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Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 3000 C16 1.35v Desktop Memory $112.69 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Greetings everyone, this stick has price dropped again today to one of it's cheapest prices ever it seems :)

Would be a great combination with the $30 gift card received from the recent WD 10TB price error.

Description: Thanks to Jase2801

Designed for high-performance overclocking
Designed for great looks
Performance and compatibility
Low-profile heatspreader design
Memory Type: DDR4
DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000)
Timing 16-20-20-38
CAS Latency 16
Voltage 1.35V

As always, enjoy!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +6

    Got a pair of these to go with a Techfast Ryzen PC. Work well but the timings are way higher than stated, even when using the XMP

    • +1

      Try a little tiny more voltage maybe? Or a BIOS update if you haven't yet. What mobo do you have?

      • +1

        Biostar B45M2. Tried using their provided tool to do a BIOS update but it doesn't work, and not super comfortable flashing a new version.

  • +5

    Tempted, but upcoming Ryzen 3000 series works better with DDR4 3200 or above RAM.

    • +1

      Oh, that good to know.
      Looking to do a new Ryzen 3000 build.

      • Im doing the same, coming from a fx-6300 and gtx 680 system should be a nice upgrade indeed

    • Chances are that this will do 3200mhz anyway.

      It's a risk but probably worth it considering that it's cheap.

      EDIT: Maybe not, the timings on these are terrible. They may overclock okay, but either Corsair is very slack or they're terrible sticks. I wouldn't want to use these with a Ryzen build and would probably suggest it for say a upgrade to a 6th or 7th gen system or a budget 8600k, 9600k etc. Or even just a budget build that needs DDR4.

      • Yeah. Which stick would be recommend for the new Ryzen CPU coming out?

        • +1

          Still a wait and see, but in theory the Zen 2/Ryzen 3 processors should be less memory dependant.

          The memory clock is decoupled from the IF speed. Latency was a big part of it with memory OCs on Zen1/+ but the IF speed played a part as well.

          • @Melthar: I would wait and see, the spec calls for 3200 and probably for a reason.

            Mind you when running 4 sticks it's lower.. Which makes me think the IMC still isn't amazing.

            Wait and see is what I think as well

  • Can someone recommend a good set of memory to go with the TechFast R5 2600 / 2080 system?

    • Money / budget not an issue?

      • Well, don't want to go overboard but 16GB for$200-$250? What would also be the best cheapest option be?

        • This looks pretty good assuming it works on Ryzen.

    • Its a pretty good budget upgrade over their stock 8gb 2400mhz ram

  • I regret not taking a punt on that pricing error lol

    • +4

      Damn I already spent the credit on some toilet paper…

      • +2

        Oh crap.

  • +1

    I think RAM price will drop further.

    • SSDs are also on the way down, predicted to bottom out in about 3 months according to a chart I saw. Experts aren't also correct though.

    • I hope so… and I hope this US trade war with China doesn't impact on prices (since we're buying from US).

      I've been eyeballing the Corsair CMK32GX4M2B3000C15. The cheapest was $270 AUD. Now it's gone up to $290 AUD.

  • +1

    Man I got these for 160 2 months ago

    • +14

      $120 in 2016
      $160 in 2017
      $260 in 2018
      $113 in 2019

      What a roller coaster ride.

      • +4

        LOL pretty much… my 32GB 2400 kit went from $199 in 2016 to $530ish in 2018!

      • Damnit, I bought this exact set in 2018 for just over 250$…

        I guess I payed for having it at the time though, so its fine

      • I was lucky enough to get a 3200 set of lpx for only 270aud about 8 months ago.

        I feel better about my purchase each day /s

      • It's a great time now to upgarde an old machine, or build a completely new one. Now rather than later since I read there will likely be 3 interest rate cuts this year, dropping the Australian dollar to 0.65 US :(

        If you haven't constructed a PC from parts before, it is vey simple - just make sure you carefully research motherboards to find one that matches your needs (number of SATA connectors, USB ports, PCI slots, etc). Apply thermal paste in an X shape(it came out on top in a review of paste application methgods; I recommend using Arctic Silver if you intend to overclock).

  • +1

    Ha! Literally bought this exact set from MSY the other day for like $160 or something like that. PC died so had to buy new parts to rebuild it. Rather pay the extra than wait though.

  • Thanks OP, cheap RAM so time for an upgrade.

  • Thanks ordered a set.

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