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Mid Year Price Reductions, Preowned Games from $2 at EB Games


It's that time of year again when EB will start decorating their stores in red and discounting stock.

Here are a few deals:


Xbox One


And here are the links for all products by platform. Also, both preowned and new games/loot are covered.

Shipping is a flat rate $14.95 or $16.95(strategy guides) so either Click & Collect or buy enough games to make it worthwhile.

(It's not a great sale to be honest. Personally, a lot of the games at around $30-$40 or so should've been discounted further)

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  • +17

    I think this is the first time EB has ever had a sale

  • +9

    Their prices are high because they have to pay for all that floor to ceiling red vomit

    • Definitely looks like an end-of-generation clear out

  • +5

    $14.94 shipping for the items I checked seems excessive.

    • +4

      This. Kills it.
      $14.95 for the first item! That's way more than actual postage costs.

  • +13

    Watch out buying new games from ebgames, especially if they are older titles. They love sending used games as new. I fell for that twice in recent months.

    I highly recommend calling your local store if you can. Ask if they have new or sealed copy. Even if the website says they have a new one in stock, the store employee will say otherwise.

    • +1

      The other month i bought a new game on a sale at EB as click and collect, when arriving the storegirl advised she could only give me a clear cover and wouldn't look for an alternate copy of the game. Argued with her back and forth for about 5 minutes before i pulled the manager card, whom came over and saw the order was for a new game and then went to fetch the new game.
      I think there are certainly staff there whom don't care, end result i still got the new copy at the cost of getting daggers whenever i am there.

      • +1

        wow thats pretty poor from them !

  • Looks like they still have a box of Skylanders out the back they need to clear out…

  • +2

    $2 replacement cases here I come!

    • A few months ago I got desperate and bought one for $4 (can't remember which game)… Sad times

      • +1

        You could always go ask your local Cash Converters, my store has loads of spares they'll either give you or sell to you for 1$ea

        • I'll remember that - thanks!

  • -3

    sum of teh linx are phucked

    • You were right. I fixed them up just then.

  • Damn was hoping for cheap titanfall 2 on ps4. They won't price match the prices for new stock which is pretty weird.

    • If you're buying a pre owned game and it's more expensive than the new version, the pre owned version is supposed to become 10% cheaper than the new price.

      At least they have done that for me in the past.

      • +1

        Haha nah. They told me it was an 'Easter Egg'.. And it's like finding the store that had stock

        • My local said the same sort of thing, “oh yeah it’ll be one copy in one store in WA or something”

    • +1


      EA Access game subscription service finally comes to PS4 (i think july)

  • Haha some of the prices are funny
    48 bucks for pre owned mlb the show 15
    Pretty sure that's my copy I sold them a couple of years back. Think they gave me 9 bucks after charging me a tax cause it was a us disc.

  • +1

    Frost Punk down to $15 if anyone is interested.

  • Hmmm has anyone got Darkest Dungeon? I'm on the fence for the price they're selling it…

  • Finally i can maybe use some of my $1300 credit.
    Hope they have some collectors editions on sale.

    • +3

      That's 325 copies of Monster Hunter Generations for the 3DS right there.

  • +1

    Great deal here! $28 Starlinks a fantastic game on the Switch.

  • Will we see an Amazon price match?

    • Not for most things from this sale.

  • Thankyou, been eying off the preowned dragon cafe from my local for a while now, but didn’t want to pay $64.

  • +3

    Standard EB sale:

    1. No bargain
    2. Out of stock
    3. Stock for 2 stores in the entire country
  • +1

    Grabbed a few decent deals.

    Zone of The Enders VR $9
    Strange Brigade XB1 $12
    Memories Retold XB1 $15

    • +1

      I would agree Strange Brigade is awesome coop fun, had a blast playing through the campaign several times, trying to get all the hidden collectables.

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