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Free 10 Day Foxtel Now Trial (Includes Game of Thrones Season 8)


This is part of free trial. Below are copied from LH

If you still haven't got around to watching Game Of Thrones because you can't afford Foxtel, we've got some very good news. For a limited time, Foxtel is offering free, on-demand access to every single episode of the hit series. (And yes, that includes all of Season 8!)
To watch every episode of Game Of Thrones for free, simply sign up to Foxtel Now's 10-day trial. This will grant you on-demand access to all Foxtel shows, including Game Of Thrones. Because the trial lasts for ten days, you'll be able to watch the series' finale on May 20 without paying a cent.

Just make sure you cancel your subscription after the final episode airs - otherwise you will be charged $25 per month. Sadly, the free trial is only available to new Foxtel customers, but you should be able to get around this by using a different email address and credit card. Enjoy!

To those who have somehow managed to avoid the cultural phenomenon, Game Of Thrones is a HBO fantasy drama based on the novels by George R R Martin. It follows the plight of warring feudal families in a meticulously crafted world filled with betrayal, bloodshed and dark magic.

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  • +6

    This is 1080i at best, averages somewhere in the 720 range.

    The audio falls out of sync with the video often.

  • Vale Varys, Master of Whispers

  • Jokes on them - I could watch all 8 seasons in a week!

    • 62hrs.. that'll be one mighty effort

      • +2

        Lol that James cordyn made his writer watch all 7 seasons of got over 3 days 24hours a day haha funny video

    • Press F for doubt

  • Dracarys!!!

  • Are you able to sign up again using the same mobile number? I just cancelled my free trial last week.

  • +2

    Watching every episode of GoT in 10 days can't be good for your mental health. I must be the only person here who doesn't have a problem with season 8.

  • +2

    Hi Mods - can you add “free trial” under freebie in posting deals?
    Definition of freebie is free with no strings attached, free trials are obviously free with strings attached. Would recommend a text box to appear underneath on requirements for free trial (such as credit card or email address required)

    It also resolves the argument if free trials can or can’t be posted as a bargain. Also allows us to view current free trials which we may be interested in.

  • I'll be flying on a plane next week with Emirates when the final episode is on. They have free on board WiFi. I'm thinking this will be handy to watch the finale with a VPN?

    • You hardly get enough data on Emirates WiFi just to check emails, and maybe a site or two.
      I doubt you'd be able to steam an ep of GOT.

    • I tried wifi on board SIA before and it's abysmally slow. I doubt you can get a smooth stream on a flying plane.

    • You get like 15 mb or so, forget it. Or you pay heaps to get 300mb.

    • IIRC, Emirates gives 20 megabytes for free. The onboard internet speed is nowhere near good enough to stream videos, even if you pay for and purchase more bandwidth.

      • Managed to snag a business class fare with qantas points so I think it becomes unlimited.. however streaming speeds might be an issue from what you say :(

        • +1

          The fastest speed they have (on any plane) is 3 Mbps, but note that this speed is shared with ALL users on the plane. :-)

          Here's a couple of pictures that I snapped from the last flight about two weeks ago: https://imgur.com/a/YgP2emc

          • @aussieolfaction: I had 20Mbit/s on domestic Virgin flight.

            • @xsacha: I don't know about Virgin, and it's possible that they've a faster internet onboard. But this is an Emirates flight, and the images I've linked to were taken about 10 days ago.

        • nope even with business u only get 20mbs or so. I fly business quite a bit and have never had a plane that has given me unlimited internet + speeds always an issue.

          Oh i did have unlimited wifi on Swiss air (star alliance) code share with Singapore and that was due to there wifi network using Boingo, so i had that from my 28 degrees and free unlimited internet on the plane!

  • Can you sign up and cancel right away? Or if you cancel you lose access straight away?

    • You don't lose access right away. But confusingly it says if you would like to renew it again to just keep using it past the expiry date. At least it did for my Telstra offer, which I was prepaid so there was no payment method anyway.

    • I did that for my last trial. You get access till the last day even if you cancel before that

  • Just signed up - the cancel subscription button is grayed out in my account?

  • Way to ruin it all. This season has been a complete mess makes zero sense a lot of it. What a shame.

  • +1

    For a show that has been in decline for 2-3 seasons now, pretty surprised that everyone expected it to get back to it's peak of season 1-4, especially with shorter episodes, larger budget, final season and the fact it's now over 70 episodes ect. I think quality wise it's on par with season 7, still lots of great moments but definitely some wtf and shake of the head type stuff (mainly due to poor writing).

    It might be a bit of a mess (especially episode 4) but episode 5 showed that there is still hope to finish the series on a high, even if it did have a few wtf moments.

  • -1

    Foxtel went downhill ever since they lost the rights to the EPL, now they try too hard to make it seem worthwhile even though they keep increasing their monthly fee which negates these feeble attempts.

    FoxtelLogic 🤔

    • +1

      yeh losing the EPL rights lost it for me.. plus I rather not enrich the News Corp(Murdoch) propaganda machine.

      • you know even the Aleague outrates the EPL right? AFL, NRL is all foxtel cares about as it generates the most revenue for them.

    • foxtel is in the process of a rate hike and removing less watched sports contracts it will only get worse.

      As the other said FU*CK NEWSCORP AND FRIENDS never will get my money.

  • The cuts to sports will continue as News Corp revealed the pay TV provider made a financial loss of $417 million in 2018. Netflix is blowing Foxtel out of the water, sabotaging NBN speeds made no difference.

  • +5

    Tw be fair the last episode cinematography costume music were brilliant. The writing is a pile of festering rat shit though.

    • Cinematography at some points was brilliant, however any shot involving SFX was dismal. Did they rush the SFX? Were they too cheap to pay for the quality it deserves? Cleganbowl comes to mind. It was terribly lit. The shots involving Arya were great. Probably a different team.

    • I was just thinking this too, very well put together.

  • hmmm do I need a foxtel box for this? or i can use computer to stream?

    • You can use PC, or your TV if it supports the app, or chromecast too.

    • A bit different from Netflix etc. This allows installation on 5 devices only. I have it on my phone and chromecast to TV. Works fine.

  • I've been using a Foxtel Free trial for years via a VPN and a torrent client.

    • oh

  • I'm here just for the nudity

  • The most diabolical thing about GOT is … that Benioff & Weiss kept G.R.R. Martin so busy enjoying the promo junketts etc that George wasnt able to finish the series … leaving it solely up to them! BWAHAHAHA

  • +1

    First 4 eps of this season have been terrible - I farking loved E05 though.

    • I might have to watch it again because I didn't find many of the story arcs believable.. Jaime was on a 7 season path to redemption, for it to end like it did was kinda hollow.. I find Daenerys descent into madness to be out of character, almost psychotic

      • After feeling so negative about GoT for the last month I reached a point of watching last night where I said to myself "I have really enjoyed the hell out of this episode so far. I'm sure I'm going to be able to go on the internet and find countless reasons to change this but I'm not going to let this happen". Honestly though the effectiveness of the ballistas being removed and Jaime's arc didn't bode well with me but other than that I thought this episode pulled off what ep 3 completely failed at.

        • It was the least painful episode of the season.
          Definitely no Hodor moments this season and just shallow shallow superficial Avengers style nothingness. What a pity this epic show has ended this way.

  • Do i need to see seasons 1-7 before watching season 8?

    • Yeah nah - just go on YouTube and search for "Game of Thrones seasons 1 to 7 in 90 minutes" or similar - that should give you the basic storylines, and will save you about 60 hours of your life ;)

    • Yes you do. This show is fantastic - you'll see.

  • Great thanks. I could do a lot with 60 hours.

  • Foxtel be like, we’re going to lose half our Customer base when GOT ends. Quick run a promo

  • What my 3 free trials of foxtel (haha was so easy to use different email/credit card combos) have shown me is that foxtel is a lump of turd outside having GoT. I can't find a movie or TV series worth watching and you wouldn't even get those on the base $25 package. The best part of all this is foxtel is bleeding bad and thinks they are going to hike their prices and cut content to compensate. Good luck with that. Worst streaming, worst app (doesn't even work on xbox - unlike stan, prime and nextflix), worst content, worst prices. Foxtel will be gone in a few years.

    • Oh and I used different names. First one in mine, then the misses, then a kid. So I didn't break the rules. We were all new customers. Even had a kid to spare when I cancel for the last time next week!

  • How did people get to it to work on the second free trial? Whenever I tried I get error message saying this device already use a free trial

    • Chromecast

      • Ah I see. I was using my mobile and tablet. They are on to me lol. Just been told I'm can no longer use foxtel go free trial anymore after using it once already.

  • FYI Free trial will only work once on the Play Station 4 app.

  • Foxtel was so good back in the day, no ads and shows you couldn't find on tv. But we have the internet and netflix. I don't like ads especially if i have to pay for it.

  • foxtels generosity in these tough times astounds me !
    10 days

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