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Lenovo Smart Display with The Google Assistant 10" $227 @ Officeworks


First timer… Go easy, seen this in JB hi-fi for $299.

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  • Seems the 8” one goes for around $140-150 ish. Is it worth the extra for the 2” display? Or is there other benefits?

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      The larger one has full-HD. Seems to be about all.

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      every inch matters

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        That's what she said

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      I think the 10" version has a better speaker as well.

  • Also how does it compare audio wise compared to say the Sony speaker with the clock display?

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      The Sony audio quality is slightly better imo but the 10" Lenovo is pretty decent. (We have the Lenovo 10" in our kitchen and the Sony smart speaker in our bedroom)

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    Thanks for sharing mate!

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    Waiting for google nest hub max.

    • Wouldn’t that be like double the price?

  • I picked one up, very happy with it. Was happily surprised with the sound.

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    Nice price but I recon the 8” is plenty big :)

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      I think I agree with you.
      When it comes to touch-screens, larger screen size can actually slow you down and make devices feel clumsy.
      I imagine an iPad Pro 12.9 would be trickier to use than a smaller sized iPad due to having to move your finger so far across the display back-n-forth and tap the exact spot you intend to.
      Only justification for large screen-size on touch-screen devices IMO is if you have bad eye-sight or use it often to watch/edit content (photos / videos etc).

      This experience probably applies to large smart-phones as well, but the real difference can be felt if you whizz through your settings on a 4-inch smart phone, then immediately do the same on a 10-inch tablet.
      The tablet just feels so clumsy and difficult to navigate. The difference between a 4-inch smart-phone and 6-inch smartphone may be slightly less noticeable however.

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        Disagree. I have the JBL link view now and I miss the 10 inch Lenovo cos I use it predominantly as a photo frame. Display is much better too at full HD

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          I also went the larger 10" display in the kitchen. I thought if using it for recipes (and photo frame when not in use) the larger screen would be more beneficial.

        • My partner uses it for recipes with absolutely no problems at all. Google assistant is really good at displaying it step by step and the 8" is plenty big.

          When comparing the specs, the only real difference is the display. Even the speakers are pretty much the same. Not worth the extra $80 for a 2" difference.

          Each to their own, of course!! :)

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            @wellzi: Screen is non laminated on the Lenovo so it doesn't have the air gap therefore blacks are blacker and photos are crisper cos of higher resolution.

            I had no choice in getting the JBL cos Lenovo was faulty and had to get a refund :(

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    I have an 8 inch one i paid a little over $100 for and i still feel i paid too much..

    • Why is that then?

    • Because it doesn't really do anything right? I suppose it displays recipes.

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        Well mine is basically a glorified kitchen timer.

        It displays recipes but its so god damn clunky..not really lenovos fault. Its the google software.

        Mine also loses connection about Once a fortnight. Needs to hard reset.

        Speaker is quite loud and decent but i mean, the google mini is no slouch if you dont need a screen. Google minis can be had for about $12 through the spotify promo code buy.

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          We've got the original Google Home Hub in the kitchen, and the 8 inch Lenovo in bedroom, the amount of video streaming we do to the kitchen one as we prepare meals and do the dishes it's excellent The photos scrolling randomly gives my partner and child great feelings to reminisce on past events. Then wife plays music through them when she wants too chill. The one in the bedroom used for also controlling smart home items including viewing cameras throughout the property. The 10 inch one I'm very close to pulling the trigger. Only Nest Hub pricing will make us choose which way to go.

          • @RiotDealz: I had mine originally in the bedroom but even at min brightness we found it wayyyy too bright.

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            @RiotDealz: Yep… you might find the other way around works better.
            Google Home hub for the bedroom.
            Lenovo for the Kitchen.

            The ambient light sensor on the Google Home Hub is very good.
            The speakers on the Lenovo are really good.

            • @SomeRandom: I have a hub in the kitchen and one in the loungeroom and regular homes and minis everywhere else..
              might get this and move one hub to the bedroom. Pretty much for the photo frame feature. Makes us happy with all the photos of our kids.

              That darkness at night feature is essential however

          • @RiotDealz: 330 AUD is the currency conversion from the US price not factoring their state taxes etc

            I'd expect it to be sold around 399aud

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              @ndftz: The price is already up on the google store, it's $349.

              • @DisabledUser288009: That's good enough to not import (considering out shitty currency)

                That ambient brightness really is awesome , think I might wait too

                • @ndftz: July 16

                • @ndftz: I couldn't wait, i jumped on this deal. Hope I made the right choice.

          • @RiotDealz: I did what was suggested moving the two around, issue I've noticed is that Google Home Hub doesn't allow me to change individual lights on and off in each room?
            It's counter intuitive. The Lenovo one and my phone does allow customisation!? Bizarre that three is less functionality in the default Google one.

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    anyone else noticing that google are basically giving away their "assistant" devices with all manner of purchases. soon every home will have one, with google listing and recording, 24/7.

    • .. market share battle with Amazon Alexa. Similar to web portal battles in’90s and ’00s.

      • The market share is the data, and therefore money and control, of the fools who own the devices.

        They participate in a mass delusion where they acknowledge that while data collection and marketing works it just doesn't work on them.

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          A phone collects more data and we all carry around one of those no worries.

          The home speakers are tame in comparison.

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      I’m cool with this because our family don’t talk to each other anyway.

      • Google read your texts :)

  • What do people use this mainly for?

    I have a Google home mini, and I don't need to see recipes nor do I cook at home. Will it be useful?

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      Photo frame (displays photos from google cloud I think). Smart assistant with visual prompts as well as voice feedback (tells you weather with weather info displayed etc).
      We barely use our google home mini so this is a question mark products for us.

      • Ok cheers. Looks like I don't really need it.

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