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50% off Dunlopillo Latex Pillows (E.g. Classic Profile $69.95 Was $149.95) @ Harris Scarfe


I believe these pillows are a bit of an OzBargain favourite! I was doing some research earlier in the year through the forums here and this brand was mentioned quite a few times.

Buy at your local Harris Scarfe store, or buy online for flat $10 shipping. Free shipping over $150 purchases - great if you buy two!

I believe you do need to be a VIP member (Free to join, no voucher for sale required), but there is no membership card and I've only ever been asked if I'm a member, to which the answer 'yes' will get you the discounted price.

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Harris Scarfe
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    I read this as 'Duolingo pillows' - and I was confused for a moment.

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      Now that would be a great product - a pillow that teaches you Spanish while you sleep.

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        Awesome! I wouldn't say no to a cunning linguist in bed

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      Jätte bra!

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    "Free shipping over $150 purchases - great if you buy two!"

    2 x $69.95 = $139.90

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    As per barefoot investor, you can be rich even if you're poor. Just splash out on Dunlopillo's and you'll sleep the same way rich people do.

    • +1

      So the more you sleep the richer you are?

      • +4

        In theory, you spend less money.

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      came for the barefoot investor comment… Ozbargains most renowned pillow critic

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    Amazing pillows

    • ^ +100

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    I have the Classic purchased from Harris Scarfe for this exact same price in December 2017. It's fairly low profile but I love it.

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      Good to know, I prefer low profile and using 2 if necessary, rather than fighting against an oversized pillow.

    • They used to do a low profile..never see it anymore. it was the best..I still have mine from 5+ years ago.

  • How often do ppl buy pillows?

    • +15

      It depends of how much you drool.

      • +2

        Which one is better? I am confused lol

        • +16

          Your drool cleanses the pillow fibres, so you can buy less often.

    • My osteo told me to buy a new pillow every 5 years.

      • +5

        My pillow salesman told me to buy a new osteo every 5 years.

      • Yes I remember him, is his name John Tontine?

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    All the pillows are on sale:
    2 pillows $11 total — https://www.harrisscarfe.com.au/bed%2cbath-%26-home-decor/be...

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    Is this good for side sleepers?

    • Only if they mouth breathe

    • +2

      Therapillow better choice.
      -From a side sleeper.

    • +1

      I am a side sleeper and I have the classic. I quite like it. As a side-sleeper, I can't use a pillow that doesn't have the side gusset. I find anything without it just slides away and smooshes up against the wall as I sleep, whereas the pillows with the side gusset seem to wedge into my shoulder and neck better.

  • +47

    $63.96 delivered with PNEST20 off eBay for the classic

    • +13

      Anything that I use every day I invest in something decent. Once you've used a latex/memory foam pillow you'll turn your nose up at at shitty polyester filled cheapies

      • -8

        I rarely buy things that shouldn’t cost that much and buy them elsewhere for a hell of a lot cheaper. I’m sure if I was interested I’d source one of solid quality for at least half that. I never buy anything polyester, not even for my pets.
        I’m sure the pillow would be good quality. I don’t deny that :)
        Also foam pilllows r not my style XD

        • +2

          Feel free to find a quality Talalay latex pillow for half this price and post the deal…
          Will be very popular.

        • +8

          Count how many hours, over how many days, weeks, months, and years you use a pillow.

          A perfect pillow and mattress doesn't need to cost the Earth, but in this instance these pillows (and the Therapillo) are the best pillows you'll ever sleep on. No bumps/lumps, no tossing and turning to get comfortable… just lay down and go to sleep!

          Don't skimp on the perfect pillow and mattress mate. You spend a lot of time on them, and sleep is soooo important to the rest of your life.

          • @UFO: Oh dear. I can almost feel the Spinaleze gang revving up their motors!

          • @UFO: Also flexi pillow is an incredible pillow aswell. I have cooled latex and also memory foam contoured styles and they are amazing. Same with your suggestions aswell.

  • +2

    The $40 Aldi Gel Infused Latex pillow was a good buy. I’d wait for that again.

  • +1

    Perfect for my zzz atelier mattress.

  • +11

    So many people read this chapter of barefoot, buy the pillow, and then never continue reading the rest of the book lol

    • +2

      That's because we all use credit cards to buy stuff off ozbargain, spend our time contemplating whether or not we should domino our debts and be 85 years old when we're debt free and ready to invest.

    • Haha i did and i didn't like it, went back to my Elysian latex contoured pillow. Much better for mine

  • Plus 4.90% cashback from Cash Rewards. Their browser extension comes in really handy.

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    Latex vs Memory foam?

    • +1

      I'm a memory foam person.

    • +2

      Ive tried both and prefer memory foam.

      • +1

        Yep me too! I own the Dunlopillo as well.

        But the Therapillo wins hands down!!!!! The Dunlopillo is nice, but is too bouncy. Comes back to shape too hard, even though its soft. Hard to explain.
        But the Therapillo is just awesome. Your head sinks in and you're out like a light in a few minutes.

        Same brand, different material. Huge difference.

        • +1

          Do you find either one hotter or cooler?

          I must have angry dreams because I'm very hot headed when I sleep…

          • +1

            @UncleRico: I reckon memory foam is cooler than latex. If you think it about it one is a sponge and the other is a piece of rubber… so the latex feels more cool at first, but I think it heats up more than memory foam as the night goes on. The memory foam feels warmer when you first put your head on it, but I reckon it breathes better.

            My Mrs LOVES the latex pillow btw and can't stand the foam. And I'm the opposite…. so its very subjective.

            • @UFO: Memory form used chemicals right?
              Its been my concern vs natural latex

    • +1

      I started off with a tontine memory foam pillow and found it too hard/rigid. I gave that one away and got the dunlopillo and never looked back. It's super comfy, soft, bouncy and there's no need to fluff it up every night.

      People say they don't like the latex smell, it's not that bad and I can't smell it with 2 pillow covers on. Also this is perfect if you roll around when you sleep. Probably why memory foam didn't work for me.

    • +2

      Latex is I forget the question

    • I can't remember.

    • Latex defo

    • When I had a memory foam bed, I had a memory foam pillow. The two worked really well together. But once I got a new mattress that wasn't memory foam, I couldn't deal with the memory foam pillow anymore. It was too soft. I find the Latex offers more support without being too firm.

  • +3

    Give the TLC pillow a go. I was waiting for the Dunlopillow to come on sale and ended up giving the TLC a go when it was on special. I love the TLC now - I actually have both on my bed and always choose the TLC and pass The Dunlopillow off to hubby 😆

    • +2

      We have two of the tlc and definitely rate them highly also.

  • Anyone care to give a TLDR for the 2 different types on offer?

    • +2

      High profile medium profile is larger in height and a bit firmer than the classic.

      • Thanks!

  • +1

    damn i have to exit my front door for this

  • I've got the classic. It's nice but profile is too low and too soft. Would have preferred the higher and firmer feeing pillow.

  • +1

    My pillow of choice. Unfortunately, the quality isn't as good as 6 years ago ever since the companies changed hands/factory changed.

    • So what's ur fav now?

      • Still use these. cheap when on sale.

    • +2

      TLC pillow is the quality these pillows use to be (apparently)

  • They're a Scott Pape / Barefoot Investor favourite

  • im using this one right now but already 5 yo.. anyone knows if this pillow has lifespan or recommended time to change?

  • +4

    Dunlopillo's are too rubbery for my liking. They bounce back too much to their original shape and put too much resistance on the face for side sleepers.

    Spend a few bucks more go for Therapillo. (also on sale)

    I own both these pillows, because going by online reviews/reports I couldn't work out which one to go for.

    If you sleep on your side (or stomach!) I honestly reckon the Therapillo would be a better choice. It's only $20 more… go for it :).

    I'm a very fussy pillow bloke. I take my pillow everywhere when I travel. The best pillow I've ever owned, seriously.

    • I beg to differ. I also own both. Prefer latex over memory foam by faaaaar.

      • My Mrs shares your opinion… much prefers the latex as well. It's very subjective… both are good, but I still reckon the memory foam version is the best :).

    • Give the Elysian latex pillows a go cheaper and better imo 👌

  • Does anyone know if these are better than Denton's?

    • Quality is about the same, just comes down to personal preference of feel and profile. I have a Denton Medi-Rest, SO has a Dunlopillo Classic Profile (in other words, complete opposites - thankfully we completely agreed on our bed).

      Try them out first before making the decision. We both spent an hour each trying out the full range of both brands at Myer. So glad I didn't take the Scott Pape/Ozbargain recommendation of the latex pillow and buy online without trying it - I couldn't stand the feel of latex personally.

      • I should never of moved from my double down surround pillow to the latex Dunlopillo.. rookie mistake

  • +1

    I actually don't like the Dunlopillos. I find their "medium" profile to be higher than i'd like and good luck with the "medium" firmness. I even bought their so-called "soft feel" (pink packaging) as it was the softest they made, but when I put my head on it, it was like I was fighting against the pillow to make it sink lower/be softer. It's just not as soft as older latex pillows or cheaper polyester filled pillows. Not comfortable at all for side sleeping!

    The one's that I highly recommend are the TLC pillow range. Their "The Soft Pillow" is truly that. If you don't like the feel of Dunlopillos give them a go… https://www.tlclatexpillows.com.au/

  • Are latex pillows of other brands largely the same? I only say this because 'latex' is just the material its made of (and not much else). I have a KMart latex one I got on sale. I can't imagine there is much difference other than the ammount of natural latex, which I can't find Dunlopillo diclosing anyway? Genuine question.

  • +2

    Pro tip:
    Softer mattress= lower profile pillow
    (Cos you sink in more)
    Harder Mattress= higher pillow

  • +1

    Microcloud pillows are so much better than this. Thoughts?

  • How do these latex pillows go for hot sleepers? I find myself constantly trying to find the cold spots on my pillows

  • Cheers OP. Been using the same latex pillows for 8 or so years. Cant seem to find anything close.
    Have heard good things about the classic latex so grabbed one to try out.
    Although was in the USA for a month and some of the hotels had the best pillows (Hard Rock Vegas, Hotel Spero SF, Millennium Biltmore LA. Anyone know what kind of pillows most 4-5 star hotels use as I want to get some backups?

  • Any contour, high profile, firm pillows in any of these deals?

  • Microcloud I think is better. Thoughts?

  • When is this sale on til?

  • +1

    Found the Therapillo high profile version for $79.20 with code PNEST20!

  • Thanks got one of the Therapillow Medium Profile Memory Foam - I'll let you know how it is