This was posted 2 years 5 months 12 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired

$15 off Single-City 12-Month Digital Membership $54.99 @ Entertainment Book


I just noted that this deal is back and working again, this is for the 2019/20 entertainment book, I just bought the digital version via below KFC link and it successfully added to my current subscription to end 1/6/2020!

This is a staff deal but worked for me. Not sure how long it will last but better than $10 wish card deal.

Click on this KFC link to purchase your membership.

Similiar to previous expired deal

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    Pretty average customer service according to many reviews

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      They have been great to me on the few occasions I needed help

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        Same here. One merchant refused to accept voucher and the CS lady went out of herself to speak with the owner. She Kept me updated and at the end offered a free dinner or bottle or wine.
        Most people have been use entertainment books for ages and never needed to contact them.
        No sure why he is pointing it out.

        • Out of body experience?

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    score, our local school is flogging these for ~$85, i believe they make $15 profit, so I can buy this, donate $15 to their building fund, get a tax deduction & be well ahead.

    • I support buying these from charities, cancer council also sells them. However keep in mind it none of it would not be considered tax deductible.

      Tax accountants out there, correct me if needed.

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        That's why he said he'd buy the book cheaper from here, then donate directly to the charity (the difference), making it tax deductible.

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          Clearly needed a morning coffee. + votes all around people.

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        none of it would not be considered tax deductible

        Got it, so all of it would be considered tax deductible.

  • Thanks for this. Perfect timing. Much appreciated.

  • Worked , no issues redeeming.
    Followed instructions from previous deal for new membership year to appear by logging out of account in the app and then logging back in.

  • Awesome thank you worked for me

  • Is the Digital version as good/extensive as the printed book? I've only bought the book in the past!

    • ive had new deals come on overtime with the digital book, so you may actually end up with more

      • I wonder if some also disappear. I recall Chemist Warehouse gift cards / vouchers were available for purchase however I can no longer find Chemist Warehouse in the app or on the website (granted I haven't tried looking very hard).

        • A previous commenter on the Chem warehouse deal said they'd stopped selling them. They were only ever available online via a 3rd party gift card ecommerce site

      • The printed book also comes out with bonus offers over time. You just show your card to access them.

        • So how does one get access to new/updated/bonus offers that aren't in the physical book? There is no list or anything on their site, so hard to know when something is added.

    • I find the digital good but sharing and searching is a pain in the butt. You can try using it by downloading it and viewing what's available.

      Despite my gripes I would keep going for digital as it is easily on hand.

  • I can see even paper book is available for $55. and with $0 delivery to your business address. Hence not sure what does that mean? Can I order it at residential address?

    • Where did you see free delivery to a business address?

  • I have the 2018-2019 digital version. If I purchase the 2019-2020 digital version before 2018-2019 expires, will my current vouchers/deals which I have left be overridden by the deals in the 2019-2020 version? Or is there a way to select which version I would like to view the vouchers for (if that makes sense). Cheers

    • you can select which version to use when redeeming vouchers

    • I am in this situation and have both digital books. The app will display both years and all vouchers. E.g McDonald's displays 4 vouchers for me when I search. 2 for last and 2 for this year

      • How can we share the digital book with family?

        • You both install the app. Allows certain number of activations. The version needs to be active on your phone before you can redeem.

    • ive just bought it, and it looks like the 2018-19 version is still active until that expires, even though the 2019-20 version is technically active right now. so you dont have anything to worry about

    • Thanks to everyone who commented on this thread. All of the information is much appreciated!!

  • I get one every year from work, I've probably used it once or twice.. Deals are very subpar.

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      What? I regularly save $100s ???

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        Please tell more, what do you save on?

        • Food (restaurants and take away) mainly, but there is a wide selection of attractions and services as well - little things like 30% of parking and 20% off our local dry cleaners.

          Also depends where you live as well, me and my wife rent in the North Shore and work in the CBD of Sydney, so a million and one options in the book within a reasonable distance - but if you're in a more rural area or ages from the CBD in the suburbs it would require more effort to get full value.

          But it generally pays for itself within one or two meals with the buy one get one free options.

  • Thanks… I renewed mine even though I get only about $40-70 value out of it every year :D

  • We plan to go to NZ this year. Will it be useful for it ?

    For day to day - when I am not travelling anywhere - Have bought the book once and hardly used it ( 97% was unused )

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      just very rough estimations… If you indeed use 3% of the vouchers in the book, you would have recouped about 2x the cost of the book.

  • Diana divorced me, Devil ran away, Hero broke his neck, and the Bandar pygmy tribe have been wiped out by the flu so i have no friends left.

    Is this book any use to me?

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      Good for new dates.

  • bummer, I just bought the book on Sunday when the offer was to get a $10 woolworths egift card

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    From the link this seems to be a KFC staff only offer & can only be delivered to a KFC workplace.
    Of course not sure how that works if you order the Digital version.

    • Well i'm not getting a job at KFC just for this.

      • You could use the KFC coupons on yourself if you did, though…

    • Digital you get by mail and will be activated instantly.

    • It's a bit unclear for the printed version, it lets you enter any address. Anyone tried this?

  • For those in doubt, here are some reasons to get the book_

    Use the “free meal” vouchers. If you do eat out, can’t go wrong, BOGOF or 50% off if dining alone.
    Car hire and hotels have often given me the best rate via their system.
    5% off Coles, woolies and JB .

    • Drakes not Coles - apologies

  • 5% off coles? Do not see that in EB. Chemist Wearhouse and DJs skipped this time, no deal

    • Apologies - Drakes has the 5%.

  • Did anyone else buy this deal yesterday and not get their "Gold Card" number via email?
    I've contacted them but no response yet.

    • Is it your first one? I bought the digital via the Sunday deal and it was active immediately - mine was a renewal.

    • Have they replied you yet? I had the same problem.😨

  • Anyone used the NZ entertainment book ? (South Island)

  • Working, thanks! :)

  • Anyone know if this would work for a physical book to a non-KFC business address?

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      Ordered on the 14th and still havent received

      • what happened? I ordered for delivery to O..

        • Did you end up getting the book>

  • Help needed to activate the gold card.
    I have purchased the membership today and received the confirmation email. But there's no gold card number anywhere in the confirmation email. Has anyone activate the gold card successfully?

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    Thanks OP!
    Bought one last night and got 2 emails immediately.
    One email to confirm I have purchased the digital copy and another email to confirm my gold card has been registered.
    Went into my existing membership app on my phone, logged out and logged in and the 19/20 membership showed up.
    All the 18/19 offers are showing up together with the 19/20 offers.

  • Cheers, just bought the digital version and logged out of my app and back in and it was there!

  • Deal still works, just saved $15. Cheers :D

  • Thanks op! Still valid!

  • Thank you for the discount. I just saved 10% on accommodation in addition to the deal that Mantra had on. Just made my money back!

  • Is it possible to get a physical book without working at KFC please? Thanks

  • Digital worked fine for me

  • If I buy it under my name, can my brother use my coupons as well if he logs in using his phone

    • Only one login is possible. So signout or deactivate on one device and login on another

  • Worked for me - super helpful thanks OP.

  • Thank you. Worked for me July 25 2019.

    Got the Sydney book for $55 ($15 off).

  • Stacks with the current $10 Woolies GC promo!
    I didn't even know about the $10 Promo but I still received in email! Effectively $45 for the book!

  • Attempted to order the book to TAS - received check email - before you try again,
    Haven't received an email.


  • Thanks OP - Still working for me :)

  • Is it possible to print out a coupon from the digital version ?

  • Confirming this is still working :-)
    Easy $15 saved!

  • bought one today. thanks op :)

  • Bought one today. Still working

  • Think I saw someone selling hard copies on gumtree for slightly cheaper.

  • Used it yesterday, can confirm it did $15 off the new 12month membership

  • Just used it and received the $15 off! thanks

  • Still worth getting in the current climate? or hold off? I am worried if restaurants and / or companies go out of business.

  • The multi city one is pretty good value at $95… For when we're allowed to travel again!
    Just purchased, worked fine. Thanks for bringing this one (back) to our attention.

  • It says KFC - ACT, VIC, TAS. Does that mean this deal is valid for books in those states only?

  • Worked for me fine in Adelaide. Thanks.

  • is this expired?

  • Just bought one (for Perth), link still going - thanks so much OP!

    • Same just ordered one for Perth. Was surprised it worked and so easy to do.

  • Just ordered for Brisbane. Thank you!

  • About to go on holidays and my current membership expired so checked this. Looks to still be active, but wow there are a lot of places missing. All of the venues we went to at our holiday destination last year are no longer on there.

    If anyone is thinking about renewing… check and see what offers are available first!