Car Rental - What Does "Charges Are Subject to a Final Audit" Mean?

We returned our rental car a few days ago and i went online and found the receipt which says the rental money has been withdrawn from my credit card, but underneath it says :


Does anyone know what this "final audit" is? When does it happen?

I couldn't find anything on their website.

Thanks for your friendly help!

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    It's in case they find out you brought it back with an empty tank vs full, or only three of the four wheels, etc.

    I always do a quick video walk-around when I pick up a rental and again when I drop it off. Never had a problem.

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    It means sometime in the next day, the car rental people will try to look for new faults you haven't listed on your pickup condition report.

    Any damage you haven't listed will be billable to you.

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    Likely just a final inspection of car for dammages.

    But this is ozbargain so, what did they say when you called them?

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    Did you hire an audi tt?

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    rules for returning a hire car…

    1. take a photo of the fuel gauge and odomoter
    2. take photos of the inside of the car
    3. take photos of the outside of the car
    4. do all this while one of their staff is with you

    Then you can be fairly confident you won't get screwed over.

    Regarding point 4. I had a rental company refuse to stay with me while I took the photos, so I grabbed one of the airport security guys and explained what I needed. He happily stayed with me and gave me his details in case I needed them - even posed inside the car for a photo to prove he was with me.

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    It means if they find a scratch they can bill you more.


    I ALWAYS have them sign off on a condition report at the time I return the car


    Thanks for the reaponses. Its all very confusing since it doesn't even say how long it'll take to do the "final audit". Will it be a day a week a month from when we handed it in? Oh why do they make things so complicated 😣

    Usually there's someone there to sign off but there was no one so had to drop off the keys at the airport booth.

    We did take lots of pictures so at least have that covered ☺

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