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Ergohuman V2 Plus Deluxe Full Mesh Office Chair (Black) $479, Plus Delivery, RRP $799 @ Temple & Webster


Been waiting for this to go back on sale again for a while.
Sale price is $529 (Black only), an additional $50 off with 'F4N8T8479E' for spending over $200.
'RRP' $799, however, it is regularly on sale for $600.
Shipping was expensive to Tassie, not sure about other states.
Don't forget 3.5% cashback with cash rewards and shop back.

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  • +7

    Now that's a chair

  • +1

    Cheaper on ebay isn't it?

    • +2

      I guess it depends, using PAPPY the sale price is cheaper, however shipping on ebay was more expensive for me, combined wish cashback the store sale was marginally cheaper, your experience may vary. link below, best to compare before buying.

    • Worked out cheaper on ebay for me! Cheers! (Vic)

  • +8

    Me personally. I have one of these chairs. The Ergohuman v2 plus deluxe. I'm around 177 and 52kg. The neckrest that you lean on can be really high as the only adjustments it can make is to shift it upwards, also the neckrest is pushed onto the back of your head and it's only when you straighten your neck your neck would be able to reach the neckrest. so when you rest on it. Your neck and your spinal cord needs linear as your neck is pushed against the chair by quite a bit lifting your back away from chair. So really depends on your personal body type I guess. Here is my little review as I don't find it too comfortable

    • +20

      I'm around 177 and 52kg

      No offence intended but that seems really underweight. I'm 174cm and 90kg and I'm working on a goal weight of 75kg, any less than that and I would be skin and bones.

      • +1

        Hahaha. I guess you definitely can say that

        • You should buy new scale.

      • +1

        unless she is a female

      • +5

        what are you talking about? This is a perfect weight for her.

        • +2

          I don't know their gender, but even a female at 177cm recommended BMI is between 58kg and 80kg

          • +7

            @Zythyx: BMI is an absolutely nonsense metric.

            • +8

              @mcncl: Not absolutely nonsense, just one of the rough indicator that works decently well for most people.

            • +1

              @mcncl: Forfty percent of people know that.

          • @Zythyx: BMI is Euro-centric.

            Most healthy people of East Asian descent register as “underweight”.

      • +5

        I'm not OP but I'm 174cm and 57kg, been told by my friends and family that I'm significantly underweight as well.

        Despite having a larger than normal diet, I just can't gain weight.

        • +21

          Do OzBargain diet.

          Chobani, Connoisseur Ice Cream and Domino's pizza.

          You will gain weight in no time.

          • @lubos: Other than Chobani, Connoisseur and Dominos are often in my diet haha.

          • @lubos: Can confirm, worked for dominos for a while and made my own pizzas, put on weight even though I was never able to before!

        • Friendly lies wont hurt

        • Despite having a larger than normal diet, I just can't gain weight.

          You probably have really fast metabolism that will slow down with age over the time.

          I've been in there and can relate to it. Although, free weights in gym and 5-6 high calorie meals a day did help and after 2 yeas of strict regimen went upto around 92kg. I'm around 82 now and maintaining it on a normal diet.

        • You're still not eating enough. Try a weight gainer once a day, you'll definitely put on weight.

        • +3

          Some people just have a small frame. Especially women of East Asian descent.

          My wife is 158cm, and 40kg. She’s totally fit, runs marathons, eats more than I do, and has excellent health. It’s just the way she’s built.

          BMI is just a guideline, and a somewhat European-centric one at that.

      • -3

        There is no underweight for women only overweight even is 177/52kg

      • +3

        Lol @ this thread escalating into questions about the OP's health

        • yeah, makes it an interesting read though haha

    • -3

      Username check out

    • You can adjust the tilt of the headrest as well. I have mine adjusted onto the nape of my neck.

      I own two of these chairs and really like them.

    • At 177cm and 52 kg you should get into boxing. You would ace your weight division just on your reach

    • +1

      I am of the same height, but weigh 71kg. I got this a few months ago, and returned it for the exact same reason.

    • Strange, I'm the exact same height, have owned the chair for 7 years and don't have this issue, if I'm understanding what you're saying correctly that is. All I remember is getting back home from my terrible backbreaking first job, sitting in this chair and my whole body just feeling better. As for my own review, what I can complain about is that my chair has started falling apart over the last year or so, the wheels and arm rests falling to pieces, and the back won't lock into place anymore etc. Mesh is still absolutely perfect though. So I got about $100 a year out of it which isn't so bad considering how much better it is than cheap chairs.

  • +1

    Thank you, I was searching for that for ages. I tested these chairs out at T&W and they were awesome!

  • +4

    I got one of these several years back because I kept getting tension in my upper back and shoulder of my mouse arm.
    Best thing I ever did. Back issues resolved.
    Only downside is these chairs are quite heayv/cumbersome and take up a lot of space and have a geek-chic aesthetic.
    But I do like sitting in it and pretending to be a dalek.

    • +5

      be a dalek.


    • +2

      haha, true.
      Very comfortable and ergonomic but when I first sat in it in my home office my wife said "you look like that wheelchair guy" (meaning Stephen Hawking)

  • +3

    I'm about 189cm~ 6'2"ish and the headrest is sliiiightly too low by a few cm if I sit upright.
    I tend to slide down a bit any way so no biggie but might be too small for anyone taller than me if you sit upright.

    Other than that is's a great chair

    • +3

      Thank you I'm 6'5 this was the type of comment I was looking for

      • Ditto - and the neck/head rest is super important to me due to spinal injuries

  • +1

    This price is for the Black only. The Grey is $70 more expensive.

    • -1

      Now, now, there's no excuse for that sort of mindset in 2019

  • That pattern on the mesh has always turned me off getting these. Noticing the upholstered seat with plain mesh back is the same price, anyone have experience with both?

    • +1

      Mesh is colder/cooler and doesn't absorb smell as much. During the winter I'm finding myself bundling up with a blanket but summer is far more comfortable - but I'm wearing shorts that generally go down to the knees, shorter might be somewhat uncomfortable.

  • Been considering the kogan knock off.. anyone tried it?

  • I can't find comparisons with the famous ones (aeron, or the steelcase one). Anyone has any comparison between this and whats consider the "standard top"?

    • +1

      I bought this, after trying it for multiple times. However, turn out that I can sit on it comfortably for 15 mins, before feeling uncomfortable. However, I have Scoliosis.

      I had to bite the bullet to incur almost 40% charge for restocking and shipping to return it. Went for Herman miller Embody in the end and can sit on it for the whole day.

      I would suggest that if there is a T&W pop up store near you, like Richmond in Victoria, go and try it yourself and sit on it for as long as possible to try it. Otherwise it's worth buying an Aeron 2nd hand and use it for 10 years. Not to mention that you can do a tax return for this too.

      • Just purchased a 2nd hand Herman Miller. Do highly recommend.

        • Can I ask where you found it? Gumtree or elsewhere?

          • +1

            @MikeWhitneysHair: Gumtree. But also check Ebay.

            Seems to be a lot more common in the Eastern States than West.

            If you are looking for an Aeron, please note that there are 3 sizes. OEM replacement parts aren't too expensive.
            Mirra is one size fits all, paid $120 for mine.

  • +1

    Can the arm rests on these be removed?

    • +1

      Pretty sure you can just not install them. Alternating would be a matter of unscrewing them though, rather than simply clipping them off.

  • +4

    Looks like the sort of chair which you may need to have incestuous relationships, bear dragons and/or kill many in order to earn the right to sit upon it.

    • What?


    • +1

      The ending to this story is very poorly written.

      • +3

        Gotta turn seasons 8, 9 and 10 into 8 episodes so that we have time to make the next Star Wars trilogy, yo.

  • My back hurts, is this good for my back?

  • Seems to be sold out and with postage being 20% of the cost on eBay….. Ouch!

  • Other than the headrest, does anyone know if there is much difference between this and the V3?

    • Cheaper materials, eg. plastic base on the V3 as opposed to aluminium on the V2

  • KP79HTF8 Is also a working code. Although I've been waiting & checking every couple days for this chair to go on sale, I'm still unsure if $551 is a decent price for it.

    • I was hoping I would get it for under $500, but with the end of the financial year, this is pretty convenient timing.

      • I wish this could help with my taxes, but unfortunately I'm still just a fast food worker.

      • Just went out to livingedge and sat in an aeron. I've now changed my mind and am going to try get one of them, found it significantly more comfortable than a ergohuman

  • Any pick up option?

  • Delivery is 90 on ebay and 130 on their website,ww

  • -3

    I have had practically the same chair for 3-4 years from OfficeWorks. Its nearly 1:1 and the cost was about $500. There are so many issues, the mesh is hard, its not a comfortable mesh and it starts to fray very quickly looking faded, the headrest constantly gets loose and droops, the separate section for the lumbar spine has stretched and bulges inwards now, none of the back feels that comfortable and the seat is the most uncomfortable where it feels like your weight is not evenly distributed. While its not the same chair, I have zoomed in and can confirm the mesh and a lot of the rest of the design is the same.

    • can you link the model you bought?

    • +2

      nah officeworks doesnt stock ergohuman. its not the same mate.

      i have an ergo v1 i bought like a decade ago for $400 and it's been a fanstastic durable chair for the price

    • +2

      Officeworks never sold Ergohuman and its very unlikely anything they sold was ever of high quality. OW is the last place I go for chairs I want to last long.

      I've used my original ergohuman for more than 8 years averaging 20 hours of usage a week. Still perfectly usable (typing this while sitting on it)

    • +1

      i missed clicked the neg and gave you an up vote, I apologise

  • +3

    im fat as shit and sit in this thing every night for way too long, feels good to me

    • +1

      im fat as shit and sit in this thing every night for way too long

      You've just stated your problem and the cause.

      • +2

        You can hardly blame people for obesity when the "healthy" Government eating guidelines encourage it by recommending a diet based on processed grain.

        And the average person has been bombarded from birth until now by marketing messages encouraging them to engage in behavior that causes obesity.

        Some fool will probably post some food industry talking points such as it's still their fault because of personal responsibility (they should have not listened to the government eating guidelines obviously), they're lazy because they don't exercise, businesses should be free to kill as many people as they like because of greed etc.

    • You can not compare that with this

      • +4

        Thanks for letting me know what I can and can not do

        • +3

          Hey, have a little respect, the man has 2 frikkin cats /s

  • code F4N8T8479E is expired. Do anyone have another code please?

  • I’m about 184cm and 90kg, I was thinking of getting an extra office chair with head support . I was considering the secretlab titan , but this is another option .

  • Have had this chair for about 8 years. Quality is good. I liked the idea of the mesh seat, but it's not comfortable if you're sitting for hours. 178cm, 85kg.

  • Is this chair worth the coin? Are there options which are decent around $200-$300?

    I need a good chair, but $500 is quite a bit.

    Most people on here only spend $200 on a mattress 😂😂

    • +1

      Buro Metro has been discussed on this site before.

    • +1

      It's been my experience using chairs for the entire day that going cheap is false economy because they fall apart and they're usually bad for posture - I notice this a lot because of pre-existing back injury.

      Long term bad posture causes injury which is why businesses buy task seating rather than chairs because they avoid workplace injury claims.

      Task seating ensures good posture either by adjustment or self-adjustment. Usually self adjusting chairs are designed for areas where multiple people use the chair but some people prefer them still to chairs they adjust themselves.

      Unfortunately task seating is expensive but it's usually guaranteed for a decade or longer. I paid $1000 for a Steelcase Leap, Hermann Miller also make task seating. There are other brands but they are two of the biggest. Second hand can be a good option.

      So if a thousand dollars sounds a lot: the chair is guaranteed for 12 years. Spending $200 every two years on a cheap chair which isn't providing comfort or posture doesn't make sense to me.

  • I have this chair at work.

    I'm 6'4 and 100kg, so I don't find many chairs comfortable in general. This chair has nothing on the Herman Miller Aeron - especially since the Aeron comes in sizes. But not including the Aeron which is more than double the price anyway, this is the only chair I haven't had back pain in and overall relatively comfortable.

  • Anyone know how the Herman Miller SAYL compare?

    • +1

      I bought a used Sayl for $250 and took it into my workplace. Super comfy. Love the frame less design, allows you to rotate and move your torso whilst still being supported.

      I use an Aeron at home which is comparable to this mesh chair from Ergo human I guess. I prefer the Aeron but Sayl is still great.

  • We're sorry, but this item is sold out!

    i am considering the bathurst chair from officeworks as an alternative .. or the Ikea mesh chair which has better reviews

    • +1

      hi, I went back on the website and it looks like they are still in stock. however, I currently have the Bathurst chair as well at home and it's great, except that the arm has come loose after a couple years, however, I would buy it again.

    • +2

      Bathurst chair padding lasts probably months before it goes to crap

  • Have one of these. Best chair I've owned but not a scratch on the Life chair I use at work which I rate above any Herman Miller.

    Get this if you're tired of replacing Officeworks chairs and want to stay cool in summer. It's not as supportive as I would have liked but it's not far off and well worth the $600 I paid for mine.

  • I have the Buro Metro chair and the seat is too large for me, would this chair be any better ?

  • I had this chair and it's one of the worst purchases I ever made. 5'8, 84kgs. After 5 years the material on the arms started falling apart and I never found it comfortable, nor did my sister, brother or mum. It's now gone to the tip and I have a herman Miller aeron size b which set me back $1280 which is infinitely Better.

    Do yourself a favour and try one of these before you buy. Don't just buy on the advice of others as you could be very disappointed.

  • I personally rate the Buro Metro over this!

  • +1

    There's so many herman Miller chairs for sale, and only 1 in SA! It needs a new seat hahaha, most are all in Victoria or NSW!

  • templeandwebster's website says the item is sold out.
    But their Ebay has it and costs $443.93 including the Sydney postage.
    Subtotal $449.00 + Postage $39.83 - voucher amount $44.90 = $443.93

    Ebay's voucher code is PAPPY.

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