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Bosch 0615990L4J 18V Brushless 2 Piece + 1 × 8.0Ah Battery Combo Kit $299 Delivered @ Total Tools


Received this in my email.

I think it's a good deal.

Normal price with one extra battery is $699.
So, good for diy if you don't need two batteries.

Mod Note 20/5: Available now, free delivery.

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  • Price?
    Details of the what the deal actually is?

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    Also available at Bunnings for the same price, but only available on 20 May.

    Source: Trade customer at Bunnings.

    • Does anyone know if this means there will be stock in every Bunnings nationwide? I don't want to wake up early and rock up at 6am for nothing.

    • +14

      Same items


      Bunnings deal
      Hammer drill: GSB 18V-60 C
      Impact driver: GDR 18V-EC
      Batteries: 2 x 3.0Ah
      Charger: AL1820CV
      Work light: GLI 18 VariLED

      Total Tools deal
      Hammer drill: GSB 18V-85 C
      Impact driver and wrench: GDX 18V-EC
      Battery: 1 x 8.0Ah
      Charger: AL1880CV

  • +1

    It's a combo impact driver and impact wrench!

    18V 1/4inch Brushless Impact Driver and Impact Wrench Skin GDX18V-EC
    * The Worlds Only ¼” Impact Driver & ½” Impact Wrench combo tool allows you to quickly change from driver bits to ½” sockets without changing tools!
    * 185Nm of torque and variable speed trigger you will breeze through the jobsite without the weight on your belt.

  • I thought this deal was only open to Bosch Crew members until 20 May according to the email I also received.

  • Does anybody know if this qualifies for any bosch redemptions?

  • I got this in my email from bunninngs power pass, looks the same


    • Because that says Heavy Duty I wonder if it qualifies for the Angle Grinder redemption. Would make it a very good deal

      • Doesn't look like. As per the T&C the redemption you are referring to is when you purchase combo 0.615.990.L24. This combo is number 0.615.990.L4J according to TotalTools

    • Would Bunnings let you pre order something like this or do you have to go into a store on the 20th?

    • -1

      Buying products with power pass supposedly gimps their warranty.

      • I've never had a problem.

      • +1

        Products designed for home use (e.g. Ozito) yes. Would not be a problem with Bosch, especially considering the deal is exclusively for Powerpass holders.

        • I've bought heaps of Ozito stuff with Powerpass, warranty has never been an issue.

          • @Singu1arity: Reduces the warranty to one year instead of 3

          • @Singu1arity: But considering there's no Powerpass discount on Ozito stuff and at best you'll reduce the warranty, why bother?

            • @dcash: I dunno where you guys are getting that it reduces warranty from. I've bought a few items back that were over a year old and have had on the spot replacement.

              I use Powerpass to track my invoices easier and usually don't just go to Bunnings to buy one thing… So Powerpass gets used no matter what.

              • @Singu1arity: Bunnings staff specifically recommended that I not use my Powerpass card to purchase Ozito stuff, as they have had customers warranty claims rejected on the basis that Ozito products are not designed for commercial use.

                • @dcash: I'll be sure to mention that if I ever have a problem because no one's ever said anything to me!

        • It's not exclusive for Powerpass holders, anyone can buy for that price.

          • @whitey: Ok, but advertised in a Bunnings Trade/Powerpass e-mail.

  • +1

    I have the driver, and it's OK but not great. The ergonomics are excellent, but it is underpowered: see https://youtu.be/pvqar-4ZelA

    There are similar reports for lack of power in tightening or loosening when using it as a wrench.

    Although I have a lot of Bosch gear, for impact drivers I much prefer Makita.

    The drill is fairly good, however, and so is the battery.

    A very good price, so long as you don't need really high power. But for weekend warriors/hobbyists, it should be fine.

    • I found Makita's impact drivers also weak when used as a wrench. That's why there are impact wrenches. This Bosch one is rated for 185 Nm, which is higher than Makita's top impact driver DTD171 with 180 Nm

      • +2

        Agreed - although this is marketed as a "Cordless Impact Driver/Wrench" (https://www.bosch-pt.com.au/au/en/products/gdx-18-v-ec-06159...), so it is putting itself up against impact wrenches. It happens to have a regular driver attachment too, which is really handy if you are mixing and matching and don't want to carry 2 tools. I used it to bolt some things together and anchor into cinder block, and it was fine although slower.

        I use the Makita DTD154Z, which is only rated at 175Nm, but which seems to me to have more effective torque than the Bosch at 185Nm. You also see in the video I linked that the Bosch didn't have the power as a driver despite its torque rating. It did worse than the fluid Makita, which also had a lower torque rating.

        But still as I said a good tool for the average ozbargainer at a great price.

    • +7

      I do metal framing, driving Self Drilling screws into upto 3x 1.5mm steel.

      I find it Makita way too fast, almost stripping screw head 100% of the time.

      AEG too powerful and unsteady, throwing screw the into flying 30% of the time, and over tightening.

      Only bosch, is steady, never stripping screw head. And only throwing screws about 10% of the time.

      Over lengthy period of work. I find Bosch get job done way faster than the other two.

      Both Bosch(same in the deal) and Makita (DTD170) was not able to lose 10mm concrete bolt where AEG can.

    • That video gives me second thoughts, it has the Bosch as the worst performer out of 8. See 20:00 minute mark: https://youtu.be/pvqar-4ZelA

      • That test is not conclusive, the timber could have had variations in hardness. He should have tried to screw the screws down with the Dewalt when the Bosch stopped to prove it had more grunt. That test is very unrealistic for these types of tools, normally you'd drill a pilot hole before screwing a screw of that size and length. I've never had any problems screwing into anything with my Bosch, I'd rather have a reliable, long lasting well built tool than one that wins a screw driving race.

        • Sure. The reviewer did caveat the test with the shortcomings you pointed out.

          • @rokufan: Oh did he? I didn't watch the whole thing, just the bit you linked to.

            • @whitey: Yeah he did. And they even repeated the test with a different piece of wood in another video to address variations in wood hardness.

  • Thanks OP, great deal. I have both of these Bosch Blue tools already and about 20 more but i'm buying it for the battery and charger alone.
    The battery sells for about $219 and the charger $149. These Bosch batteries are very good, i've got about 15 of them and even have my first batteries from this deal back in 2012 making them over 7 years old - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/67753 . The reason I have so many batteries is because I can't help myself every time a higher amp hour version comes out :) .
    They are still all going strong and i've never had one fail, same with all of the tools.

    • Do you have one of these 8.0Ah batteries? Do they add much weight compared to smaller Ah batteries?

      • +1

        I have the 7ah version and it's not an issue for me at all, it is only slightly bigger and heavier than a 4ah battery. These batteries are very compact and light compared to other brands.

  • Anyone know the torque rating of the GSB 18 V-85 C drill in this package? Total tools states it as 110 N.m, VS the Bosch blue website which states 85 N.m. Thanks

    • 85 should be correct.

  • How does this deal compare to this one from Blackwoods?


    Edit: it just sold out.

    • Edit 2: Back in stock so my question stands :)

  • Mine has been sent today from Total Tools.

    • Hi, when did you place your order? How long did it take for your delivery?

      • I only ordered it on Tuesday night, I just checked tracking and it's being sent from a city store that is only 1 hour away from me. I could have picked it up in store if I wanted, not sure why it says "pre-order" if they're in stock? Probably get it tomorrow or Monday I suppose.

        Edit: It appears some stores have stock and others have special orders - allow 5 to 14 days. Just put your postcode in the box o the linked page and it will tell you.

  • Just a heads up, I saw these in Bunnings today for $299. They had stacks of them.

    • I went to Bunnings Preston today, was advised these at back room, can only be displayed and sold from 20th.

      • Well the Wagga store had them on the floor and for sale yesterday (18th).

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