house who watch netflix and youtube.
      i average over 1.3TB a month with just general usage most ive used this year is 3.8TB in one month.

      • woah thats hectic

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    Hi ozbargainers,
    Just an update that this promo code that it is due to expire 31/5/2019. So for anyone that's looking to order a new service and their area isn't yet live they can use this code until the end of may. Also don't forget that all of our standard promotion terms and conditions can be found here or via our legal page.

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      So I can't use it if my area is live? What's the point then?

    • So what promo is available for new customer in an area that is NBN-ready?

  • Thanks OP I signed up for the 100/40 for $79 first 6 months

    Question: they offered me a router but I’m hesitant as I assume it’s not that great.

    Any recommendations on a BYO router? Tp-link?

  • My area's RFS date has jumped around a bit with the Telstra Rollout schedule now stating June 28 (was originally May 7, then Sept 20, now June 28!) for 6MLE-24 - https://www.telstrawholesale.com.au/nbn/nbn-rollout-schedule...

    I called and asked to pre-order. The person I spoke with said they still haven't had any data come through for NBN about our area yet but still lodged the pre-order anyway, stoked they're doing this and the discounted 50/20 plan I'll get when this service finally goes live. Thanks OP for posting.

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    Code doesn't work. Our area literally just became NBN available/ready so if we ordered days ago we'd get the promo, but because NBN now lifted the curtain we aren't? I mean there are people in this thread that took up the promo switching providers. I have to be frank stupid crap like this really turns me off of a company for years so well done ABB.

    • Totally agree and in same boat. Was going to go with ABB but why bother, may as well just stick with existing provider.
      OK……….there is a "FREE19" promo Code on their site for first month free which I suppose is better than nothing so guess they offer something!

    • ring them, she applied it to my account over the phone

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        Lucky you. They literally told us not eligible.

        • Tried again earlier today (phone) and was again rejected as not eligible for the code despite plenty of others having it applied. Must have a grievance with us from a previous life or something geez

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          Same issue for me.

          I literally got notified today NBN was ready at my premise after about 24 months of delay. Not going to pre-order a service.

  • FYI - they gave me the discount, but I had to ring up. Site isn't accepting anymore as note says in post

    • Is your area NBN ready?

      • yeah I had Telstra business connected before AB - I made this comment in haste, she then came back and said she can only give me it for $89 a month.. so I took that

  • Worked for me. Thanks!

  • Just signed up for 50/20 thanks, hope all goes smoothly next month!

  • So no way to get this deal if my area is NBN ready? I put my address in and the code and it says "Invalid promo/referral code provided"

    Still not sure why I'd want to sign up for NBN if it's not available in my area.

    • Unfortunately there's no way. My address became live either yesterday or today. I tried on live chat but they wouldn't apply the code. Makes me think twice about joining Aussie Broadband now, it really is a poor showing by the company. Looking elsewhere now.

      • Yeah and now because I tried the code on their website they are calling me every day

  • Signed up ! Looking forward to this :D

  • I've been with iiNet (ADSL2) for nearly 20 years.

    I've read that when I pre-order with ABB, I should LEAVE iinet connected until the BNB is live (hopefully June for Brisbane).

    Do you guys leave your ADSL2 plan live until connected?

    I'm going to wait for an OzB deal for the Orbi RBK50 and hook up that bad boy in time for the NBN connection…bring it on!

  • Ok signed up. Code worked a treat. Now the waiting game for NbnCo to finish Brisbane!

  • Code didn't work for me, but that would be because i'm in an established NBN area. :(