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[PC] Steam - Humble Tiny Build Bundle with Graveyard Keeper - $1/$6/$13 US (~ $1.45/$8.67/$18.79 AUD) - Humble Bundle


The new Humble Bundle is here. Pretty good Indie games this time. For those of you who do not have any of the games in Tier 1 it is a no-brainer as the games are all good and fun.

As always there are three tiers.

Tier 1: $1 US:

  • Punch Club
  • Final Station
  • Diaries of a Space Janitor
  • Speed Runners

Tier 2: $6 US(BTA):

  • Hello Neighbor
  • Streets of Rogue
  • Clustertruck
  • Party Hard
  • Party Hard: High Crimes DLC

Tier 3: $13 US:

  • Party Hard 2
  • Graveyard Keeper

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closed Comments

  • Tier 1 & 2 are great value. Not sure about the third.

    • Graveyard keeper. Fun management simulator, great music and graphics with an interesting crafting system and a large grind but is buggy as hell and the developer really needs to get their shit together

  • I've never heard of any of these games, but you can never have enough in your steam library of shame!

  • Final station is amazing

    Finish it and the DLC. Shortish game but in my opinion fantastic

    I played it on the PS4

  • Clustertruck is awesome. Just so much fun.

    Can be a bit buggy from time to time but that adds to the fun actually, was just an all round chaotic, enjoyable game.

  • Speed runners is the best game ever for party / local co-op games.