Help with Designing an Engagement Ring


I'm helping a friend design a engagement ring to propose to his girlfriend. The brief for the ring was :

  • low- profile so that it won't catch
  • floral-inspired but not too girly
  • unique πŸ™„
  • can be worn with a wedding ring.

We reckon we've nailed the top 3 requirements but we're stuck on the last one. The ring is set as low as possible and there will be a gap if worn with a straight/ classic wedding ring.

We were hoping someone on here could help.

Our questions are:

  • Do you like what we've designed so far? The Ring

  • Is there any modifications we could make to improve the design?

  • Any ideas regarding the kind of wedding ring we could pair with it?

    Here's a completely impractical one that we think would look amazing but already know that she won't like. Bridal set fit for a princess.

Cheers ,

JJB ( and mate)

EDITED : Here is the inspiration for her ring. The difference is hers is going to be an oval diamond set lower and there won't be any prongs sticking out.

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    Dayum! you guys are onto a winner!
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    Nah! back to the drawing board.
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    Could use some improvements ( see my comment below)
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    Speak to your jeweller! They literally do this for a living, all day, every day.

    • +2

      Your logic and rational have no place here. It makes too much sense. Can't have that here. Now get out.

      Asking the experts who do this for a living? Outrageous.

      I like asking my mechanic about how they store their yeast culture for sour dough bread.


    • We did and this was his suggestion: V ring

      The 'v' ring is way too deep to be comfortable to wear and looks nothing like a wedding ring. Neither does our suggestion which is why we're trying to get some new ideas.

  • +1

    u sure have alot of "friends" in need

    when ever my "friend" talks about a "friend" its really just him lol

    so u have a mistress u wanna design a ring for?

    • sure have alot (sic) of "friends" in need

      I sure do :) Sometimes I wonder if people don't befriend me in the hope that my wife will solve all their problems. She used to be a social worker.A really good one too! But she usually politely declines to get involve or on the rare occasions that she does get involve, she kindly offers them a cuppa and goes through their options with them and then gives them the spiel on self-determination. They usually leave feeling empowered and determined.

      I , on the other hand, expects them to buy me a coffee or an alcoholic beverage and gives second-hand advice that I've received on ozbargain, all the while telling them about how much I've got on my plate and that I really don't want to get involve. They usually leave drunk and with a slightly more positive outlook on life. Mostly drunk though.

      What can I say ? I'm the poor man's version of a social worker :)

  • Was the brief from him or the partner? Whatever you design could may not something the proposee likes?

    • Design brief is from him but he's known his girl for over a decade. He seems pretty confident that he knows what she likes.

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    You can’t have it all, I.e. having it low set and having a straight wedding band. I think most people will eventually get used to the height and not get it caught in stuff

  • Is the one person who liked the design a woman?

  • Mum had the bridal set with a matching eternity ring on the other side.

    They were some good rocks. One of the staff members at the nursing home stole them. :-(

  • Looks busy. I like a nice classic large round cut diamond on a platinum band.

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    I'm a woman and I think it's looks wayyyy too busy. I hate the halo look, it's very fashionable now but will age the ring quickly.

    • That's what people said when I got my wife her legacy halo with a cushion diamond. That was over a decade ago and yet she still got compliments on it up until she lost it. The inspiration for that ring was the Edwardian period ( 1900's) and I believe Tiffany's still making that design today.

      That being said , my wife is like you , she prefers a non-halo ring. She now wears a round solitaire that is set very low.

      • I'm glad she saw the light. Adding a Tiffany box doesn't make that ring any less ugly.

        • It wasn't her choice. I picked it out for her.

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    I really like the engagement ring design, but like you've mentioned, getting a wedding band to fit along side it is going to be difficult. For this reason, I personally wear my engagement ring on the other hand, because it just looks too busy/chunky to wear 2 on the one finger. Would the gf be willing to do that?

    • This was the inspirations for the design

      • +1

        Wow that seems cheap? Just buy that one lol. In the reviews, the version with the sapphire centre is nice too, reminds me of Princess Diana/Kate Middleton's ring.

        • That price is only for the setting. It does not include the diamond. My friend has a blue oval diamond that he has inherited from his grandparents. So I guess it will look a lot like princess Di's ring :)

          Edit: His diamond looks a bit like this one . Its pretty. His is earth-mined though. The one I've linked to is lab-created.

  • So glad I designed my own and didn't have someone else's taste and design to wear forever…
    Also who says the wedding ring has to go on the same hand?

    • I've learned from my mistake and have suggested to my mate that he could propose with a dummy ring and let his fiance pick/design her own ring. This was also my wife's advice to him. But he's very stubborn and adamant that he knows her well enough to be able to design her dream ring without her involvement. He means well and wants to surprise her. He wants to see the look on her face when she sees the ring.

      Based on the results from the poll above, the look on her face might not be the one he's wishing for 😟

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    Rather than setting the ring so low that a ring can't fit underneath, can he lift the stone up but use a more sturdy mount like a bezel set? As the claws on a larger diamond give it that sensation of 'catching' on things. You can get a milgrain bezel that looks a bit more delicate than a solid bezel too, but still has the support.

    Here's a couple of examples of how the bezel setting has lowered the main stone, but still keeps the setting itself a bit higher so a ring can sit underneath.

    I actually own the first one as a combined wedding/engagement ring (one ring to rule them all) and not only another ring would easily sit underneath, I haven't destroyed it yet! And I break EVERYTHING on my hands with my clumsiness. The style was recommended from the jeweller and it really doesn't feel like it catches on everything.

    That being said, with the stone having so much meaning and his fiancee having such certain requirements, it probably is better for her to pick a setting as only she can decide how low is low enough or if she's willing for it to be so low the wedding ring can change shape… And there's no need to have a ring at the engagement, it doesn't make it less of an engagement or less exciting. One set of friends used a burger ring, and who doesn't like a burger ring?

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