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90K Qantas Points, $49 First Year (Normally $395) @ Citibank VISA Signature Qantas Credit Card


Apply for the Citi Signature Qantas Credit Card and receive 90,000 Qantas Points when you spend $4,000 within 90 days from approval. Plus, enjoy no annual card fee in the first year (normally $395), with an annual $49 fee for the Citibank Qantas Rewards Program.

Reward yourself with a complimentary Priority Pass membership with two airport lounge visits per year.
$75,000 min Income

  • 1.00 Qantas Point per $ Domestic Spend (Major Airlines, Hotels and Restaurants)
  • 0.75 Qantas Point per $ Domestic Spend (Major Supermarkets, Petrol Stations, retailers)
  • 0.50 Qantas Point per $ Domestic Spend (All Other)
  • 1.00 Qantas Point per $ International Spend

Listed on the Qantas Cards site: https://www.qantas.com/au/en/frequent-flyer/earning-points/c...

From 'Things you should know':

Actual credit limit will be assigned based on our credit criteria, subject to confirmation that you earn a minimum of $35,000 per year and your credit rating

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  • +2

    Nice, was just going to join the Westpac one, 30k extra points! w00t

    • -1

      Does Westpac charge $49 as well?

      • Under the terms, yes. However there are reports that the 50 isn't being charged. I received my card 1 week ago and there is still no charge.

        • had that card, not been charged for 2 months, not saying that it won't though

  • +1

    I'm about to dump a couple cards and looking for another bonus points card.
    4000 over 3 months is higher than the average 3k over 3 on other cards.

    • +4

      Refundable business class flights would do the trick.

      • +1

        Would you mind confirming if you mean the following?

        1. Buy biz class flights
        2. Request refund
        • -1
          1. Yes - Domestic
          2. Yes
          • @nightelves: Thanks!

            So to confirm - a refund would NOT deduct the original debit amount, from the credit card signup bonus minimum spend threshold?

            • -7

              @sssbp: If it’s too much hassle for you buy a whole bunch of power tools from Bunnings and refund it back because of change of mind.

            • +19

              @sssbp: This never works, and yet I see it recommended in every thread. Here's what they'll do:

              1. They'll refund it to the original card it was purchased on. They will not negotiate on this, as they aren't in the business of assisting with potential credit card fraud (what basis would they have to protect themselves if they did this and the original card filed a chargeback?)

              2. The only other option you'll get is a refund as a credit. So you'll still have spent the money.

              • @trotsky: do the people that do this not wait for the points to be credited before cancelling and asking for the refund. I usually see it advised to book a flight as far ahead as possible?

              • @trotsky: That’s why you link a savings account to the card, insert the card and hit savings when they do the refund

            • +1

              @sssbp: Of course it does. The other guy is an idiot. Anything you refund gets cancelled from required spend and does not get you any benefit at all.

          • @nightelves: Can I ask which airline this would work with? Business domestic flight and same day cancellation would result ina refund ?

          1. Card fee is non-refundable
          • @T-man:

            • it's capped at $11 with Qantas. A fair price for making minimum spend with no actual spend.
      • When you get the refund, do you then close the card and request the credit transferred to a bank account?
        Or is this just a way of extending the spend period indefinitely?

        • Why the hurry? You have a year before the annual fee is charged.
          Spend the 4k within 90 days, get the refund and the points, then cancel the card. Don't think it'll take you more than a year to do that before you cancel the card.

          • -1

            @Heybargain: you dont get points on any refunded items.

            • +4

              @Oliver: Oliver, it is pretty simple, so I'm not sure what you are missing.


              Book flights for say Feb 2020 in Jun 2019, bonus points land Aug 2019. Immediately cancel card and cancel flights. The refund will still go through. Ask bank to either send you a cheque or bank transfer (depends on the bank).

          • @Heybargain: If you are a true ozbargainer, there is definitely a hurry. You want to cancel ASAP, so you become eligible ASAP to get points again on another good Qantas card deal. I have read that Qantas cards need an 18 month grace period from cancellation before you are eligible to receive points again.

            Edit: Actually, I might be misinformed. Can someone clear a couple things up for me? Firstly, are Qantas cards 12 months or 18 months grace? Secondly, does the countdown begin from when you first got approved, first applied, or when you cancel?

            • @NoApostrophePlurals: When you cancel

            • +1

              @NoApostrophePlurals: The grace period depends on the card. Most cards I've come across have been 12 months with the exception of the Amex Qantas Ultimate which is 18 months.

            • @NoApostrophePlurals: It’s per provider (Citibank, anz, st george etc).
              So some cards won’t allow you to sign up for bonus points within a 12 month period if you’ve had one. Similar to the anz qff ones that come up regularly here.
              Not sure what the case is for the Citibank one, but I’m sure someone has already found out

            • @NoApostrophePlurals: It's not Qantas cards that have a grace period, it's the brand i.e. if you get a Citibank QFF card, you won't be eligible for another Citibank QFF signup bonus for 18 months.

              However, nothing stopping you from going to Westpac or ANZ and getting the signup bonus from there.

              Grace period depends on the brand (Amex is 18 months, others maybe 12). Countdown begins from when the card is cancelled.

              • @pandamninator: I just applied for a Qantas Premier Platinum card. I think this is provided by Citigroup. That would mean I don't qualify for this offer, is this correct?

    • +10

      You can put various utilities into credit balances e.g. gas, elec, internet, phone, health insurance, car insurance, home insurance etc etc.

      I usually just pre-pay my kids childcare for the next few months.

      • This is just about the only thing useful for the council rates…

    • I’m going to start doing this at least once a year, car rego and insurance and and a few bills and the spend isn’t bad.

      • +2

        Government transactions such as rego are not eligible transactions and do not contribute towards the spend criteria

        • Where does it say this?

    • +5

      Just buy $1000 Wish gift card and use it for your grocery shopping. You even earn points on it and if you're QFF member, you'll earn an additional 3 points per $ on Woolworths spend, so you'll basically get 4,000 points for this.

      • +2

        Remember you can buy Wish gift cards through Cashrewards and Entertainment books with a 5% discount to save another $50 also!

      • +2

        How do you get the extra 3 points per Woolies spend? I'm QFF member and Woolies shopper, but usually buy 5% discounted E gift cards. Can you clarify please.

  • +5

    Good deal for the bonus points, but then the standard earn rate is terribad of 0.5 point per dollar.

    90,000 = $900 cash

    $851 profit.

    • 90,000 = $900 cash

      $851 profit.

      What does it mean? are you saying that 90K points have monitory value of $900?

      • Points have no monetary value unless redeemed or sold (which is against T&C). Nominally though, I would say that is a fair valuation of what they could be good for.

        • +1

          The going sale rate for points seems to be about 1c/point.

          • +4

            @macrocephalic: 1.2c/pt on the market, 1c is firesale price..

            • @cwongtech: Being the holder of a couple of hundred thousand, I hope you're correct. We'll see when it comes time to sell.

    • How do you get this? On the Qantas Store for a $500 Woolies card it 'costs' 98,050 points.

      • Selling them to people on the forum. Flights are worth more than gift cards

        • How and where do you sell QFF points?

          • +5

            @Deal finder: Given your username I'm sure you'll do some searching and come across something worthwhile

      • What you want is a woolworths card then……

        For Qantas products it's not so bad. Then again, woolies rewards points don't transfer to QFF that well either so pick your loyalty schemes and redemptions wisely

  • Anyone know if rental income can be included in the min income requirement?

    • +4

      Usually it is counted. Income is income.

      • -1

        Amazing, thank you.

        • Hey Kenny! 👋 haha

    • +1

      If it's taxable, it's considered income.

    • +1

      Not too sure how strict they are on the criteria, mate of mine got a credit card earning ~35k a year on one that said 75000

  • +8

    Hi guys, do you know what's the definition of "New" customers for Citibank? does not seem to be clearly spelled in their terms and conditions. (I cancelled my previous citi reward signature card sometime last year)

    • +3

      I'm interested as well. I've been holding on to my free for life family and friends citibank card - with my wife as an extra card holder. If she's not considered a n existing customer then I might apply for it in her name.

      • for most of Australian banks, your wife should be considered as a new primary cardholder and eligible for bonus offer. But this is CITIBANK we are talking about…. we might want to get the final ruling from citibank on this.

      • +2

        Supplementary cardholders are never considered customers, the liability is all under the primary cardholder.

    • i'm hanging out for the same info too, definitely in if I can have had a card a few years ago.

    • +1

      What about if I was a holder of the Qantas Premier Card? I think that was issued under Citibank as well.

      • -1

        it generally specifies the name of the cards that you dont hold in the last 12 months. u need to check the names.

        • Can't find a list of cards or recently held products that would make someone ineligible. The terms of the offer don't state that is a requirement.

          • @phantom: Were you able to confirm if having a Qantas Premier Card makes you ineligible for the bonus points?

            • @Snug17: @Snug17 No idea, sorry. I can't find anywhere that stipulates what related cards could make someone ineligible or even that there is a mandatory waiting period if holding a same/similar card previously.

              • +1

                @phantom: me: if i have a Qantas premier Visa card, will I be still considered as new citi bank customer as i just checked the card said issued by citi group?

                Rep(Rich): Thanks for checking this with us. Yes, it is true that we are the same creditors. However, your Citi application will still be considered a separate application.

                Rep(Rich):We still consider this as a new application with the Citibank side of terms & conditions. You will be eligible if approved and still subject to our review and credit criteria.

                • @andrit: checked second time with citi rep:
                  apparently if you have card issued by Citi Group for less than 9 months, your application wont be accepted although you will be considered as new customer for this citi signature card.

                  rep: In that regard, you will need to establish your card with Citi group for nine months before you can make another application.

                  • @andrit: Maybe that is their rule, but in practice they don't necessarily follow it. I have been approved for citi backed cards 4 times when I had recently closed a different citi backed card, and one of those times I hadn't cancelled (so I held two at the same time).

    • -1

      Usually means u dont hold the same card or any of the cards in the category for the last 12 months, then u quality for the bonus points.

    • +1

      I only cancelled the a no fee for life freebie one from a few years back because of the ridiculously high min credit limit and crappy earn rate. I didn't qualify for a signature back then, but I'm guessing the Platinum would be the same category of card so probably excluded.

      But if there's no 12month counter like other ones I'd apply …

    • Just contacted them on livechat and asked about having a card with them previously and having cancelled last year (8-9 months ago).

      To be eligible to apply for the Qantas Signature Rewards credit credit card you must: be at least 18 years of age; have a good credit rating; earn a taxable income of $75,000 or more and be an Australian permanent resident.
      so no limitation about holding citi cards previously?
      No, Brandroid. Please note all application will still be for bank review and approval.

      • +1

        Note the Rep hasn't really answered the question regarding eligibility on the points specifically….only the broad eligibility requirement for signing up to the card.

        • Good point, my original question to the rep was about being "eligible for the offer at the [link from this OzB post]", which in my mind includes the points.

          • +1

            @Brandroid: Just to follow up. I went online and contacted live chat regarding eligibility when you have a Virgin Money or Qantas Premier card

            ME: I currently have a Virgin Money Card (that is a Citibank product I believe). Am I still eligible for the $$0 fee
            and the 90,000 bonus Qantas points (provided i spend $4k within 90 days of approval)

            REP: Yes, you are. Thanks for the interest in applying.

            REP: I understand that your query could pertain to the statement saying it has to be your first Citi Card with us.

            REP: Thanks for acknowledging that we're the card providers for both products but each brand are considered
            separate. It would technically be your first card with Citi.

  • Potentially silly question - does anyone happen to know if the overseas transaction exchange rates and charges to use overseas on this are comparable to the Citibank Plus account? Currently running a 28 Degrees Card for international but if I can accrue points I will…

    Please and thanks!

    • +5

      No. The Citibank Debit Plus (if what is what you meant) charges no currency conversion fees or overseas ATM fees. The Signature card charges 3.4% fees for foreign currencies or AUD if the merchant is overseas. I have no "no fee for life" signature card, and never use it overseas (I use Bankwest Zero Platinum for that (free), plus a Debit Plus card for ATM withdrawals (also free) ).

      • Thank you and yes that is the card I meant! Exactly what I was trying to work out. Couldn't find those numbers on their website.

    • +5

      I just signed up and it comes with a free (opt-in) Diners card that can be used overseas, that doesn't attract transaction fees, and accrues points. Didn't realise they had this!

  • Perfect timing. thanks OP.

  • +12

    Shame it's citibank. Their application process is very weird. I am always declined despite meeting all criteria. I always got approved elsewhere.

    • +1

      Shite if that's the case my chance of getting approval is next to nothing.

      • +1

        Correct, not only the approval is extremely difficult, but also a bunch of ppl are complaining online they never received their points. Google Citibank review site:AU.

    • +1

      Sameh ere. I thought I had put in my details incorrectly after the first "Decline" but again it failed again. Later on I received an email saying my credit score took a hit from this.

      • +2

        Could be a spacing issue potentially

  • +8

    Anyone knows if making a donation to World Visions can be counted for the $4,000 spending?

  • +10

    ugghhh Citi, I never get approved ever

    Edit: Holy shit I got conditionally approved.

    • +2

      Doesn't mean nothing. I was the same as well for Virgin Money only to get declined. Same with a friend of mine.

      • you had to jinx it! got declined on 180k income :( I don't even know what's needed to get approved anymore

        • +1

          did you have to upload payslips, etc before you get rejected?

          • +2

            @FutureTech: Yes. All that was left was the verification stage. Seems as if they're just in it to collect payslips

        • +1

          Do you hold existing credit cards with high limits? I'm contemplating cancelling a card and going for this deal but now it sounds risky…

          • @Fever4shakin: Yes, I have an ANZ black with a 15k limit.

            • +1

              @neilpatrickharris: How it's possible to get declined with one 15k card on that income is beyond me. Yet every reasonable credit card deal there's some people with decent incomes and low debt who get declined. If you haven't already I'd suggest signing up for the free credit monitoring services (personally I think credit savvy seems the nicest). If that report all looks good & correct, and you have a decent credit rating (e.g. less than 4 cards applied for in past year, and rating higher than 770) then the cynic in me wonders if they must be certain you'll pay it all off and are refusing you for that reason.

              • +2

                @nickj: I do have credit saavy and have been using it for the past 4 years. My rating is 814. I think the reason I'd get rejected is because my file shows that I've never had a late payment on any card. If that's the case Citi won't make any money off of me. They need people who make minimum repayments and not pay balances off in full.

                • +1

                  @neilpatrickharris: This is what was determined in the flybuys thread, for the same citibank card offer.
                  You'll only be accepted if it looks like they'll make money off you.

                  • +1

                    @DerpFactory: in a similar boat… rating of 8xx in credit savy yet shittybank never approves, tried thrice. wont do it again.

                    • @F1Maniac: @F1Maniac @DerpFactory: Thanks for the tip off guys, I was going to apply for this but hearing this bullshit I'm going to skip it as I'm in the same boat as you guys. This is pretty unethical of them to pick and choose customers like that as well.

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