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Free - The Story of The Commodore 64 in Pixels (Was £19.99) @ Fusion Retro Books


The paperback version of this book is selling for $205 through Amazon US! Great reviews - should be a good read.

Note - this is a PDF of the book and not the actual book.

The story of the Commodore 64 in pixels covers the history of the computer as well as featuring articles on the SID music chip by Andrew Fisher; Tape Loaders by Martyn Carroll and cartridges by Mat Allen.

This book looks at some of the most popular games on the system - each game receiving a double page spread with large images of the game fr the reader to enjoy.

A unique selling point of the book is that is contains 30 memoirs from those who programmed the games; wrote the music and drew the graphics. It's a captivating insight to what it was like to actually develop a game for the Commodore 64.

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