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Pioneer 3D NAND Internal SSD 480GB $67.99, 1TB $125.79 @ Pro-Storage via Amazon AU


Lightning deal for these 2 SSD drives.
Don't forget 12% cashback with Shopback today! Makes this a little sweeter.

480gb - $67.99
1TB - $125.79 - 100% claimed

  • High-quality TLC flash , combined with industry-leading Phison S11 controller.
  • Deliver high transfer speed and greater performance with 3D NAND flash.
  • The shock-proof, durable, and extremely reliable SSD represents the absolute bargain in the field.
  • Read Speed (MAX): 550 MB/s; Write Speed (MAX): 500 MB/s
  • Contents: 2.5" SATA III SSD (6Gb/s) & User Manual (No Cables, Screws, and Brackets).

EDIT 9:23am - The 1TB is 40% claimed at the moment so best to grab one before it sells out!
EDIT 9:32am - 1TB 100% claimed, thanks everyone who bought as you have saved me cash! 480GB is about 10% claimed.

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  • WOW this price is a war….

  • Great prices. Strange no nvme which is simply a different controller to unlock the performance of these beasts. I'm looking forward to SATA disappearing. Brilliant none the less

  • +3 votes

    Which brand ssd is inside I wonder?

    Even the official description says it's a bargain

    the absolute bargain in the field


    Is it comparable to Samsung t5?

  • 1TB is 100% claimed!

  • better off with the 512GB for $75 then the 480GB for $68

    480GB - Read Speed (MAX): 520 MB/s; Write Speed (MAX): 450 MB/s

    512gb - Read Speed (MAX): 550 MB/s; Write Speed (MAX): 490 MB/s

  • These cheap SSD have no DRAM so while fast for bursts, are actually slower than many HDD for large file activities.

    Consider this for your use case.


      Perfectly fine to host windows 10 and everyday tasks though

      • For Windows 10, you might live with 256 or 480 GB SSD. If someone is getting 1 TB, their objective is also to store or move big files.


          Fair call. I have a 120gb ($27) ssd for W10 and old HDD in cage where optical drive once sat for storage. Works a treat.

        • 1TB is not enough for moving or storing big files.

          I'd say it's a "might as well get 1tb since it's cheap" purchase.

      • Until it fails prematurely and unexpected. People who cheap out on hardware are usually the same people who neglect to backup their important data. Cheap SSDs are never a good idea.

    • What's the best option then for a ~ 500GB Portable Backup drive under $80? Was thinking of getting an internal SSD with enclosure adapter?

      • I would say that's a safe bet. The crucial drive goes cheap and a USB external case can be had for 5 bucks, probably get out for under 60

  • So at the start of the year a bargain price for a 1TB SSD such as this was just around $200 a TB.
    Now I'm regularly seeing your average, adequate, middle of the road, "this'll do" SSD for under $130.
    I finally bought a 1TB (960GB) BX500 2.5" Crucial SSD yesterday for $127 thinking this will be a never again price.
    Now one day later there's one selling for $125.79, who would've thought!!
    This reminds me of the solar panel pricing, In the 90's solar panels sold for around $10 a watt,
    but we were told for years that in 5 years time it will drop to $1 a watt, WOW, can't wait!!
    Then about 20 years later it did drop to $1 a watt.
    SSD's seem to be going through this process right now.
    I hope they drop in price 10 fold over the next couple of years!!

    • Where'd you find the BX500 for ~$125?

    • I think the BX500 is a much better deal at that price than this one.

    • The theory is "Buy when you NEED IT" but the OZB spirit is "Buy when you SEE IT"..

      so who care after X years of … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • I did the same but I’d trust crucial a little more even though it’s their dram less ssd over pioneers offering.

      My worry was more between Samsung qvo QLC vs crucial bx500 tlc ssd .
      Then found both were similar.
      So I went off the theory that TLC has better longevity than QLC

  • Thanks OP got a 1tb though dont really need it :-)

  • +2 votes

    "industry-leading Phison S11 controller"
    Probably not.

  • whats wrong with the 512GB one?https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07P1X8R9Q?th=1

    Thats still in stock and now cheaper than 480GB. Seems equivalent if not better spec wise!?

    • 480GB was cheaper… looks like stock sold out. Most people were probably after the 1TB one.

      • it was cheaper but not by much and the 512GB does have 32GB more plus seems to have a slightly better maximum write rate. So if anyone was after the 480 they could still get the 512GB.

  • Can anyone confirm if I can put this onto my Alienware 17 2014 version? Thanks