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50% off Tontine Pillows @ Target


Tontine I Like Extra Support Pillow $15
Tontine I'm Simply Fresh Pillow $12
Tontine I'm Easy To Wash Pillow $10

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    I swear these are literally always on sale haha! Tontine Pillows are not great quality at all. I’d advice people to get Targets own brand $25 memory foam pillows instead, they’re good quality and have lasted me ages!

    • You should still get rid of them eventually…

    • I'm a fan of targets own side sleeper ones…

  • +1

    Rubbish pillows that are almost always 40-50% off

  • Tontine Pillows are my favourite type of pillows

    • Seriously???

      • They have 'higher end' ones too

  • Does anybody have any suggestions for a big ol’ squishy pillow? Preferably not memory foam? I’ve got a hard, firm, low latex one and it’s just not nice at all because there’s not much give when I put my head on it. Had a shredded latex one, but it went to pot. Any suggestions?

  • Best ones imo are the "cervical traction for sleeping pillow". Pretty expensive though

  • I swear Tontine pillows used to be good a while back, but ever since they have just been terrible.

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