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[PC, Steam] Throne of Keys - One Free Game Every Hour @ Kinguin


Attention Kinguiners! Still looking for a new game to add to your gaming library? Look no more! Kinguin officially announces its first episode of "Crazy Free Weekends"!
Yes, you heard that right, lots of games will be given for free, so stay tuned!
Here's the deal: every hour a different game will be promoted, which you can grab for free! Just add it to your cart and finish the order, no worries, you don't have to pay anything!
That's it, grab your free game, tell your friends about it and have one really amazing gaming weekend!


What is the promotion about?
Every hour a new free game will be promoted. Grab your free game now or wait for the next one.

How long does the promotion last?
The promotion lasts from Friday 24.05 14:00 CET to Monday 27.05 18:00 CET.

How often will the games change?
Each full hour there will be one different game selected that can be claimed for free.

Can I get more than one game?
Each customer can claim one game during each hour of promotion.

All games have already been claimed. When will next games be available?
Each hour there is a limited number of available keys that are for free. If all keys have been given away already, please check the promotion in an hour to make sure you do not miss you free code. New games should be added every hour on the hour.

How can I claim my free game?
Simply click “Claim For Free” next to the game and login to your Kinguin account. If you do not have any account yet, make sure to register first. The game will be automatically added to your Kinguin Inventory. To reveal your key just click “Show CD-Key” and you may enjoy your free game!

I got the game but I'm not sure how to activate it. What should I do?
If you are not certain how to redeem your product, please check the Activation Details that are available on the product page or visit our FAQ page.You can also just click on the Activation Guide on the game card in your Inventory. If you are still unable to activate the game, please contact us via LiveChat or Create a Ticket.

Edit: Available again 31/5 11pm

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    • +1

      Thank you! Got the key!

  • PM me if you need a key for The Ship. Turns out I had a copy already.

    • ill take it please

      • Tried….got "User yehan77 does not accept new conversations."


        First one to PM me gets it

        • bigbadboogieman, it's yours

  • +1

    The ship: murder party key. I already had a copy

    • Someone used it but didn't says so. Good on you for offering it, I think the codes should be PMed around though

      If anyone has a key for The Ship, I'd appreciate one.

  • Pm me if you want the ship key i already have it

    • I'm too much of a newb, can't do PM :(

      • +1


        • +1

          Got it! You're a legend, thanks very much!

  • could someone please please send me a Tropico 4 code ? I would really appreciate it, my first comment on OzBargain :)

    • checks profile

      You liar!

      Nah mate, you probably just forgot but yeah you’ve commented before, it was two years ago.

  • Damn, bots beat me to it this time

    • +5

      I didn't even see anything pop up

    • What was the game name didnt even get to see it this time lol

    • +1

      I've been refreshing for the past 5 minutes, has it even dropped?

  • +1

    Got Hatred… apparently 'This item is currently unavailable in your region' looking at the steam page. Seems to be installing fine…

  • +4

    Wow… Just… Wow.

    I have no idea what game was at midday. I managed to refresh 3 times, from exactly midday (according to my computer), each refresh taking approx 20 seconds. By the 3rd refresh, it was 12:01. The game was fully redeemed each time.

    So either nothing dropped this time around, or the keys were all gone before I could refresh the page (in less than 20 seconds). That's insane.

    • +1

      Was one there, but somehow I had logged out. Appeared on my laptop, but not my phone. Clicked the link, logged in, all redeemed. Pain in the arse :P

      But yeah, was all gone super quick. Better wait another hour and see what happens.

      • Had the same, by the time it logged back in it was gone

  • +1

    I got to click on it, but then it unlogged me and said "busy try again in a few minutes". Gone 5 seconds later when refreshed.

  • +1

    Dang I would have really like to get Hatred, but yeh as above saw nothing refreshign the page… rally go to hit that :00 time

  • +1

    World of Warships code

    • Already claimed

      • +1

        does it say "The product code you've entered is not valid?" on steam? If so, i think you gotta go to their website.

  • People are still trying, i gave up last night

    • Do I need to create an account?

      • +1

        Yes. An account is required to claim.

      • +2

        There's a big FAQ in OP, give it a read

  • +1

    Remember to sign in again, for some reason it logged me out

    • Yeah, it signed me out as well.
      Perhaps this is their way of trying to stop the bots?

      • Doesn't seem to be working unless tey have very little stock, gone within a minute again

  • Alright. Ready bois?

  • LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Video Game Steam CD Key, i beat the bots to a key

  • It's LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

  • LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game, and gone in about 25 seconds

    • Super quick! Thought I had it too for my Nephew, but wasn't to be :(. I'm determined to get just one free game :p

    • Gone in about 2.5 seconds. FIFY

  • -3

    Anyone willing to give away Lego Game key? Thanks

  • Dammit, I saw it but apparently I was signed out.

    • It seems to be signing everyone out, remember to login again before the hour

    • I saw it too but got 4 simultaneous messages that promo over. I reckon it was less than 10 secs

  • Damn, missed it because I was automatically signed out

  • Some Lego game this time (Pirate of the Caribbean I think). At least I could see the title, but I couldn't claim it. Keys gone within 1-3 seconds. Either there are literally thousands of people hammering the site or some smart people with scripts hammering the site :-/
    Ah well, next hour :) I own most of the Lego games.

  • +1

    Oh wow I actually got it this time, and I don't own lego pirates either, score! :D
    literally like ~5 seconds until they are gone each hour. It's a ridiculously tight window =(

  • I saw it and claimed it but for some reason it didn’t come up in my inventory :(

  • missed out on lego

  • Says Claim not possible after getting two keys?
    limited to 2 claim per acc?

  • +2

    I managed to get a few games late last night but I already own them all. I hope someone else gets some enjoyment out of them.

    Max Payne 2: CXQ7L-FZGDI-NYJH3
    Two Worlds Epic Edition: Y8HG6-76JIY-T5CJY
    Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine: 82Q4Q-FTJ7L-H74IB
    F1 2015: 9ID2A-3600N-RCJJC

    • +1

      Got Two Worlds. Thank you so much Duck! Have left others.

  • Missed out on Lego pirates of the carribean but if anyone wants The Ship dm me

  • Here's the key to anyone who wants LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game. Comment back if you used it so other people will know. Thanks.


    • Already redeemed :( thanks anyway man!

    • +1

      Yeah that key was for Max payne 2 exact same one potty duck posted

      • +1

        Oh, that's right. I copied the wrong one on the clipboard. Thanks! Here you go:


        • Already redeemed :(

  • +1

    Does anyone have F1 key. I would like one please.

    • +1

      I would also love an F1 key on the odd chance someone has a spare.

  • +1

    The Ship if anyone wants it


    Just replace (five) with 5 ect

    • +1

      Someone got it already

  • +1

    Get ready for the next drop!

  • Seems to auto log out at 4 mins to

  • Page won't load for me now :(

    • +1

      I can access it fine?

      • Must have been my connection. It came good right before the drop, luckily.

  • +1

    Welp, claim not possible.
    Edit: It was Unreal Tournament 3 Black

    • Same, said i had already claimed it but didn't appear in inventory. Guarantee someone has set up bots to claim these

      • +1

        The keys just run out too fast. They should really put at least a captcha on the claim to deter bots.

  • Unreal Tournament 3 Black Steam CD Key

    Went in like 10 seconds - I got one :D

    • I managed to get one as well, took 3 refreshes to make it show up.
      I guess only a few hundred keys are available, to go that quickly.

  • +7

    You have already claimed Your own free game, or promotion has ended.

    That just means it's OOS yeah?

    • Same :(

    • How many free games have you claimed so far?

      • Only one (11am) - the ghost murder party

        • Same here only claimed one. I think their system thought I had claimed it but didn't process it.

  • +1

    Wouldn't let me claim it.. that was some bs

  • +3

    impossible to claim the game i saw it and tried to claim, doesnt work

  • +1

    Got the dreaded "You have already claimed Your own free game, or promotion has ended"

  • +1

    Got one!
    I was starting to think this was crap, I was wrong.

  • Unreal Tournament 3 Black Steam CD Key - I got one too, anyone want to swap for Two Worlds or Warhammer?

    • I'll swap you warhammer…I'll PM you the key if you allow new conversations in your settings

      • Thanks - I think i messaged you somehow :)

  • +25

    All drops in reverse chronological order (I only got the last 2)

    1400: Unreal Tournament 3 Black Edition
    1300: LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game
    1200: Hatred
    1100: The Ship: Murder Party
    1000: Magicka
    0900: Tooth and Tail
    0800: Deponia: The Complete Journey
    0700: Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
    0600: F1 2014
    0500: World of Warships Admiral Graf Spee Pack
    0400: Stronghold
    0300: Two Worlds Epic Edition
    0200: F1 2015
    0100: Max Payne 2
    0000: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
    2300: Tropico 4

    • +1

      I was hoping someone would do this. Have an upvote!

      • Imma update each hour if I can.

    • Thanks for the list mate

  • +4

    I managed to claim 4 so far.

    Some games I get "Claim Not Possible"
    "You have already claimed Your own free game, or promotion has ended."

    Others go through. All very random. Don't know if it just depends on whether keys have run out or if they have a limit on how many you can claim.

    I think I'm going to revert to having a weekend now.

  • -1

    does anyone have spare keys for me please message me

  • +1

    I have
    Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
    Tropico 4
    and would swap for
    Max Payne 2
    Tooth and Tail
    Reply by pm only

    • can i have tropico 4

  • +4

    Alright guys, that's 5 seconds. See you in an hour

    • Refreshed at 3:00:01 and there was nothing.

      • I saw the game and tried to claim it but just said "You have already claimed Your own free game, or promotion has ended."

      • What state are you in? Im in SA and have to check on the half hour, so in 2 minutes.
        It goes by CET, so google CET to YOURSTATE and see if the diff is a whole or half hour.

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