Woolworths Mobile Always Long Wait to Get through

Anyone else find it is always a long wait getting through to Woolworths mobile tech support or account support?

The few times I have phoned, I had wished had a packed lunch for the wait.

I am currently waiting to for their web chat, but there are no updates, just please wait for a long period of time.

I am new to WW mobile.

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    Also the webchat is quite woeful. It keeps scrolling up, and having to be scrolled down to read it.

    Has an animated emoji that is constantly changing.

    Does not give you the option to get a copy at the end for your records. (You have to do a copy and paste for that).

    Also, no time stamps, so when I look back at it, I will not necessarily remember it took an hour to get things sorted via webchat.

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    This is the famous "better customer service" that neoliberal theory predicts while billions of dollars are wasted on duplicated CEOs and everything else that every competitor in the market requires to operate.


    I was with woolworths mobile 2 years ago. Their customer service was rubbish. Looks like it hasn't changed.

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    why do need to contact them, have you looked at their FAQ?

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