expired Optus SIM Only Plan: $40/Mth over 12 Months with 80GB, Unlimited Calls and Text While Overseas Plus 4GB on Roaming


the deal is back - 20% of their sim only $50 12 months contract.

Plan ID 801121/16026095
Minimum monthly charge $40/mth
Data to share 80GB
Standard national calls and text Unlimited
Standard international calls and text to 35 Selected Countries from Australia – Unlimited
Standard roaming calls and SMS for use while overseas(in Zone 1 countries) – Unlimited
Roaming data for use while overseas (in Zone 1 countries) – – 4GB
Maximum plan cancellation fee $300
Minimum total cost $480 (sorry …)

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    Great deal. I’m currently on the $199 Premium Plan at Telstra and this comes close in value if you use less than 80GB a month. There’s no unlimited calls to all countries, premium support and a huge difference in what happens if you go over the included zone international data, the Telstra plan includes 10GB and if you go over, $10 for 500MB block. On Optus, it’s $1024 per GB. To get the same roaming (10GB) you have to pay $6144 per month of use overseas.

    Last month I used 235GB, the month before 735GB. It’s freeing just not caring anymore how much you use :)


    How likely is this deal going to return after September this year?

    I'm on an existing Optus contract that doesn't end until Sept, tried to have the early termination fee waived through Optus online chat and they said it's not possible, and tried to get me to sign up to a new number so I'd be paying for two plans each month :(

    Paying the early termination fee would be cheaper than that..

    Looking for any good tips/tricks from mighty Ozbargainers..


    I am on existing $40 SIM only plan (80GB).
    But dont have Standard roaming calls and SMS for use while overseas(in Zone 1 countries) – Unlimited
    Roaming data for use while overseas (in Zone 1 countries) – – 4GB.
    So I recontract it by online, but I got the email said I cant…..


    what makes this deal extra good is that they actually provide free Optus Sport with it at no extra charge. I thought they would ask for another 10$ but was surprised that it had 0$ price tag on it when ordering. Pretty great deal if you use your mobile as a hot spot on the go.


    Can confirm last night it was showing as $50 but tonight $40


    Probably a silly question, but what about receiving calls while overseas…best not to presume these are free unless confirmed.


    For a new number, can you choose a list or you get allocated one at random?


    Great deal if you don't mind the ADSL speeds on the Optus 4G network


    If you have flybuys you might have received an email for an additional 12k flybuys points which is about $60.

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    Student discount is gone? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Not even via livechat.


    Damn I just signed up to the $49 Telstra click frenzy deal with 12 month contract ! This is great given the roaming.

    I can’t seem to terminate either for cooling off as I contacted Telstra :/


      you can cool off if Telstra contacted you.

      If you contacted Telstra…….cant be done.


    Did anyone else sign up when it was a weekend sale was $50(80gb) a few weeks ago? Has anyone tried to get into this discounted price after contracting to the $50?


    Does anyone know how common this deal is ?? Need the roaming next feb march 2020 so hoping to sign up in 6 to 8 months time instead. Does the discount come around often?

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    Offer has been extended to 16/6/2019.


    Just wanted to double confirm - if I've just ported from Telstra to Optus prepaid,am I able to sign up for this?

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    I’m pretty sure it’s $50 now i can’t find 80gb for $40


      Yeah. Tried to look for this last night and this morning. This deal is gone by the looks of it. For now at least. :-D


    Although this deal is no longer advertised - I've just been able to get the discount applied through live chat!


    I got this deal this week. Got to say I am not happy with the data speeds with Optus.

    My Kogan sim is 3 to 5 times faster in the 4 places I have tested the speed around Brisbane.
    At home Optus 35Mbs, Kogan 170Mbs. Only at Brisbane airport(International Terminal) is Optus 15% faster than Kogan. 39Mbs to Kogan 35Mbs.

    The data amount and included overseas roaming is what makes it attractive, not the speed!


    I just did it via chat as well.

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