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Closing Date 19/05/2019 11:59pm


Description 10 x Books
No. of Prizes 10

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Facebook
Prerequisites Like/Follow/Comment/Share

Leave a comment [on the facebook post] with which book you'd like to win and why.

The 10 books listed on the giveaway post are:

Room for a Stranger by Melanie Cheng
From the author of Australia Day, winner of the 2018 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Fiction, comes this moving portrait of an improbable friendship between an elderly Australian woman and the struggling student from Hong Kong who shares her house.

Attraction by Ruby Porter
Winner of the inaugural Michael Gifkins Prize, this atmospheric debut novel sees three women on a road trip, navigating the motorways of the North Island, their relationships with one another and New Zealand’s colonial history.

The Buried: An Archaeology of the Egyptian Revolution by Peter Hessler
An intimate account of the Arab Spring, and Egypt’s past and present. Peter Hessler creates a richly textured portrait of a revolution and the people swept up in it, seen through the eyes of a vast range of Egyptians: political operators, archaeologists and garbage collectors; language instructors, the queer community and Chinese migrants.

Griffith Review 64: The New Disruptors edited by Ashley Hay
The original pioneers of Silicon Valley dreamed of a better world, but digital disruption has become a threatening catchphrase in recent years. Griffith Review 64: The New Disruptors takes a wide-ranging look at some of the upheavals and interruptions that have come with our increasingly technological world.

Animalia by Jean-Baptiste Del Amo
Animalia tells the confronting and compelling story of five generations of a peasant family in south-west France as they develop their plot of land into an intensive pig farm. A haunting and powerful novel from one of France’s most exciting and talented young writers.

Comemadre by Roque Larraquy
The world of Comemadre is full of vulgarity, excess and farce: strange ants that form almost perfect circles, missing body parts, obsessive love affairs and flesh-eating plants. This is a surprising, engrossing and darkly funny novel that experiments with the idea of what it means to be human, from a powerful new voice in Argentinian fiction.

Shooting Star: Text Classics by Peter Temple
A fifteen-year-old girl has been kidnapped. She is the daughter of a wealthy family, so greed is the most likely motivation…or is it something else? Something darker? First published two decades ago, this standalone crime novel is Peter Temple at his brilliant best.

Devil’s Ballast by Meg Caddy
A cutthroat adventure story based on the life of Anne Bonny, one of history’s greatest anti-heroines. This remarkable new novel by a rising star in the Australian YA world, the CBCA-shortlisted Meg Caddy, is action-packed yet nuanced, culturally relevant and sharp as a cutlass.

The Missing of Clairdelune: The Mirror Visitor, Book Two by Christelle Dabos
Long ago the world was shattered into floating celestial islands, known as Arks. On the Anima Ark, Ophelia hid two powers: the ability to read the past of objects and their human owners, and the ability to travel through mirrors. But Ophelia was forced to leave her home and family for a distant Ark, and now her powers are hidden no more…

Songbird by Ingrid Laguna
Jamila has left her friends, her school and her home in Iraq, and now she has a new home. It’s safe in Australia, but Jamila is finding it hard to settle in.

A unique, tender and heartwarming novel about a young girl’s experience as an Iraqi refugee in Melbourne, her desire to belong and the importance of friendship.

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