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Logitech Z623 2.1ch Speakers $69 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Bing Lee


After missing yesterday's crazy price at JB Hi-fi, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Bing Lee had hopped on the $69 bandwagon.

For anyone unfamiliar:

200 watts (RMS)
2.1 system
Built in headphone jack
THX Multimedia Certification
Two 3.5 mm inputs
One pair of RCA inputs

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  • Killa price

  • Lmfao '69'
    Anyway… great fist post OP, thanks!

  • +4

    Officeworks about to get some price match action haha

  • Added to cart and can't get it to ship, says address not found irrespective of what i write :S

    • +1

      Just put suburb in first. Then addy in next part

      • That worked thanks :) But then "Est. On or Before: Wednesday 6 March" 0.o lol

        • Wait what? 6 March lol

  • +3

    don't forget 3.5% cashback!

  • Won’t ship to Adelaide :(

    • Worked for me in Adelaide metro, I just put my post code, shipping came to $9

  • If only -20% in eBay

    • Got a better chance for Gerry to price match.

  • Any suggestions for a suitable Bluetooth Device for playback into the inputs?

    • I use a taotronics Bluetooth receiver, TT-BA09. They may still be on special on Amazon from the other day. The was an actual Logitech receiver on sale the other day too.

      • Do you find the ba09 kills the volume
        Mine cuts is in half or more ?!?

  • I managed to order 1 thanks OP

    Website now says Contact for Stock Availability

    • Yup. Was about to order… :(

      • Damn, I was going to price match with OW. :(

        • Same :(

          • @WilkyBoy: Wonder if U can show them the screen? Or do they look at it more in depth?

            • @JakeTheMuSS: I've experienced them first hand, they are strict and will call up especially at such a huge price difference. Don't even both going there at 7am like i wanted to, they will just say they have to wait until Bing Lee opens, so they can confirm stock levels meaning you are gonna waste 2 hours. I'm hoping when Bing Lee opens they might adjust stock levels, then we pounce on OW haha

              • @WilkyBoy: Ha ha fair enough.. I haven't done it in ages. Last time they just looked at the screen. Guess policy has changed since then.

    • +1

      Did not even get a chance to go to OW. 😥😥

  • +2

    Great speakers for the money.

  • Just rang ow they said no problem to price beat they had 8 I’m on my way to collect

    • They said the same to me, but didn't confirm the price. So when you go in the store and show them its not in stock, they may not honor.

      • Which stores you guys referring to?

  • If you use the search function and add to cart it comes up with "out of stock" notification. I'm 99% sure that is what the OW worker is going to try and then you will have a large red "out of stock" banner destroying all your hopes and dreams :(

  • +1

    Got one at OW Box Hill, try your luck.

    • They didn't give you the 'we have to wait till Bing Lee is online to confirm stock?'

      • Nope, technically it wasn't "out of stock" so maybe thats how they see it? It all depends on the store and the person at the time thats why I said try your luck. :)

  • Showing $147 to me?

  • Just jumped up to $147 saw it with my own eyes :(

  • Game Over

  • It shows $147 or 4 interest free payments of $36.75 Afterpay Logo - Shop Now. Pay Later.

  • Anyone get a screenshot?

  • that was a short sale

  • Wonder how many people actually scored this from BL

  • +2

    Just picked up some now highpoint store four left

    • How? The price is back to $147 now.

    • bought 4?

  • -1

    Yes I got four I rang at 7.30 the price was $69 at the time happy to beat it .. when I got in it was $147 I said I traveled 40ks to get them at $69
    Not my fault price went up so they sold them to me

  • +1

    So, what is the story with these short lived Logitech Z623? Surely not a pricing error if both JB & Bing have had similar offers over 2 days.

    And apparantly JB Commercial still have this for $69.60.

    • -3

      Man these have been around for roughly 9+ years. Surely not worth it at 100+ price mark.

    • $118 on jb commercial

  • +1

    Hopefully it's Harvey Normans' turn to muck up the price tomorrow :P

  • Tried to price match this morning at 7.30 but was denied because they couldn't confirm stock levels

    • I tried the same and they called me later that they can price match I can collect.

  • +1

    I called, Office works accepted my price match and I am picking up in store.
    They stated they had no stock in their warehouse so I couldn't take advantage of the free shipping.

  • i bought from JB commercial with that price

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