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Free Scoop of Ice Cream for Voting on Climate Change @ Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops


So this popped up on my facebook and you need to fill out the form to show your support for climate change and then you get an email for a free scoop which you just show at any Ben & Jerry's shop. No barcodes or anything. 350 free scoops per shop.

From the email:
A little thank you for pledging to #VoteClimate
To say thank you for pledging to #VoteClimate we have partnered with our friends at Ben & Jerry’s to give you a free scoop of ice cream from any Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop – just show this email when you order. Only 350 scoops will be given out at each Scoop Shop between Monday 13th May to Friday 17th May (both days included) so find your nearest Scoop Shop today.

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  • +46

    Ice cream corporation or political movement?

    I’m sure all those dairy cows are beaching out some gases.

    • +2

      BOOM THIS!!!

      • +4

        you need to fill out the form to show your support for climate change

        I support climate change; it's too cold in Sydney!

        • Wait till it gets really cold. This is just the beginning.

    • -15

      Ice cream corporation or political movement?

      Questions the people who haven't worked out that the world is ending ask.

      • +5

        When is it going to end? 2012?

        • -1

          Whatever year they give will only be changed once it passes. Similar to how "Global warming" became "Climate change"

      • +3

        Why did they change "global warming" to "climate change"? Why has the climate been changing since the birth of the earth?

        • +10

          The earth fluctuates and goes through cycles but there's no doubt that mankind is speeding up the process

          • -5

            @Joey Jo Jo: Might wanna have a look at history. Earth is colder now than it was 3 million years ago.

            • +1

              @brendanm: you might want to invest in a dictionary and look up 'fluctuate'

              When more carbon and methane is in the atmosphere the planet is warmer. By burning carbon we are injecting it into the atmosphere which is speeding up the warming cycle as I previously mentioned. As the polar ice caps melt due to the warming cycle trapped methane that is stored in the ice is also released into the atmosphere. A literal snowball effect.

              And again, I said that the earths climate fluctuates in cycles - what mankind if doing is assisting the warming cycle to speed up.

              With your statement about the Earth from 3 million years ago I fail to see how that assists any argument for or against climate change. Are you a Pauline Hanson voter?

        • -4

          Cause global warming implies the planet overall is getting hotter. Certain regions have actually been getting colder.

          • +1

            @UberIsCool: Booo factss

            • +6

              @TerryJustTerry: Here is one. Earth CO2 levels in the Cambrian period were ten times higher than now. Undisputed fact and science!

              • +1

                @DisabledUser171442: hmmm does that contradict uberiscool's assertion or is it just another fact ?

                • -2

                  @TerryJustTerry: An inconvenient truth.

              • +9

                @DisabledUser171442: Correct, they were around 4500ppm.
                You’re conveniently leaving out that because of this the planet was 7 degrees warmer and sea levels were 30 to 90 metres above today. Let’s also not forget that a) this change in CO2 concentration occurred over hundreds of thousands of years, which allowed a little thing called adaptation to take place, whereas today the increase is occurring over decades, and b) humans weren’t around then.

              • @DisabledUser171442: one to two million years ago… solid argument

                • @Joey Jo Jo: Check again. You have no idea of the Cambrian period, lol. The science of the believers is breathtaking.

                  • @DisabledUser171442: Care to state your beliefs on the matter?
                    If you dispute the climate scientists would you be able to explain why?

                    • @chymb: I'm a qualified scientist in another, actually objective field. At university, you are taught the requirements for research to form science, yet none of that is present with climate change. I don't doubt the ability of humans to foul their own nest, but pretending that is a science is a mockery. The Earth is a complex system that no self respecting scientist would pretend to model accurately. Check the fineprint of assumptions. It's quackery. No estimator can accurately estimate the carbon weight of a single square metre of rainforest, the amount of illegal clearing and burning and wild fires on the planet is unknown, yet climate models are treated as science? It's a theory and guesswork and lies have been told due to the fact that change must occur well prior IFF it turns out to be true.

                      The public must be managed to take costly action at the theory stage. The third world can and will hold the rich countries to ransom. They even have some legitimate arguments. Why should all countries take action now, when rich countries caused the damage and hold the benefits? China will use population rationalisation, US will use status quo justification and Australia will use land area calculations to all selfishly benefit themselves. Canada and Russia would benefit for temperature increases. Hungary sells the same carbon credit multiple times. The auditing requirement is utterly prohibitive. It cannot be done commercially. Part of science is calling it like you see it. If true, it might not be fixable due to the selfishness of man. Most of the people advocating it have an ulterior financial motive. It's a mess. Anyone suggesting there is a clear solution is in denial or a liar. If most of the world gets their act together, there will just be emission haven countries. Australia can run an exhaust pipe to Tuvulu and call itself carbon neutral.

                      As a footnote, my personal carbon footprint is quite likely to be the best here, or very close. I am being lectured by people who have done less for the environment than me, possibly combined.

                      • +2

                        @DisabledUser171442: While “correlation doesn’t prove causation” it’s a massive coincidence that the globe has warmed at an extreme rate since industrialisation.
                        Is that not enough evidence? Is the evidence not strengthened by knowledge about the greenhouse effect? Or do you dispute that too?

                        The “solutions” being touted are undoubtedly flawed because the actual solutions are too hard or (dare I say it) too inconvenient to implement.

                        • -1

                          @chymb: I have disputed that anyone can accurately and scientifically quantify amounts involved. If you bothered to read the research papers involved you would see the obscene number of presumptions and caveats behind the modelling….but out the end comes science lol. Unknown this and presumed but not measured that and out comes science. Just no. I challenge anyone to accurately estimate the amount of carbon in just one square metre of forest of my choosing.

                          Will anyone you find be accurate to within one kilogram? No. 10 kilograms. No. 100 kilograms? No….but they can estimate the Earth, lol. What portion of the sea floor has been explored by humans yet that is being estimated. A joke. How do they know the thermal vent output of areas we have never seen or come close to? Guesswork. That's how. Not science.

                          I would love to get paid making things up like they do, but I couldn't keep a straight face and lying would get old, but that hasn't stopped the climate scientists that do pretend to have answers. Just because you think the cause is noble doesn't give you the right to make things up.

                          • @DisabledUser171442: So the temperature increase is not happening? Or just the greenhouse effect?

                            I am happy to trust that the scientific method works so I, personally, don’t need to check everybody’s work.

                            Simple Proof of Man-Made Global Warming

                            • -1

                              @chymb: You and others can conject as you see fit, just don't misrepresent it as science or scientific method. It's not. I think humans are having an impact on global warming. You can't say publicly that you don't know how much because it doesn't sell books or change people's behaviour.

                              The overwhelming science on the matter is we have no idea. There are more unknowns than knowns. We have an untested theory about a massively and poorly understood system.

                              • @DisabledUser171442: Is the temperature going up?
                                Is it going up faster since the industrial revolution?
                                Did you write to the skeptoid guy and explain where he got it wrong?

                                • -2

                                  @chymb: Temperature of what exactly? The vast majority of the Earth has never been explored and the temperature has never been recorded. Let's forget that part and still call it a science, shall we?

      • -3

        For thirty years I've been told that the world is ending next year. When I was a kid they called it global warming. But the weather didn't support the fear they were selling, they had to change its name. Climate change is what they're using now, cause it might go one way or it might go the other. It might be hot or it might be cold. Or - and I'm just gonna suggest this as something any reasonable person could work out by looking out a window - or it could just be weather. And you can't change the weather no matter how many Adam Bandts you vote for. No matter how many plastic bags you don't use. No matter how many steak diners you spray with blood. It's the weather and it can't be legislated. By "voting climate" you're giving power to lying leftie scumbags who see your entire life as something to regulate. No matter how private, and no matter how trivial, lefties want to control you. By voting climate you're begging for a Green collar around your neck.

        • Are they the same lefties that want to prevent same-sex marriage and abortions? Or are you just really really smart?
          Please live long enough to suffer the effects of climate breakdown and explain to your fellow sufferers that it was nothing that could have been helped.

          • +3

            @chymb: Haha nice.

            "Believe everything I say, and obey completely. If you don't THE WORLD WILL END."

            These morons parrot everything that they hate to hear from the church. Cognitive dissonance much?

        • +4

          They changed ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change’ to more accurately reflect the myriad ways it manifests across the world. It’s still very much true that the globe is warming, it’s just that it’s more complicated than that. It was a scientific exercise, not a marketing one.
          You’re also confusing climate and weather, they’re two different things. Sure, some days might be cold and rainy and now you think climate change is bogus. But climate is about much larger time scales than just your daily weather report. As a ‘reasonable person looking out the window’ you can’t observe climate change anymore than you could if you were pointing binoculars at the horizon and hoping to see New Zealand.
          Finally, I’ll say that no, the actual scientists looking at this stuff have not been saying the world is ending every year since the 1980s. That’s just demonstrably false.

        • @freaktronic Nicely said.

        • +1

          And by voting against it, you put a collar around everyone else's, for generations.

          Who cares that you think otherwise? Do you question vaccination too? And doctor diagnosis? But, somehow don't question trickle-down economics, because that's FACT…! Thousands and thousands of people who've dedicated their careers & lives to being more informed than you say something and you think you know better, because it benefits you personally (ironically, not it doesn't __ #short-termism) to have that view-point. Well, as long as you get to vilify groups of people looking out for things other then themselves as "lefties", "greenies" and "scumbags", everything will be ok for everyone (you), huh?

          Just admit the only thing you actually don't like is being told what to do, even when you're spectacularly wrong and your impacts are greater than you'll admit. What happens if you're wrong and we do nothing anyway? I imagine you don't even care, even being a 'conservative' (oh sweet irony). Imagine having the illusion of freedom in a right-wing world but in reality are simply manipulated because you're so selfish and pliable. How easy it all is when you believe every little thing without question… Gotta love consumerism.

          How about you learn how earth processes work before spouting nonsense and proving your bias & ignorance? You know nothing. Your personal experience != truth. Try exiting your Murdoch bubble.

          • -2

            @barfarina: Imagine begging that hard to be a lefty's dog. Bow wow.

            • @freakatronic: Oh, you’re just a troll. How wonderful for you!

              • -1

                @chymb: I strongly believe that climate change is a scam used by government and people incapable of surviving without government, to gain control of people who are able to create value and survive independently. You're so dependent on people telling you what to think that when you hear the thoughts of someone who disagrees with you, you can't process it.

                "Wait that's not what the government told me! Wait, that's not what my teacher told me! The newspapers, which always tell the truth, told me that climate change will end the world if I don't march against it and wear my union tee shirt!"

                Admit it. I just dialled your number and you're so spun out that you can't even rebut. It's just gotta be trolling.

                • @freakatronic: “Imagine begging that hard to be a lefty’s dog. Bow wow.”

                  Definitely not trolling.

                  “I just dialled your number…”
                  “…a scam used by government…to gain control of people who are able to create value and survive independently.”
                  “…when you hear the thoughts of someone who disagrees with you, you can’t process it.”

                  Oh, I see, you’re Copernicus or Galileo, or (more likely) Neo from the Matrix. Either way, you’re well smart.

    • +7

      You mean mooovement

    • +25

      Conclusion: Eat much less dairy products. This is one of the most effective ways to reduce our personal carbon footprint and to generally reduce our personal negative impact on the environment.


      • +3

        that or learn to milk possums

        • +11

          I've got nipples, Greg, can you milk me?

      • +12

        This. B&J absolute hypocrites. Thats a no from me dawg. Even if its free

    • +4

      They also make dairy-free ice cream, you know…

      • +1

        all the land clearing to grow that Soy!!

    • I'm not cold enough to vote

    • -8

      I agree with how hypocritical this OP is! If it was a free scoop of coconut dairy free I’d support it

    • +5

      They offset their CO2, use 100% renewable energy, offer vegan options, and are running a pilot to reduce methane from their cows by processing the manure. Their climate credentials are better by far than the majority of companies.


    • +1

      Political sloganeering and scientific theory are apparently interchangeable these days. Left political memes are getting ever desperate, and far more “extreme” than anything they predict might happen to the weather. Funny how none of them never say anything about global population figures.

    • -1

      From "Global Warming" to "Climate Change" it is a religion. Al Gore made millions out of it. Polar ice caps melting, polar bears disappearing - this was a speech I gave 25 years ago when I was a school kid. How foolish !!

      • The nile is not only a river in Egypt.

    • Whilst I agree with you that this is just a cheap political move trying to buy peoples votes with Ice Cream (suss)…I will say that they do capture and utilize at least most of the methane produced to power the facilities. At least they practice what they preach unlike so many companies that virtue signal without doing anything.

      Honestly if more people called them out on the ridiculous virtue signaling then maybe some common sense could return to the world.

  • +31

    Wouldn't an Ice Cream company prefer hotter weather?
    Doesn't seem like they thought this one through

  • +15

    Or are you voting "for" climate change? Yay for coal?

    • +2

      I say yay for coal until we can get nuclear power legalised here.

  • +13

    for Voting on Climate Change

    YES, I want climate change.

    Now where is my ice cream?

  • +11

    Yeah those freezers, all really friendly to the climate.

  • +3

    Ben & Jerry's. The most woke ice cream.

    They did the same thing when the same sex marriage thing was on.

    • +3

      most crap ice cream too

      • -2

        Meh. I actually like some of their flavours.

        I like how they exploit the PC crowd.

        • +8

          believing in climate change makes you pc? how deluded are you?

          • +2

            @WinstonWithAY: It's become a cult. You are the deluded one.

          • +5

            @WinstonWithAY: This is a funny one, as noone can disagree with "climate change", as the climate is constantly changing.

          • +2

            @WinstonWithAY: I think he more means what are Twitter in an outrage over and how can we use that to get our product into those peoples hands. They're very good at it.

  • +2

    Just like free food for charity or religious organisations

    • +2

      You got the religious bit right. Just like Scientologists offering a free personality test.

  • +26

    Virtue signalling

    • +7

      If all virtue signaling had to involve free food, I’d be down for that

      • +1

        True and also true

    • +3

      Decrying something as virtue signalling is in itself virtue signalling.

      (Hmm, is mentioning that also virtue signalling? I don't know any more)

      • It's observation.

  • +10

    The world is pretty much saved:

    "We built the Chunkinator at our Netherlands factory which helps power the factory from ice cream bi-products."

    Wish they would put Rum and Raisin straight in there.

    Embarrassingly Ben and Jerry's aren't carbon neutral and have no direct plans to be. They use tricky terms like sourcing their electricity from 100% clean energy! to sidestep inconvenient truths.

  • +2

    So it's a free scoop of ice cream right, not a free ice cream scoop?

    • -1

      The heading is still correct. It's a tipoff.

  • -2

    I don't really want to neg the deal, but I mean, it's a bit out there. More than anything I want to neg Ben and Jerry's for all their bullshit lately.

    I'm gonna make a deal in a minute, "FREE $20 in your wallet! All you have to do is vote on Saturday, avoid the $20 fine for not voting, and you've just made $20!!!"

    • +12

      Politics aside, isn't this deal offering literally free ice-cream for filling in a form that you don't even have to enter in legit details for?

      • +6

        It's the principle.
        You're right though, one can supply fake details and it wouldn't even go against the Terms Of Service.

    • +3

      Ben and Jerry's icecream now sourced from genetically modified bovine that fart rainbows instead of methane

  • +8

    This is why I wouldn't even accept Ben & Jerry's for free. They get involved in politics. It's twisted.

    • +13

      They've been doing it for many decades. I remember doing a case study on them in uni almost 20 years ago as their politics/environmentalism/mission statement was rare to see in companies in late 90s/early 2000s.

      Free is free.

    • +3

      You think all major companies don’t have lobbyists who get involved in politics???

      • Yeah B&J is hardly unique in this way.

  • +16

    Since no one else has thanked you, I'll be the first. Cheers OP!

    • +13

      You're welcome :) Didn't mean to start a political debate! Just wanted to post free ice cream!

  • +3

    I'll upvote anyway, but I was really excited about getting an ice cream scoop, until I realised it was just a scoop of ice cream.

  • Oh my The Sky is Falling! Quick sign a form saying you believe the sky is falling and get a free whole scoop of ice cream!

    • +6

      Gotta love people who deny reality like you. Must be nice living in your world where science isn't real.

      • +3

        Man-made climate change theory doesn't meet the basic rigour to be called science, hence it is called scientific concensus, even by proponents. You really ought to know this simple fact.

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